Seven Things

1.  I’ve had some unplanned solo time with Hudson lately.  This is very rare.  We did things like play mancala, look at legos on the interwebs, watch the lego movie…he’s kind of lego crazy.  I told him the other day while at his 7 year check up that I was going to ask the doctor if I should be concerned about his love of legos.  He is the child who was born with a furrowed brow…his brain thinks through everything and leans toward worry.  He looked at me with his furrowed brow and said, “Are you really worried about me?  I do think about Legos a lot.  Is that normal?”  Sweet thing.

2.  I bailed on Christmas cards this year.  We like to keep this season relatively not crazy busy and Christmas cards are always daunting to me…so this year I nixed them.  And the world is still spinning.  Shocker right?!?!  But for your viewing pleasure here is the picture I thought would be wildly funny to send to people.

Merry Awkward Christmas!  You have my full permission to use this for your screen saver.  #yourewelcome

3.  Sasquatch Design Company is still selling new tees for the Ngungwane Garden Fund.  Crazy soft.  Crazy cool.  And crazy good community you will be linking arms with.  It’s such a good purchase with a purpose this Christmas.  Check them out HERE.

4.  Josh Kelley and I had a rare few hours solo the other night.  We went to the gym and then ate BBQ nachos.  Speaking of BBQ nachos, I have officially found THE.BEST.BBQ.NACHOS.EVER!!!!  Edleys wins the top BBQ nachos award.  I can’t even talk about it…makes me weepy.  Eat them and then email me with all the love that has built up in your heart because of their sheer goodness…then buy me a plate of them to say “thank you”.

5.  Amon has become a bed hopper.  In the morning when he gets up he moves from bed to bed to bed.  He likes some snuggles in the morning.  The other morning I heard him climbing up into Harper’s top bunk and heard her say, “Hey there my big boy.”  Geez.  They are ridiculous together.

6.  Our kindness advent yesterday was taking cookies to our police and fire station.  Today we are taking a treat to the salvation army bell ringer at our local grocery store.  And tomorrow we are buying Christmas for a family.

7.  And I still have plenty of things for sale if you need a last minute Christmas gift.  I’m shipping out asap so things have plenty of time to arrive before Christmas.  Check out available items HERE.

Happy Thursday!

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  1. If you think Edley’s nachos are good, try their (a) brisket and (b) banana pudding. I die.

    Thanks for spreading love, happiness & cheer around the world!

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