Giveaway Day {because today is a good day}


Ahhhhhh!  You guys are crazy awesome and kind and thoughtful and THANK YOU!  Thank you for such incredibly kind words yesterday.  I cannot truly express how much I appreciate them, but it’s a lot!

Today, today is going to be grand…I can just feel it.  So lets rock it out with an awesome giveaway.  While on my trip I met with Julie, the sweet lady who heads up Timbali Crafts.  I totally loved hearing her speak about all the amazing woman who are apart of Timbali Crafts.

Every Thursday around a 100 woman in Swaziland, Africa gather at a central carepoint and cut all their fabric for the week. They then go home and sew.  They sew for purpose.  They sew to help provide for their families and it is truly a beautiful thing.  These woman not only sew, but they also help feed kiddos at the surrounding carepoints every week.  They work hard and their work is good.  They are truly impeccable woman.

Not only do they get paychecks for the items they sew, but they also have an opportunity to set money aside each month for savings and at the end of the year, whatever they have set aside Timbali matches.  They are doing some fine work and I am always on the lookout for companies just like this.  Companies who are legit and honest and doing what they say they are doing.  They are providing jobs…they are empowering woman in Swaziland.

So let’s get to it.  It’s definitely a good day for a giveaway.  Winner takes all.

Here are the details of each item:

Revised Sling Bag.  I bought one for myself and haven’t quit carrying it yet.  Roomie and durable and well made.  Pockets on the outside and inside with a stellar Swazi made tree button.  This is a must have for sure.

Wristlet.  It’s adorable and light weight and perfection.

Padded Kindle Case.  These are not available on the website just yet, but I had to snag one while in Swaziland.  They are padded and colorful and so well made.

Timbali Headbands for Education.  These are actually made by Swazi girls working to pay for their school fees.  All proceeds go towards ensuring the girl has an opportunity for education.

Bird ornament.  Every year I buy the kids a new ornament.  My mom did this for me and for one of my wedding gifts it was all the ornaments she had collected for each of my 20 years.  20 priceless ornaments just for me.  So now I do the same for the wee Kelleys.  This year they each got a Timbali ornament and I am in love with them.  Harper got a bird, Huddy and Sol each an elephant and Amon got a giraffe.  They are over the top adorable.

Thrown in the Timabli mix are two Swaziland jewels.  We went to a candle and soap shop there and it was so stellar.  Watching them work was an honor.  It is truly a craft.  Everything was so well made and I fell in love with the soaps.  They are so clean and fresh and from all natural ingredients and smell out of this world.  So I brought a bar home for one of you guys 🙂

And these two beautiful necklaces were made by the kindest go-go at our Ngungwane carepoint.  The work she has poured in to these is unreal.  She asked me to advertise…so here I am…advertising.  I would love to help this sweet woman in some way…we shall see what God may have in store for her.  But until then I can send more of her hard work out into the world.

Alright.  There you have it.  Lots of goodies to mail to one winner.  Lots of love and hard work.  Lots of admirable women and a company who stands for justice and empowerment.

Here’s how you enter:

Please leave a separate comment on this post for each entry.

Entry #1  Go check out the Timbali Crafts website and tell me something you’d be stoked to purchase.

Entry #2  Go “Like” Timbali Crafts on Facebook.

Entry #3  Share this giveaway with your friends on your personal Facebook status or Twitter.  You can use the Facebook and Twitter button at the bottom of this post or just copy and paste the link at the top in your status or tweet bar.

Entry #4  Become a subscriber to the ole’ blog.  Check out the “Email Subscription” to your right in the sidebar…enter your email address, hit the subscribe button and boom…you’re done.

Again, please leave a separate comment on this post for each entry.

Giveaway will end this Monday, November 25th at midnight and I will announce the winner in Tuesday’s post.  Goodies will be mailed directly to the winner.

Thanks for entering and helping to spread the word about an amazing company and group of Swazi women.

Happy Thursday.



  1. I love those Christmas ornaments and the sling bag!

  2. i loveeee the sling! super cute! and the ornaments. 🙂

  3. I am already subscribed to the blog emails!

  4. i like their facebook page.

  5. i subscribe to your blog. and love it! 🙂

  6. I’m an email subscriber! Love getting your posts in my inbox. 🙂

  7. I liked the Facebook page.

  8. I am in love with the travel bag. I carry a diaper bag right now, so having something small with my “momma only” stuff inside would be great. Plus the fabrics are gorgeous and bright!

  9. Samantha s. says:

    I would love to purchase a market bag or travel purse! 🙂

  10. Love the little girl sling from their site as well as the ornaments! My little girl would love the bag!

  11. Love it all! Think my favorites are the ornaments tho…we so the same thing for our kiddos.

  12. Samantha s. says:

    Liked their Fb page! Love what they are doing for those women 🙂

  13. Liked Timbali Craft on facebook 🙂

  14. Love the little girl sling (big girl sling is awesome too!), love the wristlets, and the ornaments are adorable!

  15. I had already liked the Timbali Crafts fb when you posted about them on your trip 🙂

  16. Subscribed to the blog… don’t know why I haven’t done that before! I check your site multiple times every day waiting for a new post!

  17. Shared your giveaway 🙂

    • Tara moore says:

      I love everything and think everything is absolutely beautiful and what it represents for these ladies I would say my favorite would be the ornaments and the pillows!!! Have a blessed day love reading your blog you am your family are always in my prayers!!!!

  18. Samantha s. says:

    Posted giveaway on Twitter 🙂

  19. Samantha s. says:

    Already a subscriber!! 😀

  20. Liked their FB page

  21. I love the Market Bag. I’m a huge bag fan and theirs are super cute. Love the handles on it as well!

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  23. LOVE the revised sling bags!

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  25. I checked out and liked their page!

  26. I am in love with everything, esp the slingbag. Omgoodness. Just love it!

  27. Liked Timbali Crafts on Facebook.

  28. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the bird ornament and sling. Liked on facebook!

  29. I LOVE the revised sling bag … and the ornaments … And I LOVE that you can buy them a sewing machine. Putting that on our family Christmas list 🙂

  30. Enjoy reading your blog posts. I feel like I know you and one day in the greater Nashville area I am bound to run into you at Target, etc.

  31. Shared on Twitter and Facebook!

  32. And I liked Timbali Crafts on FB!

  33. I liked the Timbali Crafts page on Facebook!

  34. Visited the website! Is it ok to buy my own Christmas presents from here? Can’t decide what I like best!

  35. Christa Hailey says:

    I really love their shopping bag! I adore huge carry-all totes.

  36. Subscribed!

  37. I checked out the website and I would definitely purchase ALL of the ornaments. I love how simple, yet beautiful, they are. 🙂

  38. I’m already a blog-follower. 🙂

  39. Christa Hailey says:

    Liked Timbali Crafts on FB

  40. Just liked Timbali on FB too!

  41. I liked the fb page!

  42. Liked the FB page!

  43. I’d be thrilled to have one of those elephant ornaments! ADORABLE!

  44. KathErine W. says:

    Shared on Facebook.

  45. Christa Hailey says:

    Already a blog follower!

  46. KELLYE bELT says:

    #1 – I would love to have the placemat set. I feel so grateful when my family is gathered around the table and I would love the ladies of Timbali Crafts to be a part of that. It would be like having them in spirit gathering with us.

  47. KathErine W. says:

    Subscribed to email. Love your blog, always brings a smile to my face 🙂

  48. I just subscribed to your blog!

  49. I liked Timbali crafts on Facebook

  50. HEather Kriete says:

    I would purchase the beautiful apron. never had an apron and wish i did.

  51. KathErine W. says:

    I love the ornaments. Planning on getting a few for friends. Thanks for sharing their beautiful work!

  52. I love the wristlets and the ornaments. Heck, I would buy several of everything!

  53. HEather Kriete says:

    I liked them on FB

  54. KELLYE bELT says:

    #2 – I ‘liked’ their page the very first time you ever mentioned them. Beautiful creations!

  55. I already follow the blog.

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    I shared this giveaway on FB

  57. Christa Hailey says:

    Shared this giveaway on FB!

  58. KathErine W. says:

    Liked timbali crafts on FB. Can’t wait to do a little Christmas shopping!

  59. Went to the website love the bags

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  62. Already subscribe to ur blog

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  64. LOVE the ornaments!

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  66. Vanessa Pafford says:

    I am about to order the elephant ornaments! I would love to have the placemats too!

  67. I think my daughter would love the kid bag on their site and I’m always looking for a travel bag that’s cute and that one is!

  68. KELLYE bELT says:

    # 3 – Honored to share your thoughtfulness and generosity!

  69. Shared in facebook

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  71. KELLYE bELT says:

    # 4- I have subscribed to your blog for awhile now. I look forward to it ! It is like opening a special gift everyday.

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  74. Shared the giveaway!

  75. I’m a subscriber to your wonderful blog.

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    Liked Timbali’s FB page!

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    Shared the giveaway on FB

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  79. Believe it or not I don’t think I had ever subscribed because I follow so many of your other media, but I just did!

  80. Vanessa Pafford says:

    Subscribed to your blog!

  81. I would like the large market bag on their website! Such pretty colors!

  82. erin Martin says:

    I liked the facebook page! 🙂

  83. I love the travel purse!

  84. I like the little girl sling bag. My daughter would adore it.

  85. erin Martin says:

    I’d love to have the travel purse to take with me on my adventures!

  86. I liked timbali crafts on Facebook.

  87. I subscribe in email!

  88. erin Martin says:

    I’m sharing this on my facebook page right now! hope you get some followers from it!

  89. Therese schulle stokes says:

    I would love to purchase the market bag and a placemat set 🙂

  90. Chelsea lyle says:

    I just subscribed 🙂 love your blog!

  91. erin Martin says:

    I’m now subscribed to the blog! yeah!

  92. Therese schulle stokes says:

    I subscribe to your blog!!

  93. I actually purchased 2 pillow covers the other day after reading about your trip. Can’t wait to get them!!!!

  94. Liked them the other day too 🙂 I’m so thankful for you sharing about Timbali with us!

  95. Chelsea lyle says:

    I went to Swaziland two years ago with my church so I have already like the page on Facebook 🙂

  96. I’m subscribed 🙂 Love my daily dose!

  97. Happy to share about such as great company filled with beautiful women.

  98. Therese schulle stokes says:

    I’m already a fan of Timbali Craft’s Facebook page!!

  99. Chelsea lyle says:

    I went to Swaziland two years ago with my church & bought a ton of stuff while there from Julie. I fell in love with the side purse & have worn mine out and want a new one so badly!

  100. Chelsea lyle says:

    Just shared this on my twitter 🙂

  101. I’ve read your blog for years, but I just became an email subscriber!

  102. Therese schulle stokes says:

    SHared with my fb friends and family: Another A-MAZ-ING giveaway going on at Pitter Patter Art . . . Check it out and Timbali Crafts fb page. Awesome group of women with an inspiring purpose!!

  103. And I “liked” Timbali Crafts!

  104. Angela gunter says:

    Liked Timbali Crafts on fb

  105. MELODY kNIGHT says:

    Those elephant ornaments are so cute! I am totally going to buy some for my friend who is obsessed with elephants.

  106. MELODY kNIGHT says:

    Liked their facebooks page!

  107. MELODY kNIGHT says:

    I’m an email subscriber! Love getting your posts–your kids are just the best. Their antics make me smile. 🙂

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  111. already subscribe to your blog 🙂

  112. I love love love the sling bag!!!

  113. I’m a loyal subscriber to your sweet blog!

  114. Kristi Burns says:

    I liked Timbali Crafts on FB

  115. I love the sling and my girls would love the ornaments, especially the pink and purple elephants.

  116. Kristi Burns says:

    I shared the giveaway on FB!

  117. I love the market totes and sling bags! I love to support businesses that help others!

  118. I wanted to comment – not for entry to win, but just to share. When you were on your trip and posted about Timbali Crafts, I was instantly moved. I created a message on my Sunday School Facebook page for us to “Host a Party”. I shared some of your comments about these wonderful women and just felt God moving. I told them it would be an amazing group of ladies helping another amazing group of ladies across the world. It would be sisters in Christ working together – WOW!!!

    I also have ordered some Christmas Presents from their websites and cannot wait to get them in the mail 🙂

    Just wanted to share and thank you for all that you say and do for all of us who read your blog. If I never get to meet you here on earth, I know we will hit it off in heaven 🙂

  119. I liked Timbali on Facebook (Amy Marie).

  120. I went to the website and fell in love with the Market Bag! I could use that for all sorts of things 🙂

  121. I liked them on fb 🙂

  122. Kristi Burns says:

    I went to the Timbali website and I LOVE the travel purse!

  123. I shared on fb 🙂

  124. I’m already a subscriber to your blog! Love it!

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  126. I would love to have the Market bag. What beautiful things!!

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    I subscribed to your blog!

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    I liked the Pitter Patter Art FB page!

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  132. Tricia Conrey says:

    I would love to order the sling bag for Christmas gifts!!

  133. I subscribed to your web page. Thanks for loving the Lord so much. You give me encouragement.

  134. Tricia Conrey says:

    Shared the giveaway on FB!

  135. I LOVE the revised sling! The fabrics are amazing!!

  136. Tricia Conrey says:

    I liked Timbali’s page on FB back when you first shared about it. 🙂

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  138. Totally love the apron!!!!!

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    I’ve been subscribed to your blog for over a year and really look forward to reading your posts!

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  142. I already subscribe to the blog – but I haven’t been getting emails in a while, so I re-subscribed. Hopefully that works!

  143. I love the ornaments, I really love the sling bag, but I’m really super excited about that kindle cover that isn’t on the website yet!! I could really use one of those 🙂

  144. I like Timbali Crafts on FB

  145. Liked timbali crafts on Facebook

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  147. I am a current email subscriber. Throughly love riding along and seeing a small piece of your life. You are so real and I Iike that!

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  150. I would love to purchase the market bag !!

  151. I’m totally going to order some pillow covers…love the vibrant colors!

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  153. Subscribed to the blog 🙂

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  155. I shared on my personal twitter account.

  156. I liked Timbali Crafts on Facebook.

  157. I subscribed to your email/blog!
    I love reading your blog. 🙂

  158. I love everything Timbali Crafts! But my favorites are the Christmas ornaments and the pillow covers!

  159. Shared on facebook also 🙂

  160. I would love the market tote! So cute!

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  162. Jennifer Sullivan says:

    One of each please for me….but love the travel purse and the market bag.

  163. Jennifer Sullivan says:

    I already read your blog daily 🙂

  164. I love the throw pillow covers.

  165. I would really love to have the travel purse!

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  169. I love the apron!

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  171. I already like timbali crafts on Feb from your previous posts! Live their products and the purpose behind it!

  172. I would love to purchase the travel purse from their website!

  173. Patti mihalik says:

    Omg the ornaments are precious and i would love the sling!!

  174. Became an email subscriber!

  175. liked on Facebook!

  176. I really like the revised sling bag although I would like one of each!!

  177. I have checked out their website a few times since you first mentioned them, love the sling, already a subscriber to your blog 🙂

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  180. I also subscribed to your blog!

  181. I follow Timbali on FB!

  182. I’m a subscriber!
    (I couldn’t type that without singing it in my mind to the tune of Beyonce’s I’m a survivor 🙂 )

  183. I want to buy a purse! They are so pretty. They would be great presents!

  184. Even if I don’t win I’m going to have to do some shopping at Timbali! I LOVE those ornaments and just might have to get a pillow cover too 🙂

  185. I liked the Timbali Facebook!! 🙂

  186. I tweeted about the giveaway.

  187. Love the travel purse! So cute and compact.

  188. I am subscribed to pitterpatterart.

  189. and I’m a subscriber!

  190. Liked them on FB

  191. patti mihalik says:

    I definitely liked the facebook page

  192. I would buy an Elephant Ornament for our 9 month old. His room is decorated in bright colored Elephants. 🙂

  193. patti mihalik says:

    I shared the link with my friends on facebook

  194. patti mihalik says:

    birds seem to be “in” lately so thats what i would choose

  195. Shared the link on my personal FB.

  196. I would totally buy one elephant ornament in each color. They’re adorable!

  197. I liked Timbali Crafts on Facebook

  198. I subscribed to your blog. Not sure why I hadn’t already done that 😉

  199. PaUla hodge says:

    Love, love, LOVE the market bag!! Oh, and the ornaments!

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  201. annnnd I just shared this on my facebook.

  202. Subscribed to your blog…why haven’t I done that yet?! LOL!

  203. PaUla hodge says:

    Liked Timbali Gifts on Facebook :o)

  204. I am smitten with the placemats. What an awesome reminder when the family gathers at the table for supper!

  205. catie Hendricks says:

    I love the ornaments! So amazing.

  206. catie Hendricks says:

    I’m already a blog subscriber! 🙂

  207. PaUla hodge says:

    Existing blog/email subscriber :o)

  208. I love the placemats and am considering purchasing them for a friend. Thanks for sharing this info. I read your blog everyday and love it!! Hope Amon is feeling better!

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  216. I love the new revised sling! I also love the wristlets and I wish we could purchase the birdie ornaments. The elephants are awfully cute as well though.

  217. Theresa Douma says:

    I think I would go with a reverse sling bag. Been looking for something that could pass as diaper bag and purse and that could be perfect.

  218. I had already liked them on FB. Because they rock!

  219. Can I pick everything that I would be stoked to purchase? 🙂 Really – I love the ornaments, and I’d love the patchwork tablemat.

  220. I am already a subscriber to the blog. I might even tell my husband about your kids as if I know them. (e.g. “Amon broke his arm and then got his cast off by himself! Little stinker.” My husband: “Um. . .who?”) I might be a stalker.

  221. I love the sling bag, the travel purse, and the Christmas ornaments…and everything else!

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  225. I would LOVE a reverse sling bag. The purse I’m currently carrying is worn out!

  226. Liked on Facebook! What a wonderful company!

  227. Ashley Warren says:

    the throw pillow covers are cute!

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    I am an email subscriber 🙂

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    liked on them on fb

  230. erin reinhardt says:

    lovin’ ll up on that sling bag!

  231. erin reinhardt says:


  232. rebecca Gibson says:

    I would looove the revised sling! I need a new one!

  233. rebecca Gibson says:

    I liked their facebook page!!!

  234. erin reinhardt says:

    liked Timbali on the book of face 🙂

  235. rebecca Gibson says:

    Shared this blog post on facebook!

  236. I checked out the Timbali Crafts website and would love to purchase a sling if I don’t win this one! I may still purchase some as gifts! I also like the throw pillow covers.

  237. erin reinhardt says:

    subscribed to your lovely blog!

  238. I liked Timbali Crafts on Facebook.

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    I’m a subscriber!! For sure!

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  243. I love the throw pillow covers 🙂

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    Love the market bag!!!!

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    I am a subscriber:):):)

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  250. I would choose any of their bags! Love them!

  251. Love the market bag and sling bag. Thanks for the giveaway!

  252. Already a subscriber 🙂

  253. Liked them on FB. Fingers crossed – this is some great stuff!!

  254. Jessica R. says:

    Shared on Facebook!

  255. loving the ornaments on the website

  256. I liked their facebook page

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  258. I’m loving their market bag–and for $15?!?

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  261. I love the revised sling and ornaments. Thanks for the giveawy!


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    Stoked about the sling bags 🙂

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  267. I liked the Timbali page!

  268. rachel judd says:

    I would love to purchase the placemats and little girls purse

  269. My favorite things are bags, ornaments and head bands!

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    Already a subscriber! 🙂

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  275. marianne cupples says:

    The throw pillow covers and Christmas tree ornaments at Timbali Crafts are the bomb! I may have to have both!

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    Liked Timbali Crafts on FB

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    shared on FB

  278. I love so many things on the site and plan on ordering some stuff… A few of my favs are the ornaments, throw pillows and all the bags!

  279. Liked their FB page!

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    Love the sling bag!

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  285. Already a subscriber of your blog and love reading it everyday! You are an inspiration!

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  287. I love their market bag! Would be perfect to bring the next time I need a couple things from the store.

  288. I am now a subscriber 🙂

  289. I would love to buy that wristlet for my sis in law!!

  290. I shared this give away on Facebook.

  291. Elizabeth Beesley says:

    Girl… I have been reading your blog forever now, but I officially subscribed 🙂 Funny, I just found your family card in my bible when you were fundraising for your first adoption! Anyhoo- awe-some giveaway, count me in.

  292. Elizabeth Beesley says:

    I would be toasts stoked to get the shoulder bag 🙂 LOVE.

  293. I love all of the products you are giving away! The fabrics and colors are awesome! I am happy to know about this company now! I would most likely purchase the Christmas ornaments right now.

  294. Elizabeth Beesley says:

    Liked on fb! Funny, I see I have a good friend who has a heart for Swaziland and she is a fan on their fb too!

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    I would love to purchase a wristlet…. all so cute!

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    Just subscribed… love your blog… thank you!

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    Shared on face-booky! Thanks! 🙂

  301. I love the market bag!

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  305. I loved the Revised Sling, Shoulder Bag, and Throw Pillow Cover!

  306. I’m a subscriber of your blog.

  307. Andrea hirth says:

    I love the ornaments and headbands!

  308. I already subscribe to the blog!

  309. I love the large market bag.

  310. Liked on FB.

  311. Shanna Grubbs says:

    I MUST have one of the revised sling bags!!! *Think I just found the website for ordering Christmas gifts for all the women in my family!!! :)*

  312. Shanna Grubbs says:

    “Liked” Timbali on FB.

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  314. I LOVE the placemat sets–so fun and eclectic!

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  317. I have a whole Christmas order ready from Timbali thanks to your post. I especially love the market bag and wristlet!

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  321. I want want want the sling bag!

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  323. I subscribed to your blog. Why didn’t I do that a long time ago? 🙂

  324. Erika klose says:

    Laura, I would buy the small tote. Just my favorite shape and size.

  325. Erika klose says:

    Liked Timbali on FB!!

  326. Erika klose says:

    Shared Timbali with my friends. Right up our alley!

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    Subscribed to your dear blog!

  328. Really like the Throw Pillow Covers!!!

  329. SAMMI GRAY says:

    I Love these! One of my favorite giveaways yet! I am definitely going to be checking this website out for Christmas gifts!

  330. andy palmer says:

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    I like the shoulder bag or market bag!!

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    I already am a subscriber and when liking you on Facebook encouraged them to subscribe. You are such an inspiration!

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    Super cute products and so hard to pick just one item of purchase!

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  458. Checked out facebook

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  460. Sharing in numerous ways. Planning to purchase 20 headbands to sale partly because I want several of my own and it appears shopping in bulk is how to get a headband. Helping the cause seems a small price for something so beautiful. And what a great cause thanks for making the connection

  461. Visited their site…just bought 16 elephant ornaments, whoops!! ♥️

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    Pimples going to go crazy with the ornaments and slung bag purses!!! Very cute fabrics!

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    I really like the revised sling and the little girl sling….for the little girl in my life!!

  503. Shannon stinson says:

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    I already LIKE your blog….so inspiring!!

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    I absolutely love the revised sling and the purple elephant ornament from the website. Great gift ideas!

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    Love, love the travel purse! Love these precious women so far away on this earth, but neighbors in the Kingdom!

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    Had already liked Timbali Crafts. Love them, actually!

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    Subscribed to your updates (why hadn’t I done that already?)

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    Annnnd…shared this awesome giveaway on my timeline.
    Didn’t see this post til this morning! I’m a little slow on the uptake but would love to be sporting one of these beautiful products, especially the revised sling bag!

  518. Tracy Long says:

    Already subscribed to your updates…. They always brighten my day! ♥

  519. I’d love to get several of the wristlets and give them as gifts–to teachers, my girls, friends, family.

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    Love everything beautiful did 3 entrusted

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  537. Carisa Roberson says:

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    I am already a subscriber to the blog! 🙂

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  547. I have tons of items I would purchase….but my fave would be a tablecloth…the square one 🙂 I actually ordered some items from the last week and got them already. They are awesome……..going to be my teachers gifts this year 🙂

  548. Shared on facebook.

  549. I love the market bag


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