Sunday Vibes

I’m not typically a weekend poster, but here I am.  We are Sunday-ing hard at the Kelley house.  It’s rainy and cold.  We all went out to eat for the first time since bringing Shuai home.  He was the cutest thing ever eating chips and salsa.  Right now 2 littles are napping.  Amon, Harper and I are watching Home Alone and eating rice krispy treats.  Josh Kelley, Hudson and Solomon are at Climb Nashville.  Everyone who is home has changed back into pajamas.  I’m trying to get some prep done for the week…meal planning, party planning, list making, blogging, etc etc.  It’s going to be such a great week…I can feel it.

We’ve got the Carman’s Noonday party this Thursday night and I’ve been scouring Pinterest for yummy recipes.  So far I’m contemplating Peanut Butter Cookie Smores Pizza, Sprinkle Chocolate Chip Cookies…I’m always on the lookout for a delicious chocolate chip cookies recipe…and Funfetti Whoopie Pies.

 Don’t forget to join us and bring all your friends.  Remember I will

A. Feed your face.

B.  Promise you a fun time + laughter.

C. Rebecca will show you all the amazing Noonday goodness.

And D.  Hug your neck.

You can also place an order online HERE.  20% of all sales will go towards the Carman’s adoption fund.  So you get amazing products while supporting women and families around the world and here in the US and we get to help the Carman’s with some of their adoption fees.

I was looking on Noonday’s site trying to figure out what all I was going to be purchasing.  I love Noonday for gifts so I always try thinking ahead.  I wanted to share some of my personal favorites that I own and wear ALL THE TIME.  I’m for realz.  All of these are in heavy heavy rotation.

Fringed Crescent Necklace (on sale now)

 Crescent Moon Earrings

Cubed Stubs, Silver (comes in gold too)

Feathered Fringe Earrings, Cobalt

Funky Paper Bead Bracelet

Metric Cuff

Safari Stack Bracelet, Salmon (comes in aqua & teal too)

This whole weekend has been pretty dreamy.  Just hanging out doing our thing.  No real plans except the random funness here and there plus our niece’s birthday party and karate class.  Josh Kelley gave all the boys haircuts and touched up my undercut.  We watched The Founder and it made me loathe McDonalds which was a real let down because at the beginning of the movie it made me soooo love McDonalds.  Alas.  If you’re looking for a good weekend read The Hate U Give is incredible.  I devoured the entire book in 2 days…an absolute must read for everyone.

Now I’m trying to find some killer appetizer/finger/party food recipes.  You guys have any recommendations???  I’d love for you to share them with me.  If you need me I’ll be here on our couch lounging this rainy day away.

Happy Sunday!!!!!!

9 Things

1. You guys are seriously totally the kindest.  I hope when you read that you know how sincere I am.  Thank you for the sweet words and prayers for Everett while we’re waiting to see how things roll out.  He had his cardiologist appointment yesterday…we’re just going to be regulars there so I’m trying to make peace with that 🙂 and it was good to talk with our beloved cardiologist.  We trust her so much and she really is so wise.  He’s already on a new medication and now we’ll watch and wait.  Everett has his own little bowl on our kitchen counter full of meds now.  Dude takes everyone one of them like a champ and you would actually think they all taste like cake.  If I haven’t said it enough already, this kid is a dream.


(these two…YOU GUYS…they are too much together)

2.  Amon and Everett are kind of the best things ever together.  They are just so similar.  The main thing that stands out like no other is both of their abilities to fall asleep ANYWHERE.  It is amazing.  I don’t even understand it, but it keeps us cracking up all the time.

3.  Harper got an Instax mini camera for her birthday.  She LOVES LOVES LOVES it so we made sure all the little kids knew it was not to be played with or touched when Harper was not around.  Amon came running up to me furiously the other day just beside himself because our littlest had been messing with Harper’s camera.  I went to investigate and interrogate.  She denied, denied, denied…she absolutely was not touching Harper’s camera…and then acted so hurt that I would even accuse her of such a thing.  Then I found this on the floor.  Bahahahahaha.

4.  All 4 boys are in 1 room with no closet and 1 dresser.  I finally came to terms with the fact that I do not think I can fit 4 boy’s sets of clothes in 1 dresser.  I pulled Everett’s clothes and now all of his reside in a basket on our bedroom floor.  Anyone have any small house tips for this?!?!  I think a bigger dresser might do the trick, but until a bigger dresser is purchased the basket is working.

5.  We had the Carman’s over not long ago for a full on Chinese meal.  We are insanely blessed to have family who are Chinese and speak Chinese and share with us all their knowledge.  When my SIL Becky taught me how to make Chinese dishes I actually thought about how nice it would be to show other mama’s who might want to learn a few dishes.  I was so so excited to cook for the Carmans and teach them what Becky had taught me.  My absolute favorite part was everyone gathered around our kitchen table making dumplings together.  It was just the sweetest time and I can’t get over how lucky we are.

6.  He is a total trip.  Every.Single.Day.  I cannot quit him.  Even better was when he was looking through binoculars wearing the swim goggles.

7.  Easter looked a lot like this.

Easter was good and messy feeling this year.  Solomon found the golden egg and Shuai gasped or said “Oh my goodness” every time he opened an egg and saw it contained something.  We don’t do Easter clothes so everyone wore what they wanted.  There was plenty of good food and even better family to eat it with.  I needed Josh Kelley’s man handkerchief during our church service due to excessive tears.  We invited people to join us for the day even when we truthfully didn’t want to.  At the end of the day I found myself so shocked by the ugliness in my own heart yet again.  Jesus laid out his life and gifted us with grace and love and mercy and then I turn right around and act as if I can’t possible do what He asks of me.  I wonder and doubt if I can even really trust Him lately.

At the end of Easter night I knew only a handful of things:

I’m messed up and He is not.

He is good and I am not.

He saves and I need saving.

He gave up His life and defied death just for me and despite my disastrous, sinful self I am so thankful he thought I was worth it.

And I am crazy grateful He still drives out darkness…even when the darkness is in me.

8.  Summer is almost here and we can feel it in our bones and in our wave pool lovin’ hearts.  For Amon’s birthday he asked to go to the wave pool.  Despite the real struggle of “Whoa, kids are out of school for how long?” and “I love summer and want to live at the wave pool forever!!!!!” everyone is anxiously awaiting summer and soaking in these spring days along the way.

And 9.  We had our first ever Buntinis from Nothing Bundt Cake last week.  When we received the disheartening news about Everett’s heart I called my friend Ashley in Florida to tell her the news.  She is always facetiming and calling to check in on how Everett and the rest of us are doing.  A few hours later there was a knock at our door and another great friend named Ashley too was there to deliver the yummiest set of cupcakes my bestie Ashley in Florida had ordered for us.  Did you follow all that with the multiple Ashleys?!??!  Anyways, I got to sit and have a good long chat with my friend Ashley in person and it just refreshed my heart.  Then when she left I got to enjoy the cupcakes my Ashley in Florida ordered for us.  I know it might seem small, but that sweet combo of treats and a much needed long conversation about life was just what I needed.  I love how God spurred one Ashley to order cupcakes for us and the other Ashley to deliver them.  He really is too too good.

Hope your week is going good.  We’re officially at the half way mark.

Happy Wednesday!

Holding On

I blogged a grand total of once last week and honestly didn’t know if I’d get around to it today either.  When I’m just not sure what to say, it’s hard to make myself think through the words and then figure out what to type, so this will probably be short for today.

Everett did amazingly well during his heart cath on Wednesday.  Thank you so so much for all the prayers and kind & encouraging words and for all of you who have been checking in on him too.  You guys are insanely nice.  You really are.

The team was able to get all the information they needed.  His cath went great and they also did an additional echo while he was sedated.  While at the hospital he also had a thorough ultrasound done of all his internal organs as well.  Everett’s just got wild little insides that are wired quite complexly and differently than most.

We stayed the night and he did awesome.  He actually only cried once the entire time.  All the nurses loved him…of course.  He ate all the foods and drank all the drinks and walked around his hospital room like he owned the place.  He fell asleep in my bed and then I moved him to his.  He even slept the whole night even while nurses came in and out to check on him every 30 minutes  to an hour.  He is just a little dream boat.

Bright and early Thursday morning a big team of surgeons and cardiologists met and went over all of Everett’s information. We ended up speaking with our cardiologist and the cardiologist on Everett’s team who preformed his cath and after reviewing all the information they informed us the team decided Everett’s heart could not handle the surgeries he needs right now.  This is obviously not the news we had hoped for.  His heart function has diminished over time from working so hard and his special little heart and anatomy make the surgeries very complex.  Right now the plan is for Everett to begin some new medications this week in hopes of increasing his heart function.  After a few months they will reassess and present his case to the team again.  So now we’re praying like mad these medications will work and that Everett’s heart function will increase and become strong enough for his first surgery.

We’ve been trying to process everything.  Today I ate approximately 52 pieces of chocolate and burst into tears in the van in our driveway 🙂  We are not hopeless and we fully believe in a God who heals, redeems, renews and restores.  We’re asking Him everyday to heal Everett’s heart and absolutely believe He can.  We’re also just sad right now.  That’s the best way to describe it.  Just sad.

So tomorrow we’ll head to our cardiologist’s office for another appointment and she’ll start Shuai on some new medicine and we’ll just hold on.  And we’ll keep soaking his sweet little self up every single day and continue to petition God to heal his sweet little heart.  In the mean time we’re trying our best to focus our attention on the matters at hand…the places and people we can love.  An easy place to land is our friends the Carmans.  If you missed how our friends are adopting Everett’s best friend you can catch up HERE.

So two ways we can help the Carman’s with their fundraising goal:

1. You can make a 100% tax deductible donation on their AdoptTogether account HERE.  So easy and so helpful and tax deductible.


2.  You can come shop Noonday Collection’s new spring line at our house Thursday, April 27th from 6-8 pm.  I promise to have good food, good drinks, lots of laughter and I will absolutely hug you.  I promise.  Unless the hug creeps you out and in that case I will not hug you.  Tell every last person you know and let’s party together for the Carman family.  Bring a friend or two or ten.  Carpool or just park all over our yard and street.  Last time our neighbors came over to check to make sure no one had died.  Let’s make them think something is really really wrong this time.  🙂

If you cannot make the party in person, no worries!!!  You can shop online HERE and your goodies will be mailed directly to you.  When you check out just make sure Rebecca Daniels is your ambassador and Laura Kelley is your hostess.  20% of all purchases…in person, email or online…will go towards the Carman’s adoption fund.  And let’s not forget Mother’s Day is just around the corner people.  Your mother most definitely deserves some Noonday!

Added bonus:  Noonday has an extra incentive for guests who spend $75 or more – they can get the Afloat Earrings and Matovou Bracelet for half-off.  If you’re interested in this offer just contact Rebecca at noonday.rebecca at gmail dot com and she’ll hook you up with the special.

 Thank you again so much for praying with us over Everett and his best buddy.  Thank you for supporting the Carman family and for always cheering us on.  I keep reminding myself these boys and their amazing hearts we’re created by God.  He designed them just so and His work is good.  He created them both in His image…jacked up hearts and all 🙂

Big Day

1. Let’s start with the really really good stuff.  If you didn’t read my post about Everett’s best friend being adopted by some of our dear friends who literally live 10 minutes from us then grab a tissue and hurry on over HERE to catch up.

(Let’s talk about that little arm hold…gah!!!!  I love these two.)

Josh and Brooke are working like mad to bring their son home…Everett’s bestie.  These boys have such similar special hearts and a deep rooted brotherly connection.  Today is a big day for Shuai.  Brooke and I were texting and she said, “I just wish he was already here for Shuai as he starts this process.  I feel like they need each other just like we do!”  I absolutely ugly faced sobbed.  As a parent of adopted kiddos you long for these connections and now Shuai will have such a special connection.

The Carman’s have a 100% tax deductible account set up with Adopt Together to help knock out the last of their funds and quickly HERE.  Please join us in supporting them and their crazy amazing little boy.  We’re seriously holding our breath for him to get here and reunite with Shuai.  Let’s share with everyone we know and let’s rally together in support.  Everything is so much sweeter together.

2.  Shuai is having a really important heart cath today…well, actually right now.  I turned my alarm off at 4:45 this morning and hit the floor.  I’m typing this all out in the waiting room at our children’s hospital with a nervous stomach and Josh Kelley keeps rubbing his neck.  Now he’s standing nervously holding the back of a chair.  Ha.  He’s going to love this.

 We’ve already been thanking God for being His mighty good self.  We are praying for miraculous news today.  This boy…actually…both of these boys we’ve shared with you guys are just unreal…larger than life…crazy special…heart warriors in every sense of the word.  Today feels big because it is big.

God is in the business of the super natural…the wondrous…the miraculous and we are choosing to believe in Him and in His power.  Thank you for praying with us.  Here I go again, but it means the freakin world to us.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for joining with us and for all your love, support, kindness, generosity and goodness.  We are forever grateful.

Happy Wednesday.

Dinner & Dessert

Just wanted to drop a quick note to you guys about two awesome recipes.  I know I’ve shared the dessert one before, but I can’t remember if I’ve shared the dinner one.

Slow Cooker Pork CarnitasHold the freakin’ phone people.  This week was my second time to make this for dinner…and when I say make I mean throw in my crock pot and then eat.  This pork is so so good and what I love is that there are always leftovers so we can eat it several times again for lunch.  As a family of 8 we rarely, rarely, rarely have leftovers so it’s exciting when it happens 🙂  We bought small street taco tortillas and layered them with guacamole,pork, homemade pico, romaine and black olives.  So so good!!!!!  A few times I just had all of that on a giant bed of romaine and didn’t miss the tortilla at all.

And today I made Easy Whoopie Pies.  I know I’ve shared this recipe before, but it’s been a while since I made them and I was reminded of how delicious they are.  Amon assisted and by assisted I mean turned on the mixer and licked the paddle and all the spoons and spatulas.  These are always a giant crowd pleaser.

So here are your instructions for the weekend…make pork tacos and whoopie pies…eat your heart out and share!

Happy Friday.

Must Sees

You guys as always are crazy kind, loving, thoughtful and supportive.  Thank you for being so excited and thrilled for our friends the Carmans, Everett and us!!!!  We are all the luckiest to have these amazing little heart warriors in our lives.  Thank you for being in awe of Jesus right along side us too.  He really does write the best stories and deserves all the praise and glory.  Thank you for the kind comments, emails and for already helping us start to spread the word.  You will hear no less than 32 times about this fundraiser between now and Thursday, April 27th.  If you want to read about the party details again CLICK HERE.

Today I just wanted to share some of my current favorite Noonday items.  They recently released their spring line and I am soooooo excited to check it out in person at the party so a lot of these are new from their spring line.  I’ve been browsing today and wanted to share some of my faves.  If you cannot make the party in person, you can always order online HERE.  At checkout just double check that your ambassador is “Rebecca Daniels” and your hostess is “Laura Kelley” so the Carmans can receive 20% of your purchase for their adoption fund.

Let’s begin 🙂

I’m usually hard pressed to find earrings I just super super love.  I have very limited earrings, mostly which are from Noonday, but their spring line shocked me.  I picked out 7 different pairs I really really loved, one of which is already sold out.  Wah, wah!  I narrowed that list down to four to share with you.

Fringed Crescent Earrings; Peruvian Studs; Terrace Earrings; Metropolitan Earrings


Necklaces we’re up next.  Again, I try and limit my necklaces, but here I was again finding necklace after necklace I really loved.

Borderland Necklace; Chateau Necklace; Earthbound Necklace; Journey Necklace

Bracelets are always and forever my jam and I can never have too many of them.  Never.  Once again I found tons which need a home on my arm.

Damalie Bracelet; Ebb and Flow Bangles; Province Bracelets; Serawit Wrap Bracelet

Their bags are always hard to choose from.  Some of my favorite bags I personally own are Noonday bags.  The best designs!!!!  Here are two of my faves.  I’ve seen both in person and they are out of this world gorgeous.

La Bella Bag; Rustic Leather Tote

Noonday also has a crazy good sale going on right now.  Head over HERE to check it out.  I have personally purchased so many of these items for friends, family and myself.

And don’t forget right now Noonday has an added incentive for guests who spend $75 or more – they can get the Afloat Earrings and Matovou Bracelet for half-off.  If you’re interested in this offer just contact Rebecca at noonday.rebecca at gmail dot com and she’ll hook you up with the special.

Please continue to share this with all your people.  Mark your calendars and join us in person April 27th and bring a friend or order online HERE.  Such an extra special way for us to come along side the Carman family in their pursuit of their son along with other women and moms around the world.

Happy Thursday!

God’s “I still see you.”

The day we met Shuai will forever be etched in our minds.  I tried documenting every last detail because time can be tricky sometimes and make you forget.  I did not want to forget anything.  Shortly after meeting him and having a little time together in our hotel room we headed back to his home to see where he had lived, to meet his nannies, staff, doctors, nurses and friends.  I was so glad his home was so eager to let us come and show us around.  What a gift it was to see his home and to meet the people who loved and cared for our son so well while we could not be with him.

Shortly after arriving the director expressed he really wanted to introduce us to Everett’s best friend.  We first met their nannies and staff and saw their room.  After looking around a bit more, the director finally took us down to the cutest little classroom full of the sweetest little faces all of whom had special needs of some sort.  He then introduced us to Everett’s best friend and shared he too had a special little heart.  I looked into his sweet little eyes and could see the concern and questions churning.  They had been together for a very, very long time.  I have video of them together and the director asking Everett, who’s your best friend and him trotting over to his special bud and pointing to him.  Everett’s book they gave to us is full of the sweetest photos and several are of them together.

Shuai was very timid and quiet upon returning to his home.  He didn’t say much and he held tight to Josh not wanting to get down.  Our translator stepped in when his best bud started talking and pulling on Shuai’s leg…”Come down FuShuai, come down.”  Josh knelt down and he talked more, “Don’t go. Don’t go. Stay.”  “Don’t go to America.”  Harper turned around and sobbed into my chest.  I immediately burst into tears and snapped pictures of these two precious friends and really brothers together.  We all walked out of that classroom and knew this special little boy could not stay here…even though he was so loved…we knew this kid was a game changer, but what would our role in his life be.  In my head I had already started trying to figure out if we could fit another bed into our house 🙂  We talked about Everett’s best buddy our entire trip.  Josh Kelley quoted him often.  He consumed my heart and one day like a whisper God planted a family in my mind…The Carmans.

Josh and Brooke Carman are friends of ours who started the process to adopt a son last fall from Nicaragua.  They actually found the only agency in Tennessee who we’re piloting a program to Nicaragua which was suppose to begin in January of this year.  I had never even heard of this agency 🙂  They had their home study ready and had sent off immigration papers…all your normal adoption paperwork.  We have tried to really encourage them along the way because the adoption process can feel very lonely at times.  Upon arriving home I told myself I’d give them like 2 days and then I sent a text to Brooke asking how the process was going.  She shared how the program launch date had been backed up to possibly May or June and mentioned if they got to that point they we’re going to probably start looking in other directions.  I asked if they’d considered China and then specifically mentioned this amazing little boy we had been privileged to meet.  I sent pictures.  I told her if they we’re interested I would gladly help them track down his file since I had made some connections with their home during our trip.  And then she agreed.

I might sound like a semi pushy friend at this point, but I just had this feeling I really believe was Jesus and sometimes you have to act on those feelings.  I reached out to my main connection at their home who said she could in fact help track down his file.  I connected her with Brooke and then I moved out of the way.  I told myself I would not ask Brooke about it again.  I didn’t want to be THAT pushy friend.  6 days later I received the most amazing text pretty much in the history of amazing texts.  Brooke said they had finally tracked down his file and she had just confirmed through the pictures I sent and the pictures in the file that it was in fact him.  And guess what agency he was listed with??!?!?!  Theirs!!!!!  After talking to their agency they told Brooke his file was actually supposed to have been sent back to China 2 days prior, but because of a computer glitch his file along with one other little girl’s had remained.

I about died.  Like, seriously almost died.  What in the world?!?!?  I just wept and sat there thinking “God is seriously insanely good.”  This didn’t mean the Carmans we’re in yet, but it took a matter of hours before they we’re already prepping their Pre-Approval papers for China.  Brooke shared they’re desire to move through the doors God wanted them to and it obviously looked like he was flinging these doors wide open.  They got their pre-approval just 4 business days later and we celebrated like there was no tomorrow.  These are the days not many people understand unless you’ve been there, but a pre-approval from China means, “Come on!  Fill out those papers and come get your boy.”  They had been given the big green light from China to start the process for their son.  It’s a huge day indeed and we wanted to celebrate with them.  We broke homebound rules, bought balloons and champaign and pizza.  We baked cookies and made rice krispy treats.  This sweet little one deserved celebrating.  His family was officially on their way.

God continued to fling doors open and just wow both of our families.  He made our jaw drop almost daily with what seemed like every last detail of this little guy.  I might have purchased the cutest tees in all the lands for these best friends and brothers to sport once they are reunited.  In the midst of a very trying time for our family with all the questions surrounding Everett’s heart this felt like a giant “I still see you!” from Jesus Himself.  These two would have each other again.  Our son will be reunited with his best little friend…the one he has been with for so long.

This little boy has brought a new joy to our family and he’s not even home yet.  I shared with Brooke I don’t wake up every morning thinking about Everett’s heart now.  I usually wake up thinking about his buddy.  We are smothering this kid in prayer along with his family…his dad, mom and two sisters…who are waiting so anxiously and working so feverishly to get to him.  I’ve looked back over my China posts and thought, “WOW!  The Carmans are going to walk this same road, wait for their son in the same building and look through the same set of doors to see his face for the first time in person exactly like we did.”  And then I lose my mind at how God so carefully and uniquely and amazingly orchestrates His will in us…His goodness in us.  He has reminded me yet again that His ways are far better then I could ever dream or imagine.

When I told Josh Kelley his only word was “Wow.”  When I shared with our big kids they all cheered.  Harper said, “They are going to love him.”  Everett looks at his book almost every day and points out his best friend and says his name.  Our family has mad love for this boy and we are cheering the Carmans on and praying like crazy people for the time to be quickened.  We’re praying for a smooth remaining process, a healed little heart and we’re asking how we can help.

As with every adoption we’ve ever done I’m hosting a Noonday Collection party for the Carman’s adoption fund.  Adoption has enriched our family like I never dreamed and heart kiddos pull all our heart strings and Noonday is always and forever my jam so it was inevitable this party was A MUST!!!  So mark your calendars for what is sure to be the greatest Noonday party of all time…I might be setting the bar a tad high 🙂

Thursday April 27th. 


Our house.

No joke, tell every last person you know.  Share until you’re blue in the face…whatever that means…don’t die or anything.  Make it a fun girls night and bring your friends.  I will feed your face and you can drink wine or water…Jesus’ preferences 🙂 and laugh and I’ll hug your neck and we canbuy amazing Noonday products all the while supporting women across the globe…here and there…and the Carman family.  20% of sales will go directly towards their adoption fund.  This is like a win/win/win.  Triple win.  Added bonus…Mother’s Day is just around the corner.  And think about birthday gifts and end-of-the-year teacher gifts and “Hey I like you!” gifts and maybe a little something for yourself.

If you can’t join us in person, no worries.  As always you can order online HERE.  Just double check when your checking out that “Rebecca Daniels” is your ambassador and “Laura Kelley” is your host.  Right now Noonday has an added incentive for guests who spend $75 or more – they can get the Afloat Earrings and Matovou Bracelet for half-off.  If you’re interested in this offer just contact Rebecca at noonday.rebecca at gmail dot com and she’ll hook you up with the special.

As always we sit in amazement of a God who cares about the details…who orchestrates things we never could imagine and then allows us to experience His undeserving goodness.  Let’s rally around the Carman family together and help in this small way.  We’re all just holding our breath for this sweet little heart warrior to get here and to reunite he and Everett.  It’s going to be so good!

Happy Wednesday!

Around Here + Must Have Cupcakes

So Everett is hanging close to home all the time in hopes of getting him well and then keeping him well enough for his procedure next week.  We’re home pretty much all day, every day unless we have a doctor’s appointment.  I’m feeling a tad stir crazy and have really been sticking it to my free Amazon Prime this month, but we’re really really praying this procedure will take place.

Strict orders have been given to wash hands, don’t kiss Everett, don’t get in his face and don’t touch his hands.  I thought about Amazon Priming an economy size bottle of hand sanitizer and Lysol.  There’s just far too many little people going out into the world and then coming back into our house.  Ahhhhh.  And I’m not even a germaphobe.

In the mean time we’re trying to make the most of it.  Shuai’s favorite activity mostly consists of sitting on our countertops.  It’s pretty much where he perches most of his day.  He likes to be near me and apparently I live in our kitchen.  #shocker  All our good parenting rules, tricks and tips have gone out the window with this kid.  Here he is eating pie at 9pm the other night.  Sigh.

He also snacks…a lot.  Not sure he’s eaten a complete meal at our table with us yet.  He usually hangs out some, wanders around and grazes on his food.  I keep a little plate of half eaten Everett food.  He hasn’t had any milk at all until we went to eat lunch with Harper on her birthday.  He saw her milk box and just HAD TO HAVE IT!!!  Then he slurped the whole thing down.  When I was telling my SIL who is Chinese, she told me milk boxes are treats in China.  She said she bets that’s why he was so into it.  Well, the next day I bought milk boxes.  5 kids and I’ve avoided buying milk boxes and now here we are.

My BIL who teaches Chinese told us about Mandarin Elmo on YouTube.  I downloaded the Kids YouTube app and it was the sweetest thing ever watching Everett watching Mandarin Elmo.  Like, I teared up.  His disposition changed.  He was just super happy.  Josh and I we’re talking about how comforting it must have been to understand what they we’re saying…to hear his native language like that.  Needless to say, I let him watch it any time he wants.

He loves to play with blocks and cars.  They are his favorite toys.  He loves stacking the blocks crazy high and then knocking them all over.  And he really likes when Amon sets up his race track.  Everett likes Amon a lot and Amon is such a good big brother.  They are good little playmates and as suspected, Amon loves having a new bath buddy.  They get out ALL THE TOYS and bathe away.


If you haven’t noticed, we basically live in our PJs.  I mean, when you don’t get out much, what’s the point.  Ha.  Bonus:  PJs are comfy and Everett never objects to some comfy clothes.  He does love to wear his shoes though…even just around the house.  They complete his look.

We’ve been trying to get some fresh air still.  We’ve walked down to our little park a couple of times.  One time it was on Amon’s birthday and funny story, but I thought Amon was in our community center bathroom turns out he was crashing a bridal shower and scored everyone cupcakes.  Hahahahaha.  It ended up being a friend from high school and she was crazy kind to share.

Sidenote:  On the subject of cupcakes…the cupcake I ate was a blueberry cupcake with blueberry butter cream.  I do not even like blueberries, but I dare say this might have been the best cupcake I’ve ever put in my mouth.  So I sent my friend a message and asked where the cupcakes came from.  Turns out another friend from high school, Kristen, has a side baking business The Secret Is In The Sass and made them.  LOCALS listen up…you know how I feel about my baked goods, these cupcakes were crazy legit.  The blueberry one consumed my mind for hours…I just kept thinking about it.  Hahahahaha.  This is my mind you guys.  Anyways, if you need some super, crazy delicious cupcakes head over HERE and place an order.  Seriously, order them!  End Sidenote.

So in conclusion… 1.  If you need us, we’ll be home.  2.  Please continue to pray with us for Everett’s heart and that he’s healthy enough for his heart cath next week.  And 3.  You need THESE cupcakes in your life.

Happy Tuesday.