Update: Day 6 {night} + Extras

So I kind of feel like I’ve been bringing the heavy lately.  I actually miss posting on all the randomness in our lives so I did a little thinking about our time here at Mott Children’s Hospital so far and honestly, other than with Josh Kelley and all our people, there’s not another place I would want Everett to be.  Dr. Bove saw something in Everett that made him say, “Yes.”  He gave us hope.  And while it hasn’t been easy I have never once thought we should have gone somewhere else.  This place and these people, well, they are indeed legit.  They are kind and caring and they are taking such good care of our sick little guy.

A little evening update on Everett and then onto some other things:

Today has been his first pretty chill day.  After his drama from this morning died down, he just cooled it.  His cooling blanket is off and has been since earlier today.  He just now got his EEG monitor off and there was still no seizure activity detected.  He was taken off his paralysis meds and we’re all just waiting for him to start moving a little here and there.  I feel like today he took a few steps forward.  Not giant steps or anything, but every single tiny movement forward is something to celebrate and praise Jesus for.  So much to be thankful for.

Everett still has lots of obstacles ahead.  His kidney function is still not the best…they will re-test this in the morning, but he has peed some today.  His heart rhythm still goes all wonky out of no where along with his other stats and oxygen and he’s apparently super temperamental.  Anytime something changes or he’s moved or they lower or raise a dose or add a new medicine he shows off and brings everyone to their toes.  Gah, I love him.

I keep telling him how big and strong and brave he is.  I keep telling him how special and prayed over he is.  I keep telling him how much we love him.  I keep thinking about his incredibly special little heart and anatomy.  I keep remembering how God created him just so and in His very own image.  Everett’s special heart and body we’re no accident or mistake…oh the contrary.  They are God’s handiwork.  I really and truly believe that and I would do this whole thing all over again a thousand more times so I could be with and know and love Everett.  I am the luckiest mama on the planet.

Okay, onto some randomness from my hospital living.  Let’s begin 🙂

When I shared we would be coming here to Ann Arbor my new friend Aimee reached out and we exchanged numbers and she was officially our one and only visitor and I really like her.  She has come to the hospital THREE TIMES already.  First day she brought sandwiches and chips.  Ummm, was she trying to win my heart over with food…I think so.  How did she know?!?!?!  Second visit she brought cupcakes.  WHAT!?!?!  Aimee, are you trying to woo me?!?!?  Third visit she brought the yummiest, maybe Mediterranean, chicken & pickle wraps, potato wedges, smoothies and lemon cake.  Aimee, you are officially our favorite visitor…and our only visitor.  Hahahahaha.  Aimee is funny and makes me laugh.  She gets our weird sense of humors and the last time she was here was when Everett came really close to another crash.  Confident she left with PTSD 🙂  I told Josh after she left the last time, “I really like her.  She’s so normal.”  He said, “She’s not normal.  She’s like you.”  I laughed so hard.  Anyway, Aimee thanks for loving on us with your food choices and conversation and laughter!!!

(And why yes I did taste test each cupcake…minus the carrot cake because, well, vegetables do not belong in desserts…same goes for raisins…before I fully committed to one of them.)

Speaking of visitors, my cousins Mike and Heather live in Michigan about 2ish hours away from Ann Arbor.  My cousins Brian and Rebecca just so happen to be coming to Michigan today to visit Mike and Heather so today I officially had our 2nd, 3rd and 4th visitors…Rebecca, Heather and Olivia.  They brought me lunch and Target treats and a gift card and some goodies for Everett and they just stayed and chatted.  They even got some medical lessons from our awesome nurse Denise today.  It was really great and I cried almost zero times while they we’re here. 🙂


I was looking though photos today on my phone and came across these two.  OH MY HEART.  This was as we we’re leaving to head to the airport for our flight to Michigan.  Shuai went around and hugged everyone.  These two just slay me.  Harper is absolutely smitten with him and cannot wait for us to get home.  She’s been feeling all the feels.  We just can’t get home soon enough.

Snail mail is still important to me even in the hospital.  One thing I learned from Mom’s death was even when you aren’t sure what to do for yourself you can still always do for others.  While Everett’s current condition is not the best, things could still be worse and my boy’s heart is still beating and I know plenty of other’s fighting their own battles.  I want to make sure I continue to care for others in this crazy little time.  I’m trying to remember to turn outward instead of inward.

You may remember our surgeon’s bloody shoes and socks.  Well Josh Kelley later further explained they we’re also clogs with a heel.  You guys, my mind ran wild.  And so much laughter ensued trying to imagine these heeled clog blood caked shoes.  It makes me laugh just typing that.   I even googled “medical heeled clogs”.  Well I finally snapped a picture of his shoes, enjoy.

So many people are sending us messages and texts and emails and comments and it’s the craziest, sweetest thing ever.  My cousin Rebecca recently sent me this text one of her friends sent to her.  I laughed out loud so hard and I totally love that a rainbow donkey piñata made her think of Everett.  THE BEST!!!  Josh and I already decided for his birthday we’re having a rainbow donkey piñata fiesta party.  It.Will.Happen.

And last thing for tonight.  So when we watched this group of people we don’t even really know spring into action, administer compressions and bring our son’s pulse back, well, we really wanted to say thank you with more than just words.  I tried thinking about what I could do and finally decided to do a little prying and found out one of the staff’s favorite treats is an awesome cookie place called Insomnia Cookies.  Here’s the best part…they deliver…hot cookies…that taste amazing…even until 3am.  WHAT?!?!?!  Seriously.  So cookies ended up being our small little way to say thank you.  And if you haven’t checked out Insomnia Cookies, they are worth the look up.

Well that felt good to write about other things outside of Everett’s medical stuff.  I’ll have to try that again. And will continue to try and keep everyone updated on his progress.

Again and again, thank you for praying for him and for us.  Thank you for cheering him on along with us.  Thank you for encouraging us in so many different ways.  We feel all the love and it’s just what our hearts needed.


  1. Cheryl Stone says:

    Warm cookies delivered? This is everything! Nashville must have this – stat!!!

    • Jordan Taylor says:

      Actually there is a similar store in Nashville- check out Jake’s Bakes!! So yummy.

      Prayers for Everett and all involved in his care.

  2. Sending big love & prayers your way!!!

  3. Baby steps… any step forward is not a step backward! So thankful that Everett is staying strong today! God is in control.. and He knows.. so glad that it’s allowed you to relax a little, take a deep breath, and smile! You need that!! Keeping you all in prayers! Love from TN! ❤️ #bloddyclogsarethebest

  4. So happy to hear that Everett is doing better today. These baby steps will grow into big giant leaps of improvement. Praying for continued healing and strength for you Laura as you sit in the hospital by his side. Happy to hear Josh made it home safe to love on the other kiddos. With love from Kansas!

  5. Kelly Ford says:

    Still sending prayers up for Everett and you all! And I TOTALLY want Insomnia Cookies where I live!

  6. Praying for you all! So glad Rebecca got to visit. I had wondered if you were all alone.

  7. I am praying so often for sweet Everett, that the Lord keeps fighting for him and giving him strength…I’ve been waiting for each post, and I’m anxiously awaiting the moment you get to see and post that amazing smile of his again! I’m asking the Lord for powerful healing of every organ of his body, that the doctors would be amazed at how he starts to recover. Praying strength for you and your heart too. ❤️

  8. Sarah Francoeur says:

    It is funny how God works and how small the world is. I have been reading your story and praying for you not realizing that you are friends with my friend’s husband! AND I live in Canada (New Brunswick), they live in (about)Nashville and you’re in Ann Arbour. It always amazes me how awesome God is and how He brings us all together so we can pray for each other even though we don’t know each other. Mind Blown lol! Your courage and perseverance is wonderful. I pray for peace and contentment for you as Everett heals and begins his journey back to health. I love you all even though I don’t know you. Please know I am praying for you and have my prayer chain activated!! I know some awesome prayer warriors! In fact, they are meeting tomorrow morning so expect some awesome changes tomorrow!

    With love, Sarah

  9. Praying for your sweet Everett and your family!! Hospital living is hard…I’ll be praying for complete healing for Everett and for strength and endurance for you!!

  10. from Missouri

  11. nancy ludriCk says:

    I just found you today through Meredith Toering and I’m so glad I did! I wish we lived in Michigan so I could come and visit and bring treats. But I’m in Texas, so for now I’ll just pray for sweet Everett and the rest of your family. ❤️

  12. Insomnia cookies are going on speed dial!!

  13. Suzonne and Ace M. says:

    Sending love and prayers from Texas.

  14. Chris M says:

    Ashley is on her way! Uber just picked her up. I have to agree that there is no better place for Everett to be – you’re in the one town in America built on “Victors.” Can’t wait to celebrate Everetts Birthday! #HailToTheLITTLEVictors

  15. What a beautiful post. Thanks for sharing all of the details of your stay! Love you and praying for leaps forward in the days to come.

  16. You are a strong woman and you don’t ever whine about circumstances but keep praising God. What an inspiration you are. And can I just add what cute stationary you have writing cards on! I’m always looking for cute stationary.

  17. T Haggerty says:

    You are a miracle child youRself I think! Blessings and prayers continue to the One with Whom we have to do; and to Yhvh (“the One Who reaLLy exists”)!

  18. Glenda Hoagland says:

    Woke up this morning thinking of Everett, thanks so much for this update. Continuing to pray. Sending much love


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