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So many random fun things to tell you today.  First off, you don’t want to miss out on next week.  I am so flippin’ excited I can barely stand it.  So all my free Noonday Collection arrived from my recent party where you guys went nutso crazy and purchased with great purpose.  Seriously amazing.  And now it’s time to celebrate with giveaways.  Soooooo many awesome things just for you guys.  I cannot wait to start mailing these beauties out just in time for Christmas.  I’m going to do some giveaways over on Instagram too so find me @pitterpatterart and follow along.






I’m having a big sale this Saturday.  It’s support small business Saturday and I have leftovers from the Made South Market that need to go.  There will be big & small canvases, buntings, a few prints & key fobs, some word towels and BURP CLOTHS!!!!  Oh my, will there ever be burp cloths.  So many burp cloths you guys.  They will be $15 and I can personalize them with one letter of your choice.  They need to go.  Don’t you want to buy all of them?!?!?!

I cleaned out my office yesterday and today.  It was INSANE!!!!  I have some orders to get completed and I couldn’t even work in there anymore so it was high time.  I cleaned out so much stuff.  In an effort to make sure all my parties have a twinge of weird, I’m going to have a huge free pile at the Timbali party next Thursday December 3rd.  So not only can you Christmas shop from a company who is empowering women and changing the world plus devour some yummy food and drinks, but now you can also leave with free random things.  I told you I like to keep things fun and weird.  Plus I have some fun door prizes.  Come anytime between 5:30-8:30 and get your shop on.  Message me HERE if you need more details and bring your friends.

In my great clean out I decided to sell my whole metal stamping set:  2 different heart stamps, 1 bird, 4 different alphabets, 1 number set, mallet, metal block, cleaning pads, shine brite, metal clamp for making two different sized holes in metal, lots of round blanks, rings for attaching , string and random silverware. $200 for local pick-up.  I don’t mind shipping it either, but will add shipping costs.

Today we got down to major kindness advent prep work.  It is crazy this will be our 5th year doing this.  You can read about our first year HERE.  This post is a good one to read too with past links and ideas.  It is so much fun and we all just love it to pieces.  Today the kids sat down and made all their choices and we made it official by marking our calendar with each kindness act.  I’m still thinking about how to display our envelopes this year.  Here’s our list if you want to join in with us:
Donuts for school staff, handmade mail, encouraging notes on cars, share sonic happy hour, surprise chalk art, handmade ornament delivery, purchase school supplies for classrooms, make bookmarks and leave at library, baked goods for fire/police station, snack and coffee for salvation army bell ringer, help with Christmas for a family, red box rental bucket, handout children’s books at store, giveaway candy canes, treat for trashman, treat for mailman, leave notes & gift cards in shopping carts, treats to pediatrician’s office, paint rocks and leave at the playground, return grocery carts, gift person in line behind us at grocery store with gift card, surprise yard inflatable, buy someone’s lunch, sticky notes on mirrors in public bathrooms and give someone flowers.  It was so fun listening to the kids decide what to do this year all on their own.  Crazy cute.

 And now I’m off to bake for Thanksgiving.  This year I’m making cheesecake, chocolate chip cookies and rice krispy treats.  Yes, 3 desserts.  It’s Thanksgiving people.  And I will be thankful for all those tasty treats indeed.  If you’re still debating on what to make you can never, ever, ever go wrong with THIS CHEESECAKE.  Just do it!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Laura Kelley, your blog posts ALWAYS brighten my day 🙂 !! Thank you 🙂


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