Timbali Giveaway + Tees


I posted on Saturday which is completely not my norm.  So in case you missed it today is one last giveaway.  I have a crazy kind family and my cousin Emily wanted to support Timbali Crafts, but wanted me to give it away instead.  So here I am…bearing Timbali goodies.

Up for grabs is one of their shoulder bags and zipper pouches.  Both will go to one winner.

 3 ways to enter:

1:  Leave a comment…any comment will do.  Maybe share if you are a house Christmas lights kind of person or no…and if you are is it mild or full on Clark Griswold.

2.  Share this post via social media…Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, whatever suits your fancy.

3.  Like Timbali Crafts over on their Facebook page HERE.

Please leave a separate comment for each entry.

Winner will be announced tomorrow.

 In case some of you missed it, Sasquatch Design Society is selling new baseball tees for Ngungwane’s Garden Fund.  Once it is funded they will use proceeds from the tees to buy supplies for the carepoint which we will deliver next year on our trip.  You can get your baseball tee HERE.

Speaking of trip, we are still looking for people to join our Swaziland, Africa trip next May 29-June 8.  If you want to go, you’re in!  All are welcome.  Email me at pitterpatterart at gmail dot com or message me HERE if you are interested.

Saturday and Sunday’s kindness advent was surprise chalk art and ornament drop.  The big kids were super sneaky and quiet while they chalked up a driveway.  Hudson was pretty much quietly freakin’ out to himself the whole time about the possibility of being arrested.  He has the gift of worry 🙂  Super grainy picture with redness from our car break lights, but documentation was needed.

The ornament delivery is pretty new.  We added this one last year and the kids loved it.  This year we used paint, glue, ribbon and old scrabble tiles.  Too much fun!  And we forgot to deliver one ornament so that is on my to-do list for today.

Today we are delivering some school supplies to kiddo’s classrooms…largely of the snack variety because their teachers provide snack every day for the whole class.  Makes me gush!  Have I mentioned I love their school and their sweet teachers?!?!?!

Tomorrow we are making bookmarks and leaving them in library.

Hope everyone kicks off their Monday well!



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  2. no outside lights here…just decorate the inside

  3. Lisa Boyer says:

    We love outside Christmas lights, but things are just too overwhelming this year. So no lights for us

  4. I’m not really a lights person for our house, but I enjoy looking at others!

  5. Timbali Crafts liked 🙂

  6. Our goal every year is epic Griswald style, but what actually happens is a bush or two with some lights 😉

  7. Total full on Griswald style….for the neighbors house. Too much work for me!

  8. We don’t really do outdoor lights at our house. But I go overboard indoors.

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  12. Randi Blanton says:

    House Christmas lights… Major yes! Unfortunately we are the only people that live on our dead end dirt road. The only people we see are are fishermen and hunters coming in to use the boat ramp to the river, so we usually don’t decorate our house. But this year we decided to do a little, so we have lights on the porch and an inflatable nativity in the yard 🙂

  13. Randi Blanton says:

    Liked Timbali on FB, and I love this bag!

  14. Randi Blanton says:

    Shared on FB!

  15. More inside lights then outside! We do put them around our deck railing and have a small tree with lights outside!

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  17. Already liked timbali!

  18. Peculiar People, Peculiar Words says:

    No, not a house light kind of girl. The older I get the less and less I decorate 🙁 I love to go see lights and decorations that others have put up 🙂

  19. Jessica Reynolds says:

    Our 3 year old is a HUMONGOUS fan of Christmas lights, so we became a house light family. Started out with just the front of the house and then a little spotlight thing. Hopefully we’ll add to it every year!

  20. Jessica Reynolds says:

    Liked Timbali Crafts on FB!

  21. Already liked/following Timbali on FB.

  22. Megan Bruch says:

    I like Timbali on FB!

  23. Megan Bruch says:

    We are outside lights people. We would be Griswolds all the way, but in a 1930s house there’s not enough power. Maybe in our next house!

  24. kristenkerwin says:

    I would be a full-on gingerbread house lights girl…but my honey is a minimalist, so we put out a Moravian star and an old sled, and call it a Christmas. Indoors, however = fairy lights errywhere! We are crazy Christmas Vacation fans, though. “I don’t know Margoooooo” :-)…

  25. Candy foster says:

    No outside lights for us . . . but we have so many other traditions that I love!

  26. Outdoor Christmas lights ALL THE WAY, and being married to a firefighter, you can just imagine what color those house lights are!!! My favorite light display in our yard are our two angels proclaiming the Gift of Christmas…

  27. We were lazy this year and no outside lights. Maybe next year! That bag makes my heart skip a beat. I’m in love.

  28. We’re not big on outside lights, but I love the old bubble lights on our tree.

  29. No Christmas lights! LOVE to see others, but none on our home!

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  33. Pretty low key on the outdoor lights, but Christmas happens indoors 🙂

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  36. Our kids would love it if we we would light up our house. . . Alas. No interest on hubby’s or my part. Though I love to decorate inside. Many years ago, during a mild December, sweet husband decided to outline playhouse with white Christmas lights. It ended up in a “Caddyshack” -type month with husband battling the squirrels who kept chewing through his cords of lights. It turned hubby into a vengeful, squirrel-hating maniac. In the end, the squirrels won. . . . To this day our yard has never again seen the light of Christmas and the squirrels roam freely. !!!

  37. We are a no-lights house, although my husband is interested in the outdoor projectors that project a light show onto your house. So, maybe next year!

  38. I liked timbali on FB!

  39. Light free home, too much temptation for the squirrels. Crazy little creatures.

  40. White lights on our house and one inflatable snowman!

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  44. Inside only.

  45. inside lights no outside lights for us. (& those new 3d glasses are really taking our lights to new levels.)

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  47. Becca Weaver says:

    No outside lights but I wish we did!

  48. Nothing crazy here, but we do put lights on our bushes and trees and we have a nativity that we shine a spot light on.

  49. Tabitha Roybal says:

    I dig Christmas lights, and I keep it simple myself. Have you seen those new light beams that make your entire house look glitter bombed? A YES in my book!

  50. HI. The older I get, the simpler my decorations. It’s kind of refreshing, actually.

  51. Mild light decor…:)

  52. Love lights!!!! The more the better!

  53. CONNIE DAVIS says:

    Our little town does an Olde Fashioned Christmas celebration every year, which includes horse drawn carriage rides. We put up some lights & few yard ornaments for the people to enjoy as they drive by.

  54. I don’t have a house of my own but love to look at house lights!!

  55. No outside lights yet, but we were just talking about changing the outside light bulbs to red and green for Christmas. It would be easy yet festive.

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  58. We have some outside lights but it is mild. White lights out front and colored lights on our deck!

  59. Those scrabble ornaments are great! Also no Christmas lights. We live in an apartment – although don’t let me fool you… we have some neighbors that go all-out decorating their windows with flashing lights!

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  61. I like Timbali on facebook

  62. No lights here. We’re pretty simple. Tree, stockings, a nativity and done.

  63. Done and made so well!

  64. LOVE the Timbaland bag! Hope I’m a winner! Nevertheless, I think you and your cousin are super generous and may God bless you!

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