November In A Nutshell

Where has the time gone?!?!  I’m not even fully sure, but if I waited any longer to stop in and type on these keys my head was going to explode.  So I give you November in a nutshell.  One day my children will thank me for this blog. 🙂

We kick off November with our thankful leaves and my birthday.  This year it was accompanied by homemade rainbow potholders.  I have some pretty awesome friends.

Truth time:  I am not a fan of going on field trips.  I literally have to make myself go and sometimes I choose not to make myself go. 🙂  I did however muster up enough energy and umph to join Winter at the pumpkin patch.  After it was all over I was glad I went, but field trips are still not my fave.

Then off to Kansas I went to work Camp Create which really doesn’t feel like work, but fun and an honor and privilege to be there.  To watch Meg and Kimberlee do their thing and hang with friends, old and new…it’s life giving.

Sometimes I love aggressively and Meg caught it on camera. LOL.

I was welcomed home by the best crew and new rainbow lights at the Nashville airport.  Hey brother boy…I see you.

Josh Kelley says it’s not Thanksgiving without our Christmas tree so up went our Christmas tree.

I found much needed encouragement and love from Amon.

Snuggles and Goodwill & Target trips and movies for days and Icees all year long no matter the season and sleeping in and a jumpstart on Christmas.

Winter broke her leg…right at the growth plate…which actually worked out better for her now because it’s not fused together yet.  So she got 3 weeks in a brace with metal rods and we gladly took that.  She was a trooper.

We celebrated and remembered Mom/Grammy with blizzards and me telling them stories about how in love she was and would be with each of them.

Smore making in magic Tennessee fall weather.

Thanksgiving was here in a flash and yet so late.  Our major win this year was that we remembered to change Leo out of his pajamas…unlike last year.  We counted it a really big win.

We saw Frozen 2 and it was everything I’d hoped for and more.  I liked it better than the first one.  Winter and I had a good cry together when Olaf was melting.  She sobbed and I assured her we’d see him again.  And I knew all along this wasn’t really about Olaf.  Sweet girl.

We ended November with Harper’s first concert to see Lizzo and Jon Bellion.  I got extremely sick the day of and Josh Kelley had to step in and take my place.  I hated to miss…like HATED to miss, but was so glad Josh got to experience it with her.  I did get the full run down at midnight over pizza and watching them re-live it all made me love them both even more…which I didn’t know was possible.

And then we barreled into December.  I’m still gathering all my thoughts on it.  I’m still working through the joy and goodness and the grief and sadness.  They are all becoming quite the group together.  So long to another November.  We’re moving another day, week, month, year closer.


  1. I watched the Rob Delaney interview on grief this morning, per your Instagram recommendation, and two things struck me- 1) how he said his kids who are still living feel like ACTUAL magical particles that happen to be in human form right now and now he knows to be grateful for that and 2) how he said he feels like an alien who has been/seen behind the veil. It made me realize that losing Everett has probably given you those same magical feelings about your kids (which is why we all get to witness you loving them SO GOOD) & it made me want to tell you that, for an alien existing on a planet that no longer feels familiar, it sure seems like you’re doing amazing. Hugs from Washington.

  2. Heather Herman says:

    Kudos for even remembering what you did in November. I feel like my life is a blur sometimes and it’s really sad to me. Like it’s all starting to run together and it needs to slow down. I love your blogs. Thank you for letting us peer into your world!

  3. estrada_h says:

    TOTALLY loved Frozen 2 more than 1. And immediately thought of Everett and the Kelly family when Olaf was melting and when Anna was singing about her grief after losing 2 of her people. Ughhh this movie was so wonderful on so many levels.

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