Yeah, so I’m already thinking about the weekend.  Ha.  This past weekend was kind of swoony minus a sick kid.  I worked like crazy.  The Made South Holiday Market is this Friday and Saturday so I know this weekend will be a tad chaotic.  I’m a bit on the nervous/excited/I might throw up side.  #normal

Anyways, on Friday Amon fell asleep randomly on the floor and like my friend Jen pointed out…random sleeping is a direct sign a sick kid is brewing.  Ugh!!!


Amon spent most of the weekend posted up on the couch.

Josh Kelley is a Christmas crazy person.  He started talking about putting our Christmas tree up before Halloween.  Gah!  He’s had this on his calendar for weeks.  It’s what he does and I just watch him do his thing.  His motto is “It’s not Thanksgiving without the Christmas tree.”  And he always pulls out his coon skin cap from his childhood.  All the nostalgia people.

Amon is pretty much adorable all day, erry day.  Even sick.

We watched Elf, listened to Elvis’ Christmas music, made snickerdoodles and decked the halls.  We are one stocking holder short this year, but who cares.  I’ve had our current littlest a stocking purchased since we became certified foster parents last October.  I wanted to be prepared if a little one came during Christmas time.

There were also donuts because duh, it was the weekend.

Each week when Saturday and Sunday rolls around this is what our fridge looks like.

Ummm, empty.  So grocery shopping and food prep for the week always on the weekend.  And it’s kind of that time of year again when I wear my house shoes out in public.  Like grocery shopping.  I mean, who doesn’t want toasty warm feet while Krogering?!?!

And yes, I am wearing capri sweat pants in November.  #yourewelcome

 It’s only Tuesday, but bring on another weekend!!


  1. Why is my water bottle in your fridge? 🙂

  2. I love all the randomness. Also, is that coffee in your fridge? Is that a thing that I don’t know about?

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