Giveaway Day {because today is a good day}


Ahhhhhh!  You guys are crazy awesome and kind and thoughtful and THANK YOU!  Thank you for such incredibly kind words yesterday.  I cannot truly express how much I appreciate them, but it’s a lot!

Today, today is going to be grand…I can just feel it.  So lets rock it out with an awesome giveaway.  While on my trip I met with Julie, the sweet lady who heads up Timbali Crafts.  I totally loved hearing her speak about all the amazing woman who are apart of Timbali Crafts.

Every Thursday around a 100 woman in Swaziland, Africa gather at a central carepoint and cut all their fabric for the week. They then go home and sew.  They sew for purpose.  They sew to help provide for their families and it is truly a beautiful thing.  These woman not only sew, but they also help feed kiddos at the surrounding carepoints every week.  They work hard and their work is good.  They are truly impeccable woman.

Not only do they get paychecks for the items they sew, but they also have an opportunity to set money aside each month for savings and at the end of the year, whatever they have set aside Timbali matches.  They are doing some fine work and I am always on the lookout for companies just like this.  Companies who are legit and honest and doing what they say they are doing.  They are providing jobs…they are empowering woman in Swaziland.

So let’s get to it.  It’s definitely a good day for a giveaway.  Winner takes all.

Here are the details of each item:

Revised Sling Bag.  I bought one for myself and haven’t quit carrying it yet.  Roomie and durable and well made.  Pockets on the outside and inside with a stellar Swazi made tree button.  This is a must have for sure.

Wristlet.  It’s adorable and light weight and perfection.

Padded Kindle Case.  These are not available on the website just yet, but I had to snag one while in Swaziland.  They are padded and colorful and so well made.

Timbali Headbands for Education.  These are actually made by Swazi girls working to pay for their school fees.  All proceeds go towards ensuring the girl has an opportunity for education.

Bird ornament.  Every year I buy the kids a new ornament.  My mom did this for me and for one of my wedding gifts it was all the ornaments she had collected for each of my 20 years.  20 priceless ornaments just for me.  So now I do the same for the wee Kelleys.  This year they each got a Timbali ornament and I am in love with them.  Harper got a bird, Huddy and Sol each an elephant and Amon got a giraffe.  They are over the top adorable.

Thrown in the Timabli mix are two Swaziland jewels.  We went to a candle and soap shop there and it was so stellar.  Watching them work was an honor.  It is truly a craft.  Everything was so well made and I fell in love with the soaps.  They are so clean and fresh and from all natural ingredients and smell out of this world.  So I brought a bar home for one of you guys 🙂

And these two beautiful necklaces were made by the kindest go-go at our Ngungwane carepoint.  The work she has poured in to these is unreal.  She asked me to advertise…so here I am…advertising.  I would love to help this sweet woman in some way…we shall see what God may have in store for her.  But until then I can send more of her hard work out into the world.

Alright.  There you have it.  Lots of goodies to mail to one winner.  Lots of love and hard work.  Lots of admirable women and a company who stands for justice and empowerment.

Here’s how you enter:

Please leave a separate comment on this post for each entry.

Entry #1  Go check out the Timbali Crafts website and tell me something you’d be stoked to purchase.

Entry #2  Go “Like” Timbali Crafts on Facebook.

Entry #3  Share this giveaway with your friends on your personal Facebook status or Twitter.  You can use the Facebook and Twitter button at the bottom of this post or just copy and paste the link at the top in your status or tweet bar.

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Again, please leave a separate comment on this post for each entry.

Giveaway will end this Monday, November 25th at midnight and I will announce the winner in Tuesday’s post.  Goodies will be mailed directly to the winner.

Thanks for entering and helping to spread the word about an amazing company and group of Swazi women.

Happy Thursday.


Empowering & Self-Sustaining

Each day just gets better and better.  I take that back…they have all been equally amazing and incredible and humbling and it’s just a pure privilege to be here.  I wish I could stay much longer, but I’m also ready to see Josh and the kiddos.  It’s been a whirl wind of a trip and just as the other days, today floored me as well.

Today we visited other more developed care points.  And really it’s kind of crazy how God can use His people and their resources and move them in a certain direction, formulate a plan and then execute that plan.  These care points were all different and awesome in their own way.  There sat giant play grounds in the middle of Swaziland and schools and strawberry plants in a green house and solar powered water pumps and a church building and gardens because people cared and wanted to come along side their sisters and brothers in Christ…because they want to spread God’s love and build relationships.  It was incredible to see how God has plans and He’s going to fulfill those plans using His children to support one another.

We’ve been supporters of CHC and AIM, but honestly, the stakes have been raised with this trip.  I have seen these people…these families in action and I’m in awe.  All of the staff work their butts off to empower and love fearlessly the people and children of Swaziland.  I seriously cannot put into words how amazing it was to watch them in action…the care point coordinators, the drivers, the go-gos, the discipleship leaders & teachers and the ground staff coordinators.  It takes a lot of people, but they are certainly doing God’s work…and doing it well.

We were able to visit their farm today and I was totally impressed.  I had read quite a bit about it before the trip, but was personally very excited to see it in person.  Jumbo, AIM’s ground coordinator here in Swaziland, seriously blew my mind.  It was so much, much more than I ever imagined.  The farm is huge and awesome and everything Jumbo told us further reminded me what this whole thing is about.  Empowering and self-sustaining.  300,000 cabbages…now that’s a crap load of cabbages.  There is also maize and beans and rose geraniums.  This farm isn’t even three years old yet and it’s already self sustaining and providing 21 jobs to Swazis.  They feed the kids at the care point and families in the communities, they sell food and the oil from the rose geraniums plants.  I had never even heard of rose geraniums, but serious research and thought has gone into this.  So big, so awesome, so well thought out and planned…It was incredible.

Last night we got to hear from Julie who heads up Timbali Crafts.  She works with around 100 women who are go-gos or cooks from the care points.  They sew all sorts of beautiful bags and head bands and Christmas ornaments and kindle cases and zipper pouches and aprons and pillow covers and placemats and seriously, I bought a ton of gorgeous items.  And extra to share with you guys in a giveaway when I get back.

I loved hearing her talk and hearing her passion for these woman.  I love that she is working and be led by God to help give these woman opportunities to have a job…to be apart of a business and earn money and feel as if they have even more of a purpose.  She is helping empower these woman and it’s crazy beautiful.  Please check out their site and purchase…Christmas is coming…For realz.  And head over and like Timbali Crafts on Facebook and then tell your friends.  Gorgeous stuff made my gorgeous woman.

This is one of the things I love about this group…they’re trying to work themselves out of a job and spreading God’s love and His name while they’re at it.  They’re pouring into this nation of children and people.  They’re helping to provide jobs and modeling what a family should look like.  They’re helping meet needs and teaching skills and discipling and literally linking up arm and arm with the Swazi people.  I feel like I’m not even doing it justice…I feel like I’m falling so short in explaining the depth and magnitude and the beauty of it all.

I want to stay just a bit longer, but I’m also anxious to get home and unload the week…my thoughts and ideas and where God has my heart and all the what ifs and what nows.  What do I do now?  I don’t want this time to have been for nothing…I don’t want my heart to have gone unchanged or unscathed…I don’t want to not act.  I already text Josh and told him I’m ready to de-brief.  I hope he’s ready.

Happy Wednesday!