Update: Day 14 + Extras

Wanted to get a jump on an update today and Everett is pretty chill right now so no time like the present.

Everett had another pretty uneventful night.  They made his sprints much tougher last night and he did okay.  Not the best, but not the worst.  This morning he’s not sprinting, but they made his regular breathing tougher and continue to make it tougher as the day moves on.  So far, so good.  If he does okay they’ll try extubation this afternoon.  Also he got a random bad liver result so GI is going to do an ultrasound soon to check on that.  I laughed when the doctor pointed to his own liver and kindly reminded him Everett’s liver and spleen are reversed.  He chuckled too.  Heterotaxy probs 🙂  He’s also retaining more fluid than he’s putting out again so he needs to get the fluid off.  So for today that’s our game plan and I’ll try and check back in maybe tonight for an update.  If you’d like a quicker update you can check out my Facebook or Instagram page.  Those are just easier and quicker to update.

In other news:

So many of you have so kindly been asking how our other kiddos are handling everything.  An easy, short answer: pretty good.  Everyone is missing everyone big time, but Josh is planning on driving up with everyone this weekend.  I simply cannot wait and think this will be crazy good for all of us.  Let me also take a moment and do an annoying brag on Josh Kelley.  You guys, he by far has the harder job right now.  He misses his Everett boy something awful, is far away from the instant updates, is working, is loving on the kiddos and gauging all their emotional needs right now and getting everyone where they need to be, fed, cared for and moderately groomed & bathed. 🙂  He’s doing it all and kicking ass, which if you know Josh Kelley, you know this is not surprising because this is just what he does.  He’s their dad and he knows what an all encompassing and important job that is.  End brag.

We have had the sweetest help with the kids too while we we’re both in Michigan together and while Josh goes to work now.  I have not for one minute worried about them and I know Josh feels the same.  We know and are loved by some seriously special, kind and loving people.  I hope they all know how thankful we are.  It really is so amazing.

Amon started another tee ball season.  It was the sweetest because I got pictures from several friends and family since I couldn’t be there.  It meant the world to me to hear updates and see Amon.  He was definitely living the dream and has asked us no less than 117 times when his first game would be this season.  The boy loves to play the game.

Harper left for her first church camp on Sunday.  I was a little bummed to miss out on helping her pack, getting her things together, her costumes for their themed days and seeing her off.  Jen and Susan stepped in to help with all her themed days and Josh got all her supplies.  I cry when I think about it because I’m just thankful for people who just do what they do…like helping your 10-year-old line up themed outfits.  She is loved…we are loved.

Lots of you have asked about sending mail for Everett.  You are more than welcome to send him some if you would like.  I’ve sent this already to lots of you, but here it is for further requests.

I have felt all the love since arriving in Michigan.  Aimee has made sure of this.  She and her sweet, kind friends have gone above and beyond.  They have brought conversation and laughter, food, sent gift cards and sweet things like books & treats.  They’ve prepared homemade meals, smoothie bags and scripture cards.  They’re small group made a blanket (which I keep using…hahahaha) and prayed over it for Everett.  They met in the lobby and prayed when we got the news about his valve leaking worse than before.  Aimee picked Ashley up from the airport and took her back when she left.  They even brought me a blender to make smoothies.  None of which I asked for and none of which I deserve and yet, they just keep doing…they just keep loving.  I actually teared up over my homemade taco salad last night.  It felt like home and I felt loved and seen.  While I am not the best at accepting help…Josh neither…this whole experience is teaching us how to receive and say thank you and I feel very humbled and honored by the who thing and each of you.

 And lastly, let’s talk Ann Arbor and Mott food.  I actually just figured out that the big cafeteria is open 24 hours.  WHAT!?!?!?!  Why did it take me 12 days to figure this out, I have no idea.  I usually just like going to the small cafeteria closer to us because they still have good food and personal pizzas.  BUT and this is a big BUT, the big cafeteria has frozen yogurt.  I love ice-cream and frozen yogurt is totally doing the trick while we’re here.  I actually get a punch on my M-Health card for the frozen yogurt and after I fill up my healthy card I get…wait for it…a bottled water…and $2 off my next purchase.  Hahahaha.  Now there are no oreo toppings or anything, but I can get almonds, crushed peanuts and dark chocolate chips.  It works.

The staff here at Mott and Aimee have shared lots of good food places with me.  If you’re ever in the Ann Arbor area here are some of our favorites so far:  Zingerman’s Deli, Wings Over Ann Arbor, Palm Palace and Tios.  Insomnia Cookies and Evergreen Restaurant of course, but I told you guys about them already.  If you’re from the area or have been in the Ann Arbor area and have some good food places, please share.  I’d love to hear about them and give them a try.

Sidenote:  Tios had THE.BEST queso.  Josh had actually just gotten back from picking up food from there the night Everett went into cardiac arrest.  When we finally ate some 2-3 hours later, our tacos fell apart and I was worried PTSD would surely have ruined queso for us for life.  Thankfully, we reheated the queso and found out all was still right in the world and our love for queso and all Mexican inspired food was still burning bright.  End sidenote.

Okay, that’s it for right now.  Everett is still rocking on through his day.  He’s working really hard on his breathing and we’re crossing all our fingers and toes we can get this kid vent free this afternoon.  Thank you always for the prayers.


  1. Laura & Josh
    You are 2 of the most giving people I have ever come in contact with, I use to think I was giving and then I started reading your blog and you put me to shame. You are constantly doing and giving to others and as a result you receive the blessing and God has blessed you, and in one of those ways He has His people showering blessings on you and your family right now, feeding, covering, nurturing, being there for you to lean on. Don’t try to cheat them out of their blessing, sit back and savor, draw strength, lean on them. God sent His special angels to be there for you because He knows exactly what you need. We are praying so hard for all of you, Bless you all. It will do you all good to be together this weekend. Praying for safe travels for Josh and the kids.

  2. Aunt tootsie says:

    Laura, you don’t look near as tired as I think you should, you are looking and doing great!
    I want to commend Josh but dont know how to do it justly, so let’s just say he deserves the
    citation of merit, (whatever that is.). Seriously, my hat is off to both of you, I’m proud to be a relative! You are an inspiration & great example to all of us. I love you and yours and continue
    to pray for you all.
    Aunt Toots

  3. I just got caught up on your last three posts as I’ve been traveling, but keeping Everett and you in my thoughts. This post did me in – it is so touching to see how many people are helping you and your family in this journey. You are so loved, Everett is so loved, and your whole family is just being surrounded with that love and support. Sending you all sorts of positivity – you and Everett are such warriors!

  4. Gretchen says:

    It’s great to see updates and photos of all the rest of your littles. They look like they are being loved on well! I love the SuperMan Everett from the letter he received. How fun! Constantly praying for all of you and hoping to see Everett getting stronger and stronger.

  5. cOUSIN MARSHA says:

    I want to second what Aunt Tootsie said! I know the only way you are able to stand is because God himself is holding you in his strong arms! The whole Kelley family is being prayed over in our home.

  6. I *love* that picture of Amon at his game. 🙂 So glad to hear you – and they – are feeling well-loved in the middle of the stress.

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