Scrabble Tile Ornaments

Hey hey guys!  Jumping right to it…first, I loved reading about people’s light choices.  Totally was cracking up at some of your responses and the amount of squirrel problems some of you have.  Josh Kelley is the Christmas person around our house…he does it all…and this year he ventured into house lights.  They are mild and simple, but if he had all the resources in the world, I feel confident we would be total Griswold style.

Next up, the Timbali bags winner is…

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On Sunday our kindness advent was an ornament delivery.  We added this one last year and just loved it.  We bought cheap paper mache’ ornaments from Joanns last year and the kiddos painted them.  This year we wanted to do a little something different.

I’ve had a bag of old scrabble tiles for about 4 years now.  I use them for varying little projects and thought the kids would love to use them to make ornaments.  This project was crazy simple.

Here’s what you will need:

scrabble tiles

hot glue gun

popsicle sticks


That’s it!!!

Our big kids can use a hot glue gun, but not so much Amon.  He can be quite clumsy and quite untrustworthy 🙂

Hudson wanted to give away an ornament he painted at church, so Harper and Sol were the only ones really doing any new making and I helped Amon.  Everyone chose their recipient(s) & words and then started pulling all their letters they needed.  From there the steps are super simple.

*First, we hot glued the tiles together on the sides.

*Second, we hot glued a popsicle stick to the back for extra support.

Third, we hot glued a ribbon for hanging.

Crazy simple!  The end.

 For today’s kindness advent we are making bookmarks and leaving them in books at the library.  Tomorrow we are taking baked goods to the police and fire station.  Hudson insisted we do this one this year.  Food is part of his love language.


I’ll see you tomorrow…here’s to another week.

Happy Monday!!

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