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Are you ready for a fabulous giveaway?  I totally wish I could enter my own giveaway for this one.  I have been in contact with Jessica of Noonday Collection for a little while now…Jessica has ordered a few things from me.  Recently she contacted me about doing a giveaway for one of the Ethiopia necklaces they had featured.  I LOVE this necklace and here is the scoop:

Noonday Collection launched at this year’s Together for Adoption Conference in Austin and is fastly becoming the go to spot for meaningful and fashionable accessories.   Every item is handcrafted in style, with love, and creates a pathway out of poverty for those who make it. Furthermore, proceeds go towards placing orphans in forever families (the owner is adopting from Rwanda and also helps others raise funds for their adoptions). You can read more about the artisans on their website HERE.

This Dangling Saqa Disk Necklace designed by Raven + Lilly, retails for $49. It hangs low and adds that extra drama to an otherwise basic outfit. Handmade by Entoto artisans in Ethiopia using recycled metal beads and melted down war weapons. These necklaces are truly unique. Genuine silver embellishments made by a local silversmith. Each of these spectacular beads is a unique piece of artwork. Loop-tie closure. These women suffer from extreme poverty and poor healthcare. Many suffer from HIV/AIDS and have been outcast from their community.

This necklace is the last of its kind, but there are 2 more made by the same group in Ethiopia that are totally fabulous and are available on the website!

How do you enter you ask?  Well there are many ways:

1) Like Noonday Collection on Facebook (comment that you did, one entry)
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Please leave a separate comment for each way you choose to enter.

Giveaway will end this Thursday, January 27th at midnight and the winner will be announced on Friday.

I have been working on orders like crazy.  Finished up these recently.  This adorable birthday tee is headed to Erin in Missouri.  She wanted a special birthday tee for her little girl.  Thanks so much Erin…it was a pleasure and hope the party is amazingly fun.

This next order was placed by Megan in North Carolina.  She wanted a 10×10 Grateful piece, similar to the one I made for the Grateful Giveaway a while back.  She wanted to hang this in her husband’s office, so she mailed me stamps that she cut from invoices from his business…a reminder to be so grateful right now for a job and thriving business.

She also wanted a 18×18 canvas for her sister using a line from Near The Cross…”near the cross, a trembling soul.  Love and Mercy found me.”  Thanks so much Megan and hope you love both of them.

And lastly my cousin Jenny sent me an email right after I did our One Month Waiting Giveaway and insisted on being my first order when I opened back up on the 17th 🙂  She loved the piece and wanted a similar one for herself.  I ended up using The Contributor newspaper.  This newspaper is a Nashville paper that is written by homeless men and women.  They then sell the newspapers to bring in a small income.  They are always out on the streets selling them…have work badges and everything.  I feel this is just an amazing thing and always buy a paper.  Check out their site here. I was so excited when I realized that after I was finished with the paper, I could then recycle them into art.  Thanks so much Jenny!

Happy Monday!


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