Weekend Hightlight

Saturday was May’s Bible journaling class and it was so so much fun.  Super great group of ladies,  great conversation, honesty and laughter.  I loved it all.  I wanted to squeeze each one of them.  I miscounted our final total and we actually raised right at $600 dollars to bless an office of 60 state social workers here in Tennessee.  I am crazy excited about this.  We’re looking into prices for catering and gift cards and blue ink pens.  If you would like to donate blue ink pens, I would gladly accept.  I would not turn you down 🙂  I would love to give them all the blue ink pens of the world…such a simple request.  Can’t wait to see where we land in all our thoughts on how to make this amazing group of people feel special.

I became all re-smitten with THESE cookies as I got everything ready Saturday.  Then I had a little photo shoot with the plate of cookies because I couldn’t stop looking at them.  I told myself I wouldn’t eat any more cookies until after the class…and then I ate cookies anyways.  Sigh.  I’m kind of a lost cause people.

Two of the sweet ladies who came brought kettlecorn popcorn and macaroons.  I almost died.  Thank you so much Heather and Jenny!!  I will honestly tell you there were only 2 macaroons left by Sunday morning, but I did share…a little bit.

The next Bible journaling class will be Saturday June 6 from 1-4.  I will post all the details on Wednesday!


So excited to see what we do with next month’s money and what group of ladies will come together for the afternoon.

Happy Monday!


  1. I’m a former adoption/fostercare social worker and I would suggest gift cards for drinks. Like sonic. Sometimes taking a 5 min break and drinking a diet coke was the best part of my day.

  2. So, so fun! Thanks for having me! 🙂 PS your cookies are AMAZING!!

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