Yeah, so I’m already thinking about the weekend.  Ha.  This past weekend was kind of swoony minus a sick kid.  I worked like crazy.  The Made South Holiday Market is this Friday and Saturday so I know this weekend will be a tad chaotic.  I’m a bit on the nervous/excited/I might throw up side.  #normal

Anyways, on Friday Amon fell asleep randomly on the floor and like my friend Jen pointed out…random sleeping is a direct sign a sick kid is brewing.  Ugh!!!


Amon spent most of the weekend posted up on the couch.

Josh Kelley is a Christmas crazy person.  He started talking about putting our Christmas tree up before Halloween.  Gah!  He’s had this on his calendar for weeks.  It’s what he does and I just watch him do his thing.  His motto is “It’s not Thanksgiving without the Christmas tree.”  And he always pulls out his coon skin cap from his childhood.  All the nostalgia people.

Amon is pretty much adorable all day, erry day.  Even sick.

We watched Elf, listened to Elvis’ Christmas music, made snickerdoodles and decked the halls.  We are one stocking holder short this year, but who cares.  I’ve had our current littlest a stocking purchased since we became certified foster parents last October.  I wanted to be prepared if a little one came during Christmas time.

There were also donuts because duh, it was the weekend.

Each week when Saturday and Sunday rolls around this is what our fridge looks like.

Ummm, empty.  So grocery shopping and food prep for the week always on the weekend.  And it’s kind of that time of year again when I wear my house shoes out in public.  Like grocery shopping.  I mean, who doesn’t want toasty warm feet while Krogering?!?!

And yes, I am wearing capri sweat pants in November.  #yourewelcome

 It’s only Tuesday, but bring on another weekend!!

Awesome & Not Awesome

How was your weekend?  I hope it was swell.  Ours was busy and fun and crazy.  Awesome stuff and not so awesome stuff.  But lots of things to be thankful for.

Not Awesome:  Our air went our early on Friday and couldn’t be fixed until today.  Talk about hot.  Kids all slept downstairs because the boys room upstairs was a furnace.  We had fans going and everyone hydrating.  We all were crazy tired…Josh chalked it up to the heat and how our house immediately went to island time.  Today I’m crazy thankful for air conditioning.

Awesome:  Harper baking chocolate chip cookies all by herself.  It was a really proud mom moment…it also sent the hot factor in our house through the roof.

Awesome:  Running into friends at our favorite local Mexican restaurant and making it a full on two family dinner date.

Awesome: Outdoor Lego Movie watching party, a surprise party and 2 swim parties with friends.  Thats a lot of partying for 3 days.  Good friends are pretty dang special.  Ones who really want to do life with you and yours…who love you and your kiddos…the good, the bad and the different.  Josh and I are really blessed with some amazing friends.

Not Awesome:  Harper chipping her new front tooth on Hudson’s head at one of our pool parties resulting in a trip the dentist this morning.  #eyelashesfordays

Awesome:  Hudson and Solomon’s team party even though cupcakes melted in the heat.

Awesome:  Josh’s mom treating all her granddaughters to a local Willy Wonka play.  Harper loved it.

Not Awesome:  Figuring out you probably have some weirdly sick kids after an entire weekend of thinking maybe the heat was just getting to them.  We’ll be enjoying an afternoon of doctors appointments.

Awesome:  Finally getting this video to post because my web dude Randy ended up doing it for me.  Randy has launched a really cool organization called The Orphan Care Network.  You can check out their Facebook HERE.  Randy is my go-to website guy and I would love to help get his name out there even more with his new venture.  I think he explains TOCN best:  “We are creating TOCN network churches and help them launch community-based orphan care ministries.  We provide all on-site training, host a launch event for the church/community, provide curriculum, online resources, branding and help with getting people from the surrounding areas there and involved.  We truly believe the only way to have a healthy and sustainable orphan care ministry is through community groups and getting all who have a heart for orphan care walking together.”  Check out their site and see if this is something your community or church would like to participate in.  Thanks so much Randy for your hard, good work.

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/97764616]

Hope everyone’s Monday is off to an awesome start.  Here’s hoping for a really awesome week.

Happy Monday!

A Tiny Sale

Our weekend was full and lovely.  We enjoyed donuts, we celebrated my niece Campbell’s birthday, I took the boys shoe shopping, I got in some good milage running, Josh made me two killer arrows…one small and one big…there was painting, church was crazy good, we spent time with friends and I finished up some work.  It was completely well rounded.

I’m kind of already ready for Friday, but we have a fun day planned for today since school is out.  And this week will be good.  New things on the horizon, new projects and possibilities, getting accountable to one another, making choices and doing, working hard on making 2014 different.  It will be a good week indeed.

I’ve been working on orders and have some really sweet canvases completed, but can’t post them yet…they’re gifts and the givers don’t want the recipients to see.  You guys are fun.  And thank you for your orders.  I did get a chance in between process stages to work on some canvases that have been mulling around in my mind.

I have these two canvases posted under the “Currently Available” tab at the top.  They will go first come, first serve.  Make sure to check out the page for details.

12×12 “She burned too bright for this world” canvas

4×12 “Be strong and courageous” canvas

So check them out if you are interested.  I’m going to start adding more items randomly as I try and work on projects in between orders.  We’ll see how it goes.  2014 is for trying new things 🙂

Hope you all had a good weekend and enjoy your day.  Here’s to one fantastic week.

Happy Monday!

Over The Long Weekend

Hey…I missed you guys yesterday, but the weekend was good and long and yesterday completely got away from me.  How was your weekend?  I hope it was amazingly good.

Ours was full and over our long weekend we…

looked back

rode bikes through sprinklers


made mini mauve velvet cheesecakes…dang you almost empty bottle of red food coloring, but they were so yummy and mauvy

finished up soccer season

grilled out

broke out the plastic pool and sunscreen

and we tried some of Sonic’s summer of shakes shakes…and yes, I carry chalk around in my car cup holder.

It was a good one…for sure.  On this week’s agenda…giveaway, gearing up for a Saturday sale and how about more random posts because that is apparently what I am good at.

Happy Tuesday!