Bright Spots

I worried my blog would be a big downer to everyone now…and it may be to some people, but I met a really sweet reader, Jennifer, at Hobby Lobby yesterday.  She was absolutely the encouragement I needed at that very moment.  I mentioned that I was nervous my blog would be a bummer now and she encouraged me to keep writing just how I felt.  She was such a crazy, wonderful encouragement and a good hugger too.  Thanks so much Jennifer…you made my day.

I thought today…”What about the bright spots?”  What are the things that are making my days a bit better when all I can think about is that my mom is dead.  So here are some of today’s bright spots…in no particular order.

Bright Spot #1:  Harper and Huddy’s mother’s day out pictures.  They are just so stinkin’ cute.  It is small fortune to purchase the pictures, but at least I can stare at these until they have to go back 🙂  I only buy the class picture anyways.

Bright Spot #2:  Visits and chats from friends.  Today my friend Courtney’s mom Sandra came to visit.  Sandra’s husband passed away recently and unexpectedly.  Talking to her was so nice and refreshing.  She even brought lunch, treats and surprises for the kids…a pony painting kit, a Zurg punching bag and Buzz sock em’ boppers.  My kids were immediately fans.

I love when people really want to know how you’re doing.  Thanks so much Sandra.

Bright Spot #3:  Small reminders of my mom, that don’t make me burst into tears 🙂

Like this rock.

I can look at it without crying…and that’s how I prefer to look at things…tear free…you can just see easier.

She gave it to me one Christmas and you couldn’t pay me enough for it.

Bright Spot #4:  Wee Kelley watercolored snowflakes.  Brings on a smile while walking through our kitchen…every single time.

And Bright Spot #5:  Some crafting.  And not just any crafting, but some that pertains to  Random Acts of Kindness Advent.

I beyond loved this idea…sheer brilliance.

I have always had the best of intentions at actually doing advent, but have failed miserably in the past.  So this is the year and we are down right committed this time.

I don’t have a lot of room in our house, so I needed an advent that would not take up much space.  I decided on envelopes and today Harper and I made our official advent envelopes.  Here were our supplies:

Glue sticks, small clips, small paper bags (Hobby Lobby), number stickers, plain paper and patterned paper.

First we covered the front of bags with some patterned paper.

Then we cut out some small circles and added number stickers and then glued the circles to the front of the bags.  Josh and I had brainstormed earlier this week, so I re-wrote our ideas on individual pieces of paper.  I had to modify the original ideas because of the 3 small Kelleys.  Let’s face it…we would be a disaster trying to load someones groceries into their car…they may even pay us to leave them alone 🙂

Harper stuffed the envelopes.

Then I hung up our ribbon and attached the envelopes with the small clips.  Easy cheesy.

I think this will be the perfect way to take our minds off of ourselves and to think of others each day.  In fact, I’m thinking we need to do a random act of kindness every day.

So those are my bright spots for today.  I’m going to keep looking for them.

And seriously, THANK YOU!  Thank you for all the comments and emails and words of encouragement.  You guys are incredibly, crazy nice…and I truly appreciate it.


  1. Love the Advent calendar! That’s how I did ours… small envelopes that will get pinned to a string. I haven’t hung it up yet, but now I see how cute it will look 🙂

  2. Laura, I am so sorry to hear about your mom. The post when she passed took my breath away and we have been praying for your family. I agree wholeheartedly with Jennifer from Hobby Lobby though, write what you feel. I think it is a great testament to Jesus that you can suffer, cry, miss your mom like crazy, and still love Him with all your heart.

  3. Lori Pierce says:

    Laura, I met you and your husband at the Immigration office last Nov getting fingerprinted. I went to Goodpasture and knew Jennifer. Please know I have been praying for you and your family. I haven’t been able to get you off my mind after the news of your mom’s sickness and passing.

  4. Amy J. Buckner says:

    I don’t know you at all and I must say…I didn’t know I could cry over someone I have never met but my heart has really gone out to you. Although it is very sad to read, I think it is probably good for you to just blog exactly how you feel. My prayers have been with you too.

  5. Laura,
    You are an inspiration to us all. I love the “Random Acts of Kindness” Advent and every day you will do something that will be a testament to the wonderful family that you are and the epitome of God’s Grace.

  6. how cute?!? love the advent calendar…and esp the random acts of kindness. still praying for you sister….

  7. Great idea

  8. Love you Laura!!! All I can say, is I love you and my heart hurts for you and with you!

  9. would love to know your ideas you put in youyr advent…love the idea

  10. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your advent calendar!! Great idea!!


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