December 17

It’s not looking good at our house.  Josh Kelley is definitely our saving grace right now.  We’re all about to go down for a house wide nap.  Strict instructions have been given because I need a nap…bad.  I hate being sick.  And we reserve the word ‘hate’ just for the devil, but that’s how strongly I feel about being sick.

Josh delivered our kindness alone today.  He dropped off all the cookies for Harper’s school staff.  We love her school and after Friday’s events I knew for sure, come Monday, they would need some extra love.

I posted this picture on Instagram…come find me pitterpatterart…and someone asked for a tutorial.  It made me laugh out loud because I am no where near a profesh cookie maker.  The only thing I have going for me is that I like a good cookie and I like to draw.  I’m sure a bakery would except those credentials.

When I make cookies I shoot for delicious and break all the cookie decorating rules usually.  I use this cookie recipe HERE at Sweet Sugarbelle.  The icing recipe I like is HERE at The Decorated Cookie.  I use the Royal Icing (sort of).  I’ve looked at and tried and pinned a million different recipes, but these are the two I keep coming back to.  They are so so yummy…a madly amazing marriage of cookie and icing.

I like a really thick cookie with really thick icing…deliciousness.  I roll my cookies about 1/2″ thick and put them in the freezer for about 10 mins before cooking.  This helps with keeping their shape.  I like a lot of icing…no thin layers around here.  I slather on so much icing it cracks sometimes, but that’s okay.  Cookies are forgiving because if you mess up you just eat it.  I use my Mom’s Wilton decorating tips.  They sell new ones, but I like her old ones.  She gave me hers when I was about 18 and had started decorating cakes.  I’ll never part with them…never.  I typically use the #2 and #3 to outline and decorate the cookies.

And the decorating is definitely the most fun part.  I free hand my cookies because that is what is most comfortable and fun for me.  But that also means sometimes mistakes are made…like spelling ‘faith’ ‘faiht’.  It’s cool though.  I just scraped off the last two letters and fixed them.  My lines are a bit wonky too and not everything lines up perfectly, but that’s perfectly okay.  They have cool machines out there now that work like projectors except for a cookie…that way you can copy designs and images onto the cookies…that’s totally cool, but just not for me and my lazy unprofesh cookie making.

Soooo that’s about all I have…probably not the tutorial you were looking for, but hey…I’m sick…and I’m tried…and I’m just a “for fun” cookie maker.  Maybe try Googling “cookie decorating”…I’m sure there’s lots of good stuff out there that is way more informative than me.  Ha.

For tomorrows kindness we’ll be spreading a little love to some of our newspaper friends.

Okay so it’s nap time now.  This sick mamma needs some major rest.  Hope you have a good day.  Hope your house is sick free.

Happy Monday.


  1. Okay, you are crazy if you think those aren’t professional. Seriously, you are INCREDIBLE. Those cookies are better than lots and lots of cookies I’ve seen made by professional bakers.

  2. These cookies are beautiful! You did a great job!

    Hope you feel better soon!

  3. I hope y’all feel better ASAP!!!! Stinks to be sick this time of year!

    Seriously, your cookies are amazing! You are so talented! I’ve used the recipes you recommend…and yes, they are delish, but mine look like my 4-yr-old decorated them! ha!

  4. Laura, your cookies are amazing! Your talents shine through in everything you do… but I mean seriously! You are putting all of us amateur cookie makers to shame! ; ) I’m sorry to hear that you are all feeling under the weather, it’s never fun being sick. Praying for your speedy recovery! Wishing you and yours a very happy holiday and all the best in the new year! xo

  5. I hope you all are feeling better soon!

    No matter the season, your cookies always kill me! So stinkin cute! I’m sure the school loved them 🙂

  6. Hope you all feel better super soon! You should sell cookies! I would be your first client! I love super cute cookies but me + icing = not good….not good at all 🙁

  7. Totally agree with others. Your cookies ARE professional. I looked at them in awe. Any bakery would hire you in 2 seconds flat!
    Hope you guys are feeling better!!!

  8. Wishing you all a speedy recovery for the holidays.

    Unfortunately, I have it too. Third round of antibiotics and a steroid shot (my 4th in a month) and a cough syrup that is worth a fortune in street dollars.

    I love the cookies. Wish I had some to eat after my chicken noodle soup.

    Wishing all the Kelleys – wee and not-so-wee – a Merry, Merry Christmas!

  9. it’s me – i requested the tute. thanks for the info. i love to draw but my cookie decorating skills are totally lame. i’ll have to have a christmas cookie do-over soon for me and my little gal. thanks for the tips!

  10. dude– those cookies are amazing!!!!!! God just gave you all sorts of gifts didn’t He? I was absent when He passed out cookie decorating skills:) hope you all feel better soon:(

  11. Love the cookies! I am going to try them soon! Hey – on our RAK advent, we took roses to the teacher today and what a hit! Thanks for the idea. We attached a little piece of paper to each of our roses. Each paper had a word on it that described the teacher. ie, courageous, hugable, smart, funny etc. Each child got one to give while they were out of the classroom, then they all handed them to the teacher at once. SO fun!

  12. Thanks so much for the cookie info! I’ve gotta make these so my girl can get all icing-messy-yummy! Fun! I really hope ya’ll start feeling better immediately! Being sick is no fun. at. all. I love your RAK! Making lists so my girl can help me with these next year! She’ll be a year older and a big help! Hoping to post soon about our RAK cookie delivery (that happened nearly 2 weeks ago). Prayers A is still feeling great and not coming down with the crud!

  13. Jennifer Puckett says:

    Beautiful cookies! I am going to try and make some with my boys this weekend! I do have a question about the icing. Do you use the same icing to flood the cookies and you do to trim around them or do you have to thin it more when you flood them?

  14. Gosh those cookies look amazing!

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