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First things first, the winner for the Timbali Crafts giveaway.  Thank you so much to everyone who entered and helped get the word out about this amazing group of woman.  I’ve heard from lots of you who have already ordered and I’ve heard several of you got your packages pretty quick.  That’s awesome.  Let’s buy with purpose this Christmas…it’s kind of a grand idea.  Okay, so the winner is:


Laura, I would buy the small tote. Just my favorite shape and size.”

Super congrats Erika!

In other news, Harper’s pow-wow at school was outstanding.  I know, I know.  A pow-wow?  Outstanding?  You’re trying to call my bluff, but I’m for realz.  It was amazing and I cried…actually, it could probably have gone into the weep category.  I was a disaster, a disaster I say.  She’s just getting too big, but you know what, I really like the little lady she is becoming.  She’s my girl.  And the squash blossom hair and missing front tooth…I can’t even talk about it.

Josh Kelley painting trim + diaper only Amon + that dang red cast = picture worthy.  Josh is Amon’s favorite favorite favorite person.  It’s quite sickening.  I tell them all the time that they disgust me 🙂  It’s redonkulousness at it’s best.

 Speaking of that dang red cast.  Yeah, so, I kind of hate it.  Like I hate laundry, cooking, ants invading our house and Satan.  It’s so difficult to work with and it has caused my good sleeping toddler to lose his flippin’ mind.  I think were finally getting back  into a sleeping routine again, but we’re tired.  And don’t even get me started on how difficult it is to dress a full arm casted crazy toddler human.  I’ve boycotted all long sleeve shirts and pulled out all of Huddy and Sol’s little tiny tees.  So what if it’s November and winter, short sleeves all the way until that cast is off.  I’ve been getting looks while we’re out.  Those judgers, they just don’t even know.  I should let them try and fanagle a long sleeve 18 months shirt over that thing.  Then they’d just smile and give me an empathetic head shake…they’d probably by me a drink.

And holy moly…we got snow yesterday.  Like a lot.  It came out of no where.  We went into Target and came out to cars covered with snow.  It was magical.  I don’t think we’ve had a more giddy walk through Target’s parking lot.  Amon’s hair is perfectly perfect for accumulating snow.

When we got home there was no going inside to even put on jackets.  They jumped out of the van and immediately started a full on snowball fight.  And Huddy is amazing at making snowballs.  He has a system and it actually works.

Oh, hey what, you’re appalled Amon is wearing a short sleeve shirt when it’s snowing?!?!?!  #dangredcast

And lastly, but maybe the most important thing I’ve ever blogged about, ever…this cereal.  Shut the front door.  Now I will preface this with the fact that the more likely it is for a person over the age of 80-years-old to like a cereal the more likely it is that we Kelleys will love it.  I don’t know why and I certainly don’t get it, but we dig us some old people cereal.  That being said, this cereal may be my most favorite ever.  We ate the entire box in 24 hours.  It’s true.  We have zero shame when it comes to cereal.  The mapleness and all the different crunchy textures and well, just be still my cereal loving heart.  I found it at Kroger and after I tasted it, I then told the kids they couldn’t have any more.  This was unfortunately after they’d each had like two bowls already…except Sol…he pretty much only likes Cheerios, waffles and any type of egg for breakfast.

If you buy some, let me know what you think.  I’m thinking of using any Christmas money I may acquire to purchase an ungodly amount of boxes.  Like I said #noshame

That’s it for today.  Hope your Tuesday is fantastic!  Peace out.


  1. BEST CEREAL EVER! Hooked on it a month ago. Gotta get more!

  2. dang cast. and it took me five times to see where your husband was- duh in the window. need sleep here!! hoping amon gets that cast off too- kiddos and parents NEED sleep. and have you thought of getting a fleecy winter vest for him outside until the cast is off? just a thought that might be easier to get on/ off. or sweater vests all the way… chandler bing style. and thanks to you and your sweet blog i am on my way to making our advent calendar- a mish mash of kindness events and family events (or I”ll never remember to do gingerbread houses or a trip downtown).

  3. I’ve done the cast thing with my daughter, who was 2 at the time. She broke her elbow by falling on the porch. It wasn’t a hard cast, but a hard splint with double ace bandages, full arm, so it was just as bulky. Luckily it was still warm and I didn’t have to fight with long sleeves. We still got looks when we went out though, like we’d beaten her or something. And loads of “Aw what happened to your arm?” I couldn’t go anywhere without getting stopped 5 times!

  4. Kim Henshaw says:

    Maybe a fleece coat with one arm cut out might work… I’d buy ya a drink!

  5. Thank you, Laura! I am so excited and I never win anything! Enjoy the snow and your kiddos and your 25 days of blessing others.

  6. How many carbs are in that cereal? Trying
    To find some low-carb! Lost cause I think!

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