December 10

Well I’m proud to say my little MOPS speaking engagement went well and was completely puke free…that is always a plus.  I was however apparently doing some weird nervous things with my leg…so much so, a lady from the audience came up and brought me a chair for my “hurt foot”.  I had to tell her that my foot was not hurt.  She then responded with, “Well you’re doing this weird thing with your foot.”  Ha.  I’m such a dork.

For our kindness act today I gave away all the supplies needed for a kindness advent…including the awesome wire frames from Pick Your Plum.  Unfortunately, I didn’t want to appear even dorkier than I already was, so no pictures were taken during the meeting.  Tear.

Tomorrow we’re going to bless our trash guy.  This one is always an act full of anticipation…will he or will he not see our surprise on our trash can and will he or will he not dump our surprise into the back of his garbage truck.  Oh the suspense.  Stay tuned.

I’m pretty sure…like totally sure…that the only other person who really loves Amon as much as Josh and myself is Harper.  We’re talking true love…true, true, mad love.  Gosh.

The most gnarly thing arrived in our mail today.  Is it okay to praise Jesus for a ninja turtle?  Thank you so much Melanie.

My Uncle Tom sent us this amazingly awesome Christmas card with a pretty cool movie tucked away inside.  I think the lone gray wolf most definitely sends the message of “Merry Christmas” and “We love you baby Jesus.” quite nicely.  Thank you Baba for loving on us so well.

This is Sammy.  He is our elf.  Josh found him on our porch on Friday.  Whoever dropped him off at our house…Thank you…and I would like to hug you if that is okay.  Needless to say, the wee Kelleys are beside themselves.  I think Sammy is going to fit in quite nicely.

Huddy called me into our bedroom and insisted I watch his new trick.  I foresee unparalleled greatness in his future.

I am confident Amon wants zero toys for Christmas and only plastic crinkly fun sounding things of wipes.  He’s easy like that.

And it finally has gotten cold in Tennessee.  Will it stay or am I going to need to break out my flip flops again?  I do not know.  But, what I do know is, tonight was the most perfect chili night.  I love easy dinners.

Happy Monday!


  1. Amon and Harper are so precious together! Sisterly love is super sweet! Our girl wakes up every morning asking about Ellie (our elf)! Fun times to search out Ellie each morning! I’m hoping the cold-ish weather is here to stay. It’s nearly Christmas and it should be cold outside! Hope your kindness to your trash guys goes beautifully!

  2. Oh goodness the lone wolf card and your comment made me actually laugh out loud. That’s a Christmas miracle, right there. 🙂

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