Any available items will be pictured below.  

Please email me if you are interested.

Pieces will go to the first person who confirms with me by email they would like to purchase.  Pieces are sold as is…nothing can be changed or adjusted…sorry.  And color may be a bit different based on computer screens.  I ship to US and Canada only.

Thanks so much!

9×12 “Stand up now and face the sun” canvas $140 plus shipping

4×12 Isaiah 46:4 canvas $125 plus shipping.  (There are two of these available so please specify if you want canvas A or canvas B.)



Key fobs sets are $36 each (shipping included).  Please include in your email the letter (A,B,C, D, etc) of the set(s) you are wanting to purchase.

Fabric Mini Buntings $35 + $5 shipping.  The below picture is the one hanging in my daughter’s room.  It is just the example and is only 50 flags and not for sale :)

 Each bunting for purchase is made of 100 random fabric flags measuring approximately 17 feet long.  I have 0 sets which are more girly.  I will change the number as a set is purchased to show how many strands are remaining.  (picture below is one of the sets…your set will vary)

I only have 0 boyish bunting available.  Lots of blues, greens, browns, camo and some dashes of orange and red.  It is a little over 100 flags and 18ft long.  *SOLD*

Camera straps are $40 each (shipping included).  Please include in your email the letter (A,B,C,D,E or F) of the camera strap(s) you are wanting to purchase.