6 1/2 Things

1.  I’m headed to Tallahassee tomorrow night for a Bible journaling class Saturday morning.  I’ve been packing and getting all my supplies together.  Plus I’m taking a ton of our stationary to try and sell.  Is it wrong to pray these ladies would buy every last pack so I don’t have to bring them back home via my carry-on?!?!  When I’m going on a short trip I hate to check a bag.  Also, every time I pack my travel toiletries I think about the Walton Family and their little girl.  I don’t even know the Walton Family, but saw their adoption fundraiser back around the first of the year and snagged the cutest travel toiletry bag.  Goodness do a I love a good product that supports not just a business, but also families.  I looked it up today and they are actually still selling them.  Head over to the Fair Trade Fashionistas site and grab one.  Such a great Christmas gift.  I absolutely love mine and has held up great…and its quite travelled.

2.  Sock sales are still going strong.  I love the simplicity and the sweetness of these socks.  The fact that we get such a high percentage of each sale to go towards our adoption expenses and we get nice warm socks to give to a local shelter or school is crazy awesome.  Bethany has just been the kindest and is truly so excited for us.  She sent me this shot of more socks headed out today.  You have until October 31st to place your order.  Just head over to the We Help Two online sock store and snag your fun socks.  When checking out you’ll be prompted with Name of Organization You Are Helping just type in “The Kelleys“ and our family will receive 60% of your purchase to go towards our adoption expenses.  Thank you again a thousand times over for ordering socks.  Who knew, right?!?!?!  Socks.  I hope I never ever ever get over the insanity and sweetness of Jesus.

3.  I’ve been working on more sweet little canvases.  The “grace” canvas is actually listed in my shop HERE if you need a little gift for someone.  If you purchase it today, I will ship it out tomorrow before I head to Florida.

4.  Why, oh why, does Instagram keep doing this to me?  They clearly hate me and want me to eat yummy savory pizza and really, who am I to argue with Instagram??!?!

 5.  Amon and I had a few solo hours together this morning.  We ran some errands and early voted.  I thought this was my first time to vote, but then upon bragging to my best friend Ashley about how adult like I was feeling she reminded me I had voted once right out of high school.  I seriously was cracking up at what dorks we were.  This is absolutely something I see myself doing even now…my kids would LOVE people waving and cheering at us.

5 1/2.  Also, if you are an IPhone user please please please tell me you have updated your software.  I’m a major creature of habit and fight tooth and nail these kinds of things, but the GIF feature has changed my texting game for forever.  It is so so hilarious and I pretty much respond to everything via a GIF now.

6.  I’ve really been liking sharing our weekly meal plans with you guys lately.  I totally forgot to do so this week.  Tonight we’re having Crockpot Chicken Noodle Soup…I did 4 cups of stock, 1 cup water, 2 large chicken breasts and lots of celery and carrots.  Other things we ate/are eating this week and weekend…easy chili with THIS seasoning, chicken tortilla soup, beef stew, tacos and ancho chicken with cilantro slaw.  For the ancho chicken instead of the avocado cream they make I do the following (found it somewhere and adjusted so not my own, but have no idea where I found it) A whole avocado, 1/2 cup cilantro, 1/2 lime squeezed, 1/2 cup plain greek yogurt (Hudson cannot do dairy anymore so I actually just splash in some almond milk now instead) 2/3 water, 1 tsp salt, 1 TB garlic powder and 1 TB cumin.  We always have a good bit leftover, so thinking I might start cutting the recipe in half.

6 1/2.  And fun fact about the above chicken tortilla soup recipe which isn’t really mine.  Ha.  My family on my Mom’s side has their own cookbook.  Generations of amazing cooks, but sadly I just never could get my cooking act together.  My mom didn’t want me to not have a recipe in our family cookbook so she submitted one on my behalf without me knowing…I don’t even like sour cream.  Hahahahaha.  Found out “my” recipe made it in when a cousin told me how she loved my chicken tortilla soup recipe.  It still makes me laugh…similar to when I realized my mom’s infamous chocolate chip cookies recipe was the same one on the back of the Nestle chocolate chip bag.  Hahahaha.  In an effort to “Laura Kelley it up” AKA “how can I make an easy recipe even easier” I made two adjustments, plus fixed my name all via my ball point pen.

Okay.  That’s it for today.  Hope you guys are have had a great week.  Tomorrow is Friday and I’m pretty stoked.

Happy Thursday!!!

Socks & Heartbeats

So we don’t have access to watching our sock progress, but Bethany at We Help Two did email me yesterday and said sales were going great!!!  You guys & SOCKS!!!  God is so crazy good.  Thank you, thank you for buying and sharing.  Our Socktober fundraiser will go for two weeks so between now and Halloween I will probably mention buying socks approximately 47 times.  Don’t hate me.  Here’s a live in action picture of our socks headed off to school.  The cutest, I told you!

PS: We bought zero new school clothes this year and it’s really showing up on Hudson. #bellyshirt

Don’t forget to head over to the We Help Two online stock store and snag your fun socks.  When checking out you’ll be prompted with Name of Organization You Are Helping just type in “The Kelleys“ and our family will receive 60% of your purchase to go towards our adoption expenses.

I was just bragging to Josh Kelley yesterday afternoon how calm, cool, uncrazy and hands off I’ve been in the wait so far.  And then we received several emails from our agency and my blood pressure surely went through the roof.  We had to sign a few more papers last night as our little guy’s papers have traveled to a new location.  I even figured out all on my own how to use our printer as a scanner and email the documents back immediately.  Can I just tell you how proud I was of myself!?!?!  I do not do technology well…a thorn in my side if you will…but anything for my baby boy.

I think about him a lot.  Like a lot a lot.  I wonder so many things and think all the thoughts about him and his heart and just how God is holding him so tightly right now.  I pray all the time about his transition and the loss he has and is going to suffer and beg God to be exactly what he needs and to allow our fierce love for him to cover language barriers.  For God to speak comfort and love and safety straight in to his little heart and soul.  I got my hair cut today and might have gotten my friend Brooke to buzz the underside of my hair and then edge in a heartbeat line underneath my remaining hairs.  Crazy??  Ummm, yes.  But sometimes momma’s do weird things for their kiddos.  Call my weird.  I’m embracing it.

So there you have it…a reminder to buy socks and to tell everyone you know plus one of the many weird things I’ve done while waiting for a son to come home.  I’m so glad I could enlighten you with my wisdom today :)

Happy Wednesday!


Well here I am again typing before you just a girl trying to raise funds for our adoption expenses.  Hahaha.  You guys are the kindest for putting up with all this fundraising.  Really and truly you are.  So thank you!!!  And here we go again.

Today we’re kicking off a two week Socktober fundraiser.  Patterned socks are all the rage right now and we’re here to make those socks do more than just warm your feet and style your shins & calves.  Isn’t God just the most creative and best?!?!  I mean, let’s just reminisce over our past month and a half of fundraising.  So far He’s used jewelry and accessories from around the world, panda tees, bundt cake, key fobs, stationary, bible journaling classes and now socks.  Yes, I really do like God.  He’s my jam.

We Help Two reached out to our family and shared about their amazing sock fundraising website.  Not only do they help families fundraise, but they also give back on top of that.

So let’s break it down.  Here’s how it will work:

Starting today through October 31st, you guys can head over to the We Help Two Sock Store and make your sock purchases.  When checking out you’ll be prompted with Name of Organization You Are Helping just type in “The Kelleys“.

Our family receives 60% of your purchase!!!!!!  That’s a crazy high percentage you guys.  Crazy high.

We Help Two ships you your socks. (try and say that 3 times fast)

For every pack of socks sold, We Help Two will also give our family a pair of socks to donate to a homeless shelter or local school.  Seriously, does it get much better than this.  Fun, funky socks, adoption and give back…they had me at “socks”.

I’m always super particular about what I share with you guys because I want things to be legit and good.  We Help Two so kindly sent us samples of all their sock options and the Kelley family is in love.  Everyone has been rocking their socks and we’re all super pleased.  Solomon and Josh Kelley are the biggest fun sock guys now.  Solomon might have to wear a uniform to school, but he rocks some funky socks with it now too.  It’s the cutest.

This is such a great Christmas or birthday gift.  Maybe just a “Hey, I like you” gift.  Stocking stuffer at it’s finest.  And you get to tell the recipients their gift made a bigger impact in this world.  Ahhhhh, I just love it so much.  It makes me teary because it’s just an honor to participate in these things.  We feel so crazy blessed.

So there you have it.  2 weeks people.  2 weeks to order socks for every person in your life.  Dads, moms, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, neighbors, strangers, grandparents, nieces, nephews, favorite banker, postal employee, produce gal at your super market.  Come on.  Everyone loves a fun pair of socks.  And please help us share.  Let’s take to the inter webs and Instagram, Facebook, Tweet, Pinterest and email like there’s no tomorrow.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  We are praying audacious, giant, impossible things for our boy because God is in the audacious, giant and impossible business.  Makes my heart beat faster.  He is good!

Happy Tuesday!

So Many Things…

You guys, I have so many things to tell you about today.  Ahhhh, exciting things.  Maybe not like crazy exciting, but semi to kind of exciting never the less.  Okay, where to begin.  I’m just going to dive right into all the random goodness.  I’m feeling bullet point-ish today.  Let’s begin.

*We have another fun fundraiser starting up tomorrow.  Are you already thinking Christmas??  Josh Kelley mentions Christmas every single day.  He loves Christmas like I love sugar.  Anyways, let’s all think Christmas because this fundraiser is such a fun little gift or stocking stuffer for pretty much everyone you know.  Details coming tomorrow.

*I took a little walk down memory lane via my blog and found all these precious pictures.  My big kid date last Monday has really taken up major residence in my brain.  I just keep thinking about these 3 as littles together.

And this picture made me gasp.  Gosh darn do I miss her.

*Friday night I stayed up far too late putting together a new board on Pinterest of all the shops I love who reach beyond themselves and into the world.  With Christmas just around the corner thought I would make things a little easier on myself and wanted to share it here too.  You can check it out HERE.  Tons of great companies…purchasing with purpose.  I’ve seriously purchased from almost every one of these businesses.

*Speaking of purchase with a purpose…MY SHOP is still stocked full of stationary and my online Bible journaling class.  All money is going straight towards our adoption expenses.  Tell your family, friends, neighbors and strangers.  Tell the world :)


*Harper and I we’re twinning the other day and I made her take a minimum of 37 pictures with me.  I have LOVED seeing you guys in your panda tees.  I mean really, makes us feel all the love.

*Made me laugh out loud.

*Completed some canvases last week and it’s kind of my true artistic love.  I love to sew, but canvas work really owns my color loving, creative heart.

*Sad shoe news to report:  So I got my awesome Oliberte shoes only to find out they are too small.  Apparently they run small and it’s eBay and I haggled them down on the price and there are no returns.  There was lamenting and gnashing of teeth and tearing of my sackcloth.  And now I am trying to stretch the shoes out by shoving my big fat feet in them while wearing extra thick socks everyday around the house.  It’s the worst.  In other news, I might be selling these bad  boys if my stretching technique fails.  Alas.

*Last week Solomon ate leftover Easy White Chicken Chili 3 times for snack after school.  He totally cracks me up.  Chili for snack.  Gah, I like him.


*I’M STILL IN GENESIS AND DON’T THINK I’LL EVER FINISH.  Maybe the all caps was a little dramatic, but it sure does feel like I am never going to finish Genesis.  Ever.  Must press on.  Must finally finish Genesis.  Harper said the other day, “You think you’ll finish reading the Bible in 5 years?”  It’s not looking like it Harper.  Geez.

*I made 3 pretty tasty treats this weekend for friends.  THESE, THESE and the fattest, sprinkle covered rice krispy treats in all the lands.  In my wise old age of 33 I have decided if I had to pick one dessert to eat for the rest of my life it would be the traditional rice krispy treat.  Every time I make them, the smell alone instantly reminds me of my Mom.  Ahhhhh, I just love it.

*And we had a really hard weekend with our littlest.  I wish I had something better to say, but it was just a hard weekend and last night ended with me feeling more down and out rather than rested like the weekend usually does for me.  There was a lot of frustration and anger and shame and not my best parenting at all.  I wanted to run away, but His mercies are new every morning and I get another shot at this thing…grace, grace and more grace…give me all the grace cause I’m a hot mess.  Added bonus…today I get a few hours solo to breath and create and just be by myself.  It’s going to be good.

Happy Monday!

They Need To Re-Charge Too

Monday was Columbus Day which happened to put our two littles in school and our 3 bigs out of school.

Sidenote:  For Harper’s writing prompt this week she had to write about whether she thought Christopher Columbus was a hero or a zero and support her thoughts…she chose a zero.  Josh Kelley and myself thoroughly enjoyed her full one page of supporting facts.  :)

 The three of them feel like my “first baby”.  I don’t remember much of my mothering journey that doesn’t include all three of them.  Harper and Hudson are exactly 18-months apart and Hudson and Solomon are only 4-months apart.  I remember I would put Solomon in a sling around my body, carry Hudson because he couldn’t walk and hold Harper’s hand when I went anywhere solo with the three of them.  Sweet times with my first group of babies.

Monday I let them plan our day since it is so rare for us to be together without the littles in tow.  They were super cute all brainstorming together on what the day might look like.  There was talk of the movies and Chickfila and bowling.  So many combos were thrown out and in the end they landed on the library, lunch with Dad at the farmer’s market and putt-putt.

I seriously had the best time with them.  Please don’t ever be fooled by us in the fact that our kids fight, Josh and I fight and any combo of parent VS kid fight as well.  We can fight hard and love harder.  We’re a mess everyday…a bunch of big and little sinners all living together in this crazy world so again, we’re a mess.  When I say it was a great day, it really was a great day.  Was it without any of my own frustrations or having to mediate arguments or break up a fight or two or ten?  Nope, but I loved being with them.  I loved them being together just the three of them.  They don’t remember life without one another and I absolutely love that to my core.

They would choose the library over almost anything because it is our one stop entertainment shop.  I think that’s how the saying goes :)  Books…check.  Movies…check.  Computer time…check.

The Nashville Farmer’s Market is the perfect lunch spot for big families who all have varying food pallets.  Solomon is by far our most adventurous eater.  His daily breakfast consists of eggs and hash browns cooked with onions, peppers and jalepanos topped with lots of pepper and sea salt.  Monday he got a hot dog and devoured fried okra and as we left declared he was definitely ordering from the Ethiopian veggie eatery next time…and he totally will.  This is Solomon.  Hudson enjoyed Chinese solo, while Harper went with a burger and fries and Josh and myself hammered some barbecue and grits.  Dessert was a no brainer with Jeni’s in the house.  Hudson cannot do dairy so he and I set out to find a non-dairy treat which landed us in the international market purchasing some hard candy from India for .99 cents…which we’re not quite what we thought they were…imagine a kind of off caramel taste with spices…I don’t even know…but they earned him a pack of skittles all to himself while we played putt-putt.

We knew Amon would be bummed upon learning we had fun without him so to soften the blow we snagged some small pumpkins before Josh headed back to work and we headed to putt-putt.  Amon Kelley is obsessed with all things fall and Halloween and especially pumpkins.  He calls every pumpkin a “punkin pie”…we don’t even know, but it’s ridiculously cute.  I wish I had videoed his reaction when the bigs showed him the small pumpkin they picked up for him.

We wrapped up our time with putt-putt.  Harper had never been before.  The boys had been once with a friend and Josh took them once while Harper and I were in Africa.  She was super excited.  I just kept thinking, they are fun.  I really like being with them and seeing them interact and talk and enjoy each other.  We just had fun.

 Our littlest adds not only so much joy to our family, but also hard things.  That’s just the truth.  Foster care is not easy.  Kiddos come from hard places and our entire family is learning how to be a soft place to land.  She’s not the easiest…as are none of us…and sometimes everyone in our family just needs a little time to re-charge from the daily grind of simply being a family.  I found myself being so smitten with our time together and realized that’s exactly what those 5 hours were for all of us…including Harper, Hudson and Solomon…just some time to re-charge.  God is teaching all of us about love, grace, compassion and empathy and it’s not easy, but so needed.  Harper said on the way home, “No offense to the babies, but I had the best time today.”  I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Happy Friday.


Listening:  Silence.  Big kids went back to school today and the littles are napping.  Hallelujah!

Eating:  Nothing, but just finished a glowing green smoothie even though I can’t stop thinking about the leftover pizza in our fridge.

And yes that is a sliver of celery sticking out the top of my straw.  Let’s all gag together.

I did meal plan so here’s what we’ve got going on for dinners this week:  Easy 5 Ingredient White Chicken Chili, Taco Tuesday, Chicken tenders and salad, Fried Cauliflower and chicken and Cabbage Roll Soup (was suppose to make this last week, but didnt).  Hating on Instagram right now because the sponsored ads are all things like this:

Just shut it Dominos.  Shut your savory delicious mouth right now.

Drinking:  Water.  Boring.  Maybe I should fix a cocktail at 1:10 on a Tuesday afternoon.

Wearing:  This and Thispants :)

Feeling:  Okay.  Yesterday was great and last night was overwhelming, but today feels okay.  I feel settled and kind of like things aren’t spinning out of control and that’s a good feeling.

Weather:  Perfection.  It’s the perfect mix of fading summer with new fall.  Can we just make up a new season…Sautumn.  Or Fummer.  Think it over.

Wanting:  Our boy home.  We think about him every dang day for approximately all day long.  I feel like we’ve been doing really well in the wait…not going uber crazy…not losing our minds…not crying ALL THE TIME…and by “we” I mean me.  Definitely have felt more peace in this wait than in Amon’s, but man how I desperately want our boy home.  It semi sucks knowing you cannot do one more thing to make it happen any faster.  U.S. Immigration, China, Washington, etc…it feels like they hold all our cards right now…but we really know whose hands hold it all…so we’re praying like crazy and storming heaven.

Needing:  Well I was in need of some winter shoes.  Every year for almost forever my winter shoes have consisted of toms.  This year I decided it was time to have some real legit winter shoes that actually keep my feet warm.  I found the dreamiest company making the dreamiest shoes called Oliberte…fair trade footwear made in Ethiopia…yes please.  Sadly I couldn’t swing the price, but then I found a pair on eBay and got them for $37.  That I can swing.  I have not been on eBay in years upon years, but apparently now you can haggle with some sellers and that’s exactly what I did.  Ahhh, I love the internets.


Thinking:  About yesterday.  Littles had school and bigs did not which meant I had 5 hours with just them.  I let them do the planning and we had the best time.  The best best time. I love all our kids and wouldn’t change one thing about the way God has put together our family, but sometimes my mind does wander back to those early early days.  Harper was a fresh 2-year-old and Huddy was 9-month-old when Solomon came home.  It was just the 5 of us for a long time.  My current days are even sweeter, but those sure were sweet days too.

What in the freaking heck happened to my babies?!?!?!?

And Lastly Enjoying:  THIS, THIS, THIS and THIS.  For all of you who are also way overly done with this year’s election…you’re welcome.

Happy Tuesday!!!  

Weekend In Pictures

Happy Columbus Day party people.  Columbus Day means littles are in school and bigs are out of school which means me and the big three had time together which pretty much never happens anymore.  We have so enjoyed our day.  And our weekend was crazy good as well.


Game night…Empire and Catch Phrase and fun people and good food.

Amon realizing Aunt Jen’s ice-cream sandwich dessert is crazy good.

Camping out.


Long walks skateboarding :)



Pumpkin carving.

Shenanigans.  So many shenanigans.

Healthy food, but don’t be fooled…there was pizza and cookies as well.  Alas.

Bible journaling.

Movies, movies and more movies.  The kids watched the first and second movies in The Pirates of The Caribbean trilogy.  Johnny Depp love forever.

Church via our bed and Bob Goff.

And these guys.

Hope your weekend was great.  Hope the weather was full of fall like ours was.  Don’t forget MY SHOP has stationary sets ready to be shipped.  Money heads towards our adoption expenses.  Feel free to share.

Happy Monday.

Stationary Is In The House

Just wanted to pop in this morning and let you guys know stationary sets are now listed in MY SHOP.  I’m a little excited, a little thrilled, a little nervous, but insanely relieved they are done and listed.

These are limited sets since I didn’t get them mass produced.  Hoping to push these on through so we can get some others printed as well.  Each set is printed on 16 pt. paper dull cover with matte finish.  I like thick paper :)

If you are local and want to pick your order up, skip the ordering online and save on shipping just message me HERE or email me at pitterpatterart at gmail dot com and let me know your order.  Sets are $20 each for locals picking up.

As always, feel free share with all your friends, family and strangers in your life.  The more the merrier as always.  I love a good note card and think these would make an excellent little gift or stocking stuffer.  Again, all money will go towards our adoption expenses.  I love when I can tell someone their gift went beyond just them.  Check out all the different sets HERE.

Happy Wednesday!

PS:  All panda tees have been officially shipped as of this morning.  Thank you again so much!!!!