Serious Cookie Business

Today I have a bunch of prep for tomorrow’s class and the first thing on my list was a little sweet treat.  Then after making the treat, I ate 7, text a friend and said she had to come get some cookies because they were THAT good, she came over, confirmed my tasty suspicion and then I knew I must report to you guys asap so you can make these as well and eat 7 too.  I can’t be alone in this people.

So here’s the cookie low down.  I found this sugar cookie recipe on Pinterest, but instead of flattening the cookies like the recipe suggest, I just cookie scooped them out and moved on.  I baked them for 10 minutes on parchment paper.  I’m kind of an all the time parchment paper user for my cookies, so there’s that.  I used the icing recipe she suggests in her comments.  Whenever I find a recipe on the internet I always, always read the comments…they typically provide helpful information.  So that’s where I found the icing recipe.  I actually doubled the dough recipe, but did not double the icing recipe.  Once I made the icing I put it in a microwave safe bowl and heated it up for 30 seconds.  I gave it a quick stir and started dipping the tops of all the cookies…every 3 cookies I stopped and sprinkled, then continued on.  Reheat the icing as necessary.

You must, I mean like you really must, make these right now and share because cookies make people smile.  I laughed so hard last night over dessert with a grieving friend about how we wanted a shirt that read “Sugar Heals”.  Ahhhhhh.  These are the healing kind of cookies.


This cookie recipe.  Don’t flatten.  Use the icing recipe in the comments section (the vanilla frosting one).  Melt icing for 30 seconds.  Dip to tops of the cookies.  Every 3 cookies sprinkle or not, but you “or not” people are crazy.  Eat 7.  And share.

Happy Friday!

December 17 & 18

I have been in bake city the last two days + about a million other things thrown on top, but I love it.  I actually completely forgot to stop in and say hi yesterday.  Our kindness advent was way fun.  We did surprise chalk art in our friends’ drive-way.  Hudson tends to go a little rogue with his drawings…imagine lots of swords and ninjas and light sabers and very intense fight scenes, so I gave them one rule “You must draw something Christmas or winter themed.”  This was helpful.

Today’s kindness advent got changed around a bit and we did something different, but it’s one of those things you just choose to keep between you and those special some ones.  You get it…like the things God puts directly on your heart.

Tomorrow we are delivering bake goods to lots of people, but a whole bunch to our pediatrician’s office.  They are the best and take such good care of all these Kelley kids.

We also class partied it up today which was too much fun.  Amon is already out of MDO so he was in attendance for all the parties.  I was in charge of cupcakes and pinterest for the win on easy festive cupcake toppers.  Pretzel sticks, green candy melts and sprinkles.

I have been baking, baking and more baking.  I wanted to give you the rundown because I found a few slam dunks.  I  am happy to report all the recipes were delicious…minus me slightly burning the gooey butter cake…just slightly…and I did some cutting off of the a-bit-too-brown-pieces.  There may have been a few curse words, but alas, I survived and moved on.

So here’s what was made:  Gooey Butter Cake (an old fave), Sugar Cookie Bars (so good), Puppy Chow Cookies (crazy messy, but just do it), Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch Candy (addictive), M&M Bark (hard to cut, but I totally loved this combination), Double Dipped Pretzel Chips (a fave of Josh Kelley), Gooey Butter Cookies (hold the phone, I may have a new favorite.  LOVE the texture and lightness of these), Oreo Cheesecake Cookies (I’ve made these before and they are always a hit), Andes Mint Cookies (another oldy, but goody and super easy) and Nutter Butter Balls (one of my all time favorites and I always use white chocolate).

Let’s discuss Amon while baking today.  All he wanted to do was A) Eat or stick his finger in everything.  *For those receiving baked goods…Amon did not put his finger in your food because that is just gross and kids are way germy.*  B) High-five over and over and over again with oven mitts.  And C) Stand way too close to the mixer.  God love him.

The conversation we had one million times today:

Amon: I eat dat.

Me:  No, were not eating these right now.

Amon: Maybe, morrow?

Me: Probably not tomorrow.

Amon: Maybe, Tooday?

Me:  Sure Amon.  We’ll eat these Tuesday.

I received the sweetest little package in the mail today from a blog reader.  There was the kindest note and then these two ornaments.  After all that baking, it made me tear up.  Thank you so much Ms. Linda…you made me day…and Solomon immediately hung both ornaments on our tree.

And after a quick dinner tonight and some cleaning of our kitchen, everyone put on PJs, got a sweet snack and we did our yearly Christmas lights drive-thru.  After we finished, Josh Kelley said, “Well, it’s officially Christmas.”  It’s what we do.

This was the best picture I could get of the boys and me.  It makes me laugh.

So how was your Thursday?  I am beyond pumped tomorrow is Friday and Christmas vacation has officially started.  Here’s to a grand weekend people!

Happy Thursday!

And So We Bake

If you’ve visited my blog only a handful of times you probably still know how madly in love I am with sweets and particularly baking.  I’ve always loved sweet things…I have a killer sweet tooth, but have not always been a baker.  I was talking to my cousin Rebecca a while back and she made the statement that she thought my baking was a coping mechanism.  And I think she is absolutely right.  I started baking after Mom died.  It was this weird quirky coping mechanism and like a strange form of therapy.  I also quickly realized I could not keep all these baked goods around because I would indeed eat them all, so we gave them away.  I decided baked goods could change the world.  Who doesn’t like a surprise cookie?!?!?

So my heart has been pulled and worried and overwhelmed and straight up sad lately and in turn we bake.  The big kids love to help, but yesterday it was just me and Amon.  He has always had a thing for my kitchen aid mixer and might have been busted swiping a taste test from around the upper edge.

We tried two new recipes:  Mini Berry Tarts and Oreo Cheesecake Cookies and both are awesome.  Totally ones I will make again and again.  You should make them both.  Like right now.  Josh Kelley is not a big sweets guy, but he kind of gushed over these.  Made my day that he liked them so much.

After school we bought some cheap tupperware at Dollar General and packaged up treats.  Then we did some delivering…neighbors, friends and even today our Wednesday speech therapist is getting a little extra “Hey, thank you for your hard work.”

Side Note:  While making a delivery to one of our neighbors Hudson decided to stay inside with Amon while Sol, Harper and I ran across the street.  As I was standing on our neighbors porch knocking on their door I saw Amon emerge from the house onto our front porch.  Before I get emails about what an irresponsible Mom I am 🙂 Amon was still on our porch and he would have had to come down all the stairs and through our yard before reaching the street and I was watching him.  But as I am standing there I did yell at the top of my lungs, “Amon!  Amon get back in that house.” (imagine with a southern accent because I have one)  And our neighbors never answered the door.  So maybe don’t yell like a crazy person at your toddler across the street while standing on your neighbors front porch trying to deliver baked goods.  Sorry Zandrea if I scared you and sounded completely insane.  End Side Note

Now go and bake.  Or even buy some baked goods.  And then share them.  Or just write someone a note.  Tell someone you appreciate them or their hard work.  Keep your eyes open and look for those people who could use a pick me up.  Just this morning in the car rider line at school I thought, “Bless these teachers who do car rider line  They are easily earning more jewels for their crown.  They need a cookie.”

Happy Wednesday!