Thank You Kindly

It’s Sol’s birthday week and boy is this kid excited.  The wee Kelleys love birthdays, but Sol takes the cake with his excitement and anticipation.  He’s been planning and talking about his birthday for at least 6 months.  All.The.Time.People.  He just could not be anymore excited.  I made a little day countdown for him on the board so he could keep up.  He reminds me in the morning to cross the day off.

He had his 4 year appointment Friday and Amon had a little visit too.  Our doctor is always so kind to let us knock out multiple appointments in one visit.  Sol is seriously like this little old man trapped in an about-to-be four-year-olds body.  He cracks me up every single day.

This weekend I had to go through some boxes of stuff from my childhood.  This was maybe my most favorite thing I found.  I’m almost positive that all my first cousins had them…that all our mom’s purchased them together…and then hung them in our rooms.  That frame has been painted one gazillion different colors…the paint job on it is thick…like super thick.  I love it.

Josh found a box of his stuff too that we had stored at my Mom’s.  He found this little gem that I bought for him when we were in high school.  And surprisingly, no, were not hoarders…our house is too small for us to hoard 🙂 So now we’re washing our hands with sparkly alien green Star Wars soap trying to get to Yoda.

Last night we went out for dinner.  We don’t go out very often, but I was feeling like we needed to get out…a change of pace.  We went to our favorite little Mexican restaurant.  It was fun to watch Amon soak it all in.

One thing I had completely forgotten about eating out with Huddy and Sol is you have to quickly collect the butter knives.  Should we be worried…they just love knives and swords and anything dangerously related.  It makes me laugh though.  I kind of like them.

A little reminder for me…and the rest of the Kelley crew.  I must say this or “treat others as you want to be treated” way, way, way too many time a day.  Crossing my fingers it’s sinking in.

And my first ever Saturday Sale was…well, Saturday.  I know I could never accurately express my deep deep gratitude to you guys, but I hope you really know how deep and sincere I am when I say, Thank you…truly, truly, truly Thank You.  I had no idea how something like this would go over…would some pieces be bought, would all, would none.  I literally sat on our bed over the computer as the emails rolled in and just cried.  I was so overwhelmed with God’s goodness.  And He deserves every last little bit of praise.  I am just humbled and honored and so very very thankful.

Now I’m working on getting everything packaged up and mailed off.  If you purchased something, make sure to check your email again…you should have a reply waiting from me.  And if you didn’t get a piece you were after, please know that I hate to disappoint and I will be having another sale February 9th.

And thank you again so much.  I just really cannot say that enough.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  Now I’m off now to fix three little boys some lunch.

Happy Monday.


Today was one of those really great days.  The ones that aren’t just happy, but are joy filled.  One of those where things just kind of work out and laughter is big.  One where you just feel good at the end of the day.  It doesn’t happen everyday…by any stretch, but sometimes we hammer on through and choose joy throughout the day.

*Got up way too early and ran.  It was a super cold, good, hard run and when we were closing in on the parking lot where our cars were parked, I thought about how blessed I was to be able to run.  And I picked up my pace a bit.

*The wee Kelleys had dentist appointments.  They love the dentist…I have no idea why.  I kind of dread going myself, but my kids love it.  And no cavities and Huddy flossed all the way home.  He loves floss.

(The boys are all back there.  I look pasty white and tired.  I need a tan and a nap.  Ha.)

*Amon still won’t for real crawl…only swims his little body all over our house, but he pulled himself up on the steps yesterday.  And today did it more and more…and on small chairs and stools and knees.  I just adore this child.

*I made some treats for a sweet friend.  She deserves them.  And I made a few extra cookies for us too.  The ride home from school may have consisted of everyone enjoying a chocolate chip cookie.

*This kids birthday is next week.  4…ugh…he’s going to be 4.  How can it be.  Time is no friend of mine.  I adore his old man ways and his intensity and passion.  And his deep love.  They other day when we all ran at the park…he asked to hold my hand the whole time.  Swoon.

*Today I finished up a big batch of canvases.  I have so many more to complete, but so far I’m moving right along.

*How humbling and comforting and amazing and seriously, I just don’t deserve a God who cares and loves and fights like mad for me.  But, whoa, how crazy thankful I am.

*We went to the party store today and let Sol pick out some fun plates and napkins for him to enjoy his cake on.  He chose Transformer stuff.  There was a serious debate in his little head between Transformers and Star Wars…it was a nail biter for sure.  In the end, Transformers won out.  Huddy declared, “It’s okay Sol.  For my birthday I’ll have Star Wars.”  His birthday is in September.

*A kind, kind friend made us dinner for tonight and I did not have to even think about what was going to be for dinner.  Maybe my most favorite part of the day…that’s sad right?!?!  And it was amazingly delicious.

*And now, I’m sitting on the couch and every last little Kelley is already in bed by 7pm.  Now it’s time to get back to work.  Crash Kings playing from our iTunes and my finger tips need to be dyed a little bit blacker.  That is some for real joy.

Have a great night.

Happy Thursday!

Saturday Sale

Yesterday was so busy I totally forgot to post.  Sorry.  Just slipped my mind.  Tuesdays and Thursdays are quickly becoming 2 of my most favorite days of the week.  With each kiddo who joins the Kelley family we’ve been able to work it out where on MDO days (Tuesdays & Thursdays) the youngest Kelley gets one-on-one Mom time.  Last year was Sol’s year and Huddy and Harper had their year previously and this year belongs to Amon.  I love the time and attention I can pour into him.  And sometimes we do crazy things like go to tattoo parlors and run in 20 degree weather.  He was so hardcore.  He was like, “Yo, Mom, it’s cool that it’s so freakin’ cold out here.  You keep on running your way to 55 miles.  I’m good.”  So maybe he didn’t say all of that, but he was stellar and bundled up tight.  Ignore my terrible gross hair 🙂

I sooooooo wish I had noticed how blurry this picture was when I took it.  He’s going for a new after bath look that is pretty dang cute.  Golly.

Okay so onto the real meat of the post.  I have really been struggling with how to do the “business” side of creating.  I love doing orders, but honestly I get really overwhelmed and am really, really loving hanging with my little family and all these crazy wee Kelleys more.  Creating is totally in my DNA, so I still do it often and am really trying to see the ways I can bless others around me with the talents God has blessed me with.  They are clearly His.

(Random pictures thrown in for cuteness)

So here is what I’m thinking.  I love to create the ideas that often float through my mind and I’m contemplating making Saturdays sale days.  Essentially, I would create during the week and then post all the creations up for sale on Saturdays.  This Saturday we’re going to give it a try and see what happens.  Right now I have quite a list of things I would like to complete for the first sale, including (10) 4×12 “Where you invest your love, you invest your life” canvases, plus an additional 12 varied canvases.  So if all goes according to plan I will have 22 canvases up for sale this Saturday.  That’s a lot of work, but I have been busting it since last week.

This 9×12 “Now the sky’s our point of view” canvas will be in the mix too.

There you have it.  We’ll give it a go and see what happens.  If all the canvases pan out and time permits, I might have some sets of key fobs and a few camera straps up for grabs as well, but don’t hold me to it…I tend to aim super high and miss sometimes.  I think that’s about it.  Oh and I will post more details on Friday like time, total of canvases for sale, etc.  I’m excited to see what happens.

Hope you’re having an awesome day and thank you from the bottom of my crafty heart for even reading my tiny bit of the internet.  You’re amazing.  See you tomorrow.

Happy Wednesday.

Insta Friday

Can I just high-5 you all or even fist bump you because…what, what…it’s Friday.  Crazy excited it’s Friday.  So many good things this weekend to look forward to…so many good times to be had.  Life is full and can be hard as hell sometimes, but it sure is good too.  Like really good.  So Insta Friday, how I love thee, let me count the ways.

My niece Campbell had a winter themed birthday party last weekend and my SIL Jen asked me to make some snowflake cookies for the par-tay.  I obliged because that’s what aunts do 🙂 I made extra and shared with a sweet friend who happens to adore sugar cookies with frosting.  Cookies for days people…for days.

Some people asked on Instagram about the lining and then flooding of the cookies.  I use The Royal Icing (sort of recipe) from The Decorated Cookie.  I just outline in the regular frosting consistency and then thin it down with 1/2 teaspoon of water at a time, until it”s a good consistency to flood the cookie.  Hope that helps a bit…Google probably describes it better than me.  Ha.

She is his most favorite person.  It is such a big love and it sounded as if he said “Harper” this week, which delighted her heart.

We’ve ditched birthday parties for the wee Kelleys and started just doing something together as our little family of 6.  Harper’s birthday is coming up in March and she chose The Color Run.  So we’re Color Running again this year.  Hope it’s as amazing as last year and we’ve already prepped Sol that because it’s Harper’s birthday choice, he has to go.  He’s accepted it.

I made myself my own cookie…nibbled on it at night and then finished it off for breakfast.  I have no shame.

This little gem was discovered in my in-laws basement and they told Josh to take it.  Well absolutely.  Hello awesome, new/vintage free wall art.  We are pretty partial to Tennessee too.

He has the most amazing form.  I envision “yoga instructor” in his future.

Amon is the most joyful happy baby I have ever seen.  Ever.  Practically all the time.  Josh and I tell each other all the time how ridiculous he is.  He’s a dream.

Just some brotherly lunch love.  That’s all.

I bought this coffee mug for my Mom when I was in Florida when I got the word she had brain cancer.  I never got to give it to her because she never made it out of the hospital.  She loved her coffee and sparrows and red was her most favorite color, along with a good hot pink.  It so matches her personality…lively and full.  It’s now my favorite mug.

Some baby gift loving for a friend.  Happy mail is the best kind of mail.

Fabulous hair.  Fabulous smile.  Fabulous scar.  Fabulous heart.  Fabulous baby.

Icecream night is the best night to be a Kelley.  The best.  The wee Kelleys would concur.

Sol waits so much more patiently for cookies when the force is with him.

Running my miles on down.  Getting closer and closer to 55 miles.  Only 13 days left.

Mumford & Sons love.  These all sold yesterday.  Thank you guys…you’re amazing.

Harper got this neon blue hat/mittens cat combo for Christmas from her grandparents.  When she puts it on she immediately morphs into this hilarious cat character.  It’s quite entertaining.

And you may want to overt your eyes…this last one is just a bit too much to handle.  Good golly, I like him.

Are you on Instagram?  I’m pitterpatterart if you want to follow along.  It’s pretty fun.

Have a crazy awesome weekend.

Happy Friday!

Good Times

I started the morning off far too early…like 4:30 am early, but I met Betsy for a 6 miler and got to knock some more miles off my 55 goal.  I should put Betsy’s face on here sometime…she’s this crazy cool lady who has the best stories, gives amazing parenting advice and runs like a rabbit.  She’s just fun.

Anywho…I get sidetracked a bit sometimes.  Let’s see…So today Amon kind of reminded me of Johnny Depp from the movie Cry-Baby.  If you’ve never seen the movie it’s terrible…terribly awesome.  It’s kind of this crazy 1990s movie.  If you have 2 hours to waste and want to watch a 90s so-bad-it’s-good movie, well then here you go.

This text went down today.  I’m the blue bubbles and Courtney is the white bubbles. Yes that happened.  And Courtney’s response further makes me love our friendship.

He was the cutest baby there, but he won that title very easily.

The boys have been playing lots of army men.  I really like when they do this because they are so deliberate and calculated and just super fun to watch when they are playing so seriously.  Amon has added a new element to this game as well.

I like when Harper gets home from school because she is always full of lots of fun kindergarten information.  She tells me things like what her friends had for lunch, that “so-and-so” has the same shirt as her, her favorite activity from the day and the list goes on and on.  I miss her during the day.  She’s kind of fun too.

I have belly diaper pictures of each of the wee Kelleys.  I love them and now I love Amon’s too.  All of it…little scars, handsome brown skin, adorable little belly button, polka dot diaper and all.  Makes my heart a bit happy.

We love reading chapter books and are currently working on Charlotte’s Web.  The kids love it…they belly laugh a lot while reading it.  We’ll watch the movie once were done.  We have a whole stack of our favorite chapter books from when Josh and I were kids that we’re making our way through.

And I made made this 8×8 canvas today for a kind friend…one of those really good friends.

**UPDATE:  All 3 canvases have sold.  Thanks so much.***

Tomorrow I will have three “Where you invest your love, you invest your life” M&S 4×12 canvases available.  If you know you would definitely like to purchase one, go ahead and send me an email using the “Contact Laura” button at the top and I’ll set one aside for you.

**UPDATE:  All 3 canvases have sold.  Thanks so much.***

Hope you guys have a great night.  I have an in-home date night planned with Josh Kelley and the wee Kelleys are seriously going to bed at, ummmmm 6:30.

Happy Thursday night!


Harper is at school, Huddy and Sol are both at MDO and Amon is taking a nap.  I’m sitting on our couch and the only sound I hear is a combination called dishwasher, washing machine and dryer…all going at once.  Today my 2013 goals are heavy on my mind.  I’m rocking some of them and others I’m a bit behind in and others I haven’t even began yet.  So is life.  I could use your advice on a few of my goals.  Take a look.

*Monthly running goals.  I like to run, but wasn’t interested in doing a big race this year, so I decided I would set monthly running goals for each month.  This month I’m suppose to log 55 miles.  Josh laughed when he asked how I came up with that number…my response…”I just picked it.”  Next month I’ll probably use a little more logic.  I’m a wee bit behind because of bronchitis the first week of January and major rain the last several days.  I need to catch up.

*Move.  We love our house.  It is the most perfect house in the whole wide world, but only because it’s ours.  It’s right around 1300 sq. feet…Harper has her own room and the boys all share a room.  My boys will always share a room.  Even if we lived in a mansion with 10 gazillion bedrooms, my boys would still share a room.  I just like it that way.  We’re looking for a house or land zoned for Harper’s school because we love her school.  It’s hard because we don’t want a giant house and I don’t know if builders out there would even build a small house, but we have some plans brewing in our hearts and we need just an extra bedroom…and a garage would be awesome.  So far we haven’t found anything on Realtracs, so do any of you locals know of some houses or land for sale by owner?  I would so appreciate any info you had…it would be amazingly helpful.

*Anniversary trip.  Josh and I have our 10 year anniversary this summer.  We decided to take a much needed “just us” trip.  This is a fun goal.  Any suggestions on a good vacay spot for 2?

*Intentional blessings.  I really want to bless others when I feel God prompting my heart.  It’s not always easy to move stuff aside or drop what you’re doing when God asks you to.  But this year, I really want to see the needs in others lives and listen when God says “Do!”  I want Him to stretch our family for the encouragement of others.

*Heart Walk.  Nashville has a big heart walk in October and last year we were in the hospital the day of the walk.  This year I want our family to represent.  I want to be apart of helping raise money for heart research and to parade Mr. Amon around for all to see what an amazing little heart he has.  He is totally our ace of hearts.

*Verse memorization.  I really want to do this and yet this is one of my goals I’ve yet to begin on.  I always notice how I have song lyrics engraved in my brain and then how craptastic my scripture memorization is.  It’s terrible.  You guys have any good advice here?  Bring it on.

*New tattoo.  Yes…I am the person that puts “getting a new tattoo” on their goal list.  I already know what I want…this goal is more about just making time for myself.  I have a gift card…yes, they make gift cards for tattoo parlors…and need to visit my dude James.  Ha.  I’m a such a dork.

*Meet new friends.  Are we in high school or middle school or college orientation?  Nope…just Laura’s 2013 goal list.  I have wonderful friends, but I would like to meet more friends…and some couple friends would be even more amazing.  Anyone want to go on a really awkward “friend” lunch with me?

*More professional photos.  Awwwwe, yeah.  I can say I have rocked this one so far and have several photo sessions already scheduled for our little Kelley family for 2013.  I want to have our family captured in this special way and not just once a year, but several times a year.  If you are looking for a photographer, let me go ahead and give my big, ginormous shout out to Cheyenne Ward of Shots by Cheyenne and Laci Wilson of Barefeet Photography.  Amazing ladies and amazing talent.

Those are just a few of my goals for this year.  I would love any advice you may have.  I’m pretty good about taking advice.  How are your goals going?  And did you enjoy all the random Amon pictures I posted through out?  He’s too dang cute not to share and makes for some good photo blog post filler 🙂

Happy Tuesday!

I Blinked…

Do you ever have those days when it feels like you blink…and the day is gone.  You realize it’s 4:45 and you have no clue what’s for dinner, you cannot not recall the tornado that swept through your house and wreaked havoc, but clearly one did and you got practically nothing accomplished that you really needed to.  That was my day today.  I have no clue where the day went…no clue, but here I sit and the day is gone.

So how was your weekend?  Ours was good and full.  Friday Harper had awards day at school.  The boys were so intent…a little fidgety, but clapped their hearts out for their sister.  She was so stikin’ cute and so proud.

I let them pick out their own little bag of chips afterwards at the Dollar General for part of their lunch.  You would have easily thought they won the chip lottery.  And oh the time…they both debated and talked out their options and debated some more.  Finally a decision was made.

Amon enjoyed his first ever ride in a grocery cart without his seat.  He was a wee bit tipsy, but thoroughly enjoyed himself.

This is kind of my most favorite plastic mug ever.  It was mine when I was a kid and now it’s Harpers.  She loves it.  And I love that she loves it.  We played quite a bit of kitchen this weekend.  I make a mean plastic egg, fabric lettuce and wood bread sandwich.

Hudson has been practicing his name a lot lately.  He loves to write and draw and cut and glue and he’s quite the determined little go-getter.  He’s pretty much nailed it.  I completely heart him.

Today I do know I scooted across our floor a lot trying to keep distance between my camera and this little dude.  When my camera comes out Amon wants to get as close as possible.  It’s like a fun little game…I’m pretty smitten.  We’ll probably play it again tomorrow.

My Erin Condren life planner arrived today too.  Oh sweet bliss.  I have felt lost for the last 14 days and now, well now I’m not so lost.  This is the best planner ever.  I know I could keep things planned out on my phone, but I like writing things down, so this is the perfect lovely solution.

I also made lunch.  I do know my boys ate at some point.

We also made a quick trip to Target for Amon’s formula + a few other things, after picking Harper up from school.  I snagged a new running toboggan clearanced.  Way prettier and colorful than my old one.  Holla.

And we rocked some shaving cream.  The best activity or boredom buster ever and our table smells delightful.  They will do this for forever…perfect thing to do while I’m trying to figure out what the heck is for dinner.

So how was your day?  Did an unknown tornado visit your house?  Hope it was a good Monday.

Happy Beginning of the Week.

Smorgasness {I made that word up}

Thank you guys so much for entering my Happy 2013/Thank You BIG Time giveaway.  I loved reading all your goals for this new year.  Thanks for sharing them with me.  And here are the 3 winners:

therese schulle stokes says:
January 8, 2013 at 9:23 am
Shared on fb: Awesome giveaway at Pitter Patter Art!! THREE chances to win one of three amazing art pieces!!

Crystal says:
January 7, 2013 at 8:13 am
Shared your giveaway on my Facebook page. Hoping some friends check it out too!

shannon herrmann says:
January 7, 2013 at 8:12 am
Fan on facebook!  have been forever.

Super congrats ladies and check your email for a message from me.

I’ve decided I need to teach Harper, Huddy and Sol how to fix their own breakfast.  Can you imagine the extra sleep?  It sounds magical.  Either that or I need to start buying Pop-Tarts and putting them in a low cabinet.

I’ve been cutting strawberries the way my Mom did.  I can distinctly remember the way she held the knife and the strawberry between her fingers…it was just so her.  I miss her.

When looking at this picture I feel like they have formed a small gang behind my back and are threatening me in some way.  Good thing I’m not easily intimidated by plastic screwdrivers or Donatello’s staff.

Huddy is my question asker.  I love this about him, but it also sometimes drives me semi insane.  One day this week I decided to document every time he asked a question over a 2 hour period.  This was just the tip of the question iceberg.  I love him.

Sol made the cutest igloo at MDO on Tuesday.  He was so proud of it and Huddy really…I mean REALLy…wanted to eat it.

I adore these little chubby fingers.  I adore how he fists his food and just shovels it all in.

Fixing school lunches may have joined folding laundry on my list of arch nemesis.

Pretty sure I now have one million pictures of Amon at this point.  That whole thing about not having as many pictures of your youngest child is soooo not true with us.  He rules this Kelley roost with his fabulous hair and crazy enchanting, dark as night eyes.  Goodness we may have a problem.

And that’s all I’ve got for today.  Things are busy in the Kelley house and I have quite the To-Do List for today.  I hope your day is grand.  Happy Thursday!