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If you’ve been reading for pretty much any amount of time here on my blog you know I love Noonday Collection.  Like, love love!  Like true love!  I love everything it stands for.  I love the purpose and heart behind this company.  I love the products.  And I love their founder Jessica!  I still remember my first ever Noonday giveaway way back in 2011…WHAT!?!?!?!  Such a beautiful piece.

They recently launched their Go Getter’s Getaway where they are giving away a trip to Guatemala this November.  I had been thinking about it and then my friend Meredith really encouraged me to enter…couple that with a long car ride and I thought, let’s do this.

So here I am just a girl crying through her application paragraph asking you to vote for me. 🙂  It’s crazy easy.  All you have to do is CLICK HERE, find this phone of Everett and I and vote for me.  That’s it.

You can upload new photos each day and honestly, I think it will be really sweet thinking about what photos to share and why.  Lately, small challenges and goals have been really good for me and especially when they are associated with our FuShuai.

And please feel free to share and ask all your peoples to vote too.  🙂  Thank you so much in advance.  You guys are always crazy kind, thoughtful and supportive.


  1. Voted and shared on Facebook. Your transparency is beautiful.

  2. Done. Good luck. Thinking of you and your family with much love.

  3. Laura sykora says:


  4. Belinda brady says:

    Voted. Good luck!

  5. Bri Marshall says:

    Voted!! 🙂 And BTW you’re TOTALLY going to win this – when I voted you were already waaaaay ahead by a LOT! Nobody more deserving either <3 <3 <3

  6. Shannon collins says:

    I signed up right before you did!! But I agree you need to win this and it looks like you will. A blessing after such sadness I am hoping. I would love to join you but if not I can enjoy it through your words and experiences. ❤️

  7. Tammy Taylor says:

    I voted .

  8. Voted


  1. […] to thank you guys again for all the support and encouragement and votes during Noonday’s GoGetter’sGetaway.  You guys we’re the bomb voters and I am so excited to share that Lindsey Wheeler from […]

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