Kindness Advent Prep

So yes it is only September and no my Christmas tree is not already up, but every year when we start our Kindness Advent I get lots and lots of emails and questions and inquiries about how we afford doing a Kindness Advent at Christmas time.  First I will say, this isn’t for everyone…let’s all be okay with everyone doing what works for their own family.  We started doing our Kindness Advent at Christmas time in 2011 right after Mom died.  This was part of my survival mode and honestly I cannot imagine our month of December without it now.  It is important to us.  We are not big spenders in our house so we can be big givers.  Again, I know that is not for everyone, but it’s how our family runs best.  We purposefully have cut out lots of “normal” things so we can free up more funds to give with and feed/keep alive 🙂 a tribe of children on a budget.


With all that said, a Kindness Advent also can not require money.  There are plenty of things you can do which cost zero to show kindness.  Think outside the box.  Our advent typically has a mix of things which require money and do not.  Here’s our list from LAST YEAR.


Right now my mind is already thinking about prep work for our advent.  Ours does require some preparation and thinking.  At the end of summer is right about when my mind starts thinking ahead…not because I’m crazy Christmas person, but because I start being able to purchase some items ahead of time cheaper.  A few examples:

We love to do surprise chalk art and those giant boxes of crayola sidewalk chalk are clearanced right about now.  If you don’t snag one now you can always use a coupon at one of your local craft stores too.

School supplies are still on sale right now as well…all the way from pencils & markers to backpacks & lunch boxes.  This can apply to lots of different ways you can bless people from encouraging sticky notes to your local children’s hospital to all those fabulous teachers in your life.


My niece Campbell and our own kids are selling cookie dough for their schools.  Let the school fundraising begin.  I’m a sucker for supporting our local public schools so you better believe I buy up cookie dough so I can make baking a tad less intense right around Christmas time.  I love to make homemade goodies too, but I also like a quick, easy and delicious cookie treat.  It’s a win/win.

Target has already started running their gift cards on sale.  Yes, gift cards on sale.  Some even $5 off.  The perfect time to purchase one and tuck it away to bless someone later.  I also like to watch for when Kroger offers crazy extra gas points for gift cards and saves me money on gas.  Keep your eyes open for great sales even now to pick up the items your advent might include.

And a little known secret of mine is the Scholastic Warehouse Sale.  I know they have others across the the US including our very own Nashville.  It is my fave.  I get to roam through Scholastic’s warehouse and pick up awesome books and other Scholastic items for 50%-80% off.  Google it and thank me later 🙂


So those are a few of my tips for keeping a Kindness Advent a little more affordable if your’s requires some moola, but remember kindness can be completely free.

Happy Wednesday!



CLICK HERE to check out 2015s list of kindness activities.


  1. Onna Withrow says:

    You totally inspired me to do this with my family and this year will be our third! Il love these tips and agree with you that it doesn’t have to cost a ton or even anything really. Thank you for always being so giving and always willing to share.

  2. This is consistently, one of my favorite times to be following your blog-your heart, your families heart and the ideas that flow from that soul are amazing!!!!! Love it!!!


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