Favorite Things Party

Years ago I heard about a “favorite things” party and ever since I’ve always wanted to host one.  When I was in Kansas in November helping at Christmas Camp Create we all brought 3 of one of our favorite things to have a favorite things party.  So for Camp Create I took 3 bottles of Christmas Spirit essential oil.  We set a $10 limit and it was seriously THE MOST FUN!!!!  You can google how it works!!!  I laughed so hard and loved seeing what everyone brought.  I came home with delicious dutch chocolates & cookies, a silk pillowcase and some awesome new pen sets.  It was a total blast and I knew for sure I wanted to host one in December.

When I got home I set to work and early December a whole bunch of fun ladies gathered in our house with their favorite things and a favorite food dish to share.  Everyone left with 3 different favorite things from someone else, full bellies and faces that ached from smiling and laughing so much.  It was a blast listening to everyone share about their favorite item…where they bought it, price point (ours was $10-$15), why they like the item so much and any other tidbit of information they wanted to throw in there.  It was also great to have a whole bunch of reasonably priced new gift ideas heading into the holiday season.  I walked away with a set of adorable post cards, some crazy good smelling body wash and an adorable zip pouch, holiday napkins & notecards.

I’ve thought about the party so many times since and wanted to share everyone’s items they brought because it was just so good!!

Giant Confetti Cannon from Party City & Jr. Mint Minis:  Not all confetti cannons are created equal.  We’ve used others, but the one from Party City…which I cannot find on Amazon…is THE BEST!!!  The function, the ease of use, the pop, the explosion of confetti and even the color of the confetti.  Yes these things matter to me…I am a bonafide confetti cannon snob.   A little extra fun ensued when the 3 ladies who chose my gift were unwrapping it and I shot off a surprise confetti cannon in our living room just to show everyone how it worked. 🙂  I really love a good party.  Also shocker:  I’m the only person who chose a food item. 🙂  This speak volumes about me.  The Jr. Mint Minis, well, hands down they’re my favorite candy.  Period.  I know, I know, what about the sweettart ropes…yes, even better than those.  Since discovering the minis I haven’t eaten a regular Jr. Mint since.  It’s the perfect dark chocolate to mint ratio and I’m never looking back.

Tennessee Wood Art from a local business:  This was a fun home item and of course everyone at the party was from Tennessee so everyone was all in.  The ladies all oohed and ahhed over it.  I also loved that it came from a local shop in our area.  Keeping it in the community!

TJ Maxx:  How adorable is it when someone’s favorite thing is an actual store because they get great items for a great deal every time so they bring adorable zip pouches, festive holiday napkins and notecards for their gift and you get all 3?!?!?!  Favorite indeed.

Ulta Holiday Lip Gloss Set:  I mean, is there really such a thing as too many lip glosses?!?!  I think not.  Also all I could think was how fun it would be to keep a few for myself and then add them into other fun gifts.  Perfect sharing kind of favorite thing.

(This was an Ulta Holiday Item so no link.)

Belkin Leather Tassel USB Charger:  Incredibly cute and handy as all get out.  I am always looking for my charger chord…perpetually!  Perfect gift for literally anyone.

Invisibobble:  Hair ties that A) Don’t hurt your head after wearing them for hours and B) That don’t crease your hair.  I’ll take 20 please.

Smoothie Body Buttercream:  My SIL Jen swears by this stuff.  I have super dry knuckles in the winter and Winter always has really dry feet & heels so problem solved.  Bonus:  It’s smells so good.

TIJN Blue Blocking Glasses:  The crowd went absolutely wild for this item.  Jealously swept the room and everyone wanted a pair.  I had never heard of blue blocker glasses and recently ordered this exact same pair because I just couldn’t hold off any longer.  My friend Megan brought these and my favorite thing about her gift was how passionate and informative she was about them.  I mean, she made me a full on beleiver.  And they are super adorable.

Anthropologie Volcano Candle & matches:  I heard about this candle from the internets, but had never actually smelled it, but once I smelled it I understood what all the hype was about.  Insane!!!!!  Maybe the best candle I’ve ever smelled.  My friend Becca purchased the small size and paired it with some adorable vintage holiday matches.

Slide View: 1: Capri Blue Volcano Iridescent Jar Candle

Trader Joe’s Felted Wool Garland & Almay Make-up Free Wipes:  I love Trader Joes, but don’t want to actually go into Trader Joes.  It’s what I imagine a hipster apocalypse would be like and I don’t really want to shop for groceries through that kind of end of the world. 😉  But for the a-freakin-dorable felt ball garland I’d totally do it.  And I always need face/makeup/skin tips.  Always.

Clean On Me Body Wash:  I got to use this approximately 2 times before Harper commented on how good I smelled and then the bottle disappeared from my shower and showed up in hers.  Hmmmm, how does that work?!?!  It smells absolutely amazing and clearly is a winner among the young and old.

Pep Talk Postcards by Emily McDowell:  My friend Courtney brought this and she encouraged me to choose her gift because she knew it was literally made for me.  I LOVE MAIL!!!  I love to send it, I love to receive it.  And I deeply love a good postcard.  Our Christmas cards last year were post cards.  I have only a few cards left from this stack and I will 100% be ordering more.


Flair Pens:  Only the best pen around for writing.  Smooth, soft, colorful.  A constant pen choice among me and Harper for doodling, journaling, note taking, letter writing and list making.


Raw Sugar Sugar Scrub:  I love a clean exfoliant so I was a tad jealous I didn’t choose this gift.  We passed it around and smelled it like crazies.  Such a versatile gift…who doesn’t want soft, exfoliated skin?!?!


Native Travel Deodorant & NYX Butter Gloss:  Some of you may remember my detoxing from deodorant and smelling like Taco Bell for 2-3 weeks-ish situation a while back.  Well I’ve started using deodorant every now and then again…like for an important meeting or appointment where I know I might be sweating a bit…and Native is my go to.  Clean and it works.  And a bomb lipgloss.  What can I say?!?

Everyone had so much fun we collectively agreed we’d do a spring one and I am SO SO SO excited about it.  I’ve already been thinking about my spring/summer item.  Here’s to a good party!


  1. Michelle G. says:

    I attended my first one in December and received amazing things! We brought 5 gifts with a $5 value. Who knew how far $5 could go. I loved every gift I received and I got great ideas for items I never used before!!! It’s a fun party that can be done any time of year!

  2. Wow!! Love everything about the “My Favorite Things” party!! Never heard of it before. Clever, practical, AND FUN! I’m so glad you shared!

  3. Jan lovich says:

    I haven’t seen anything from you on FB for a long time. Just hoping you’re all ok.

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