Scrabble Tile Ornaments

Hey hey guys!  Jumping right to it…first, I loved reading about people’s light choices.  Totally was cracking up at some of your responses and the amount of squirrel problems some of you have.  Josh Kelley is the Christmas person around our house…he does it all…and this year he ventured into house lights.  They are mild and simple, but if he had all the resources in the world, I feel confident we would be total Griswold style.

Next up, the Timbali bags winner is…

CAROL SAYS: Shared on Pinterest TOO!!!!!

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On Sunday our kindness advent was an ornament delivery.  We added this one last year and just loved it.  We bought cheap paper mache’ ornaments from Joanns last year and the kiddos painted them.  This year we wanted to do a little something different.

I’ve had a bag of old scrabble tiles for about 4 years now.  I use them for varying little projects and thought the kids would love to use them to make ornaments.  This project was crazy simple.

Here’s what you will need:

scrabble tiles

hot glue gun

popsicle sticks


That’s it!!!

Our big kids can use a hot glue gun, but not so much Amon.  He can be quite clumsy and quite untrustworthy 🙂

Hudson wanted to give away an ornament he painted at church, so Harper and Sol were the only ones really doing any new making and I helped Amon.  Everyone chose their recipient(s) & words and then started pulling all their letters they needed.  From there the steps are super simple.

*First, we hot glued the tiles together on the sides.

*Second, we hot glued a popsicle stick to the back for extra support.

Third, we hot glued a ribbon for hanging.

Crazy simple!  The end.

 For today’s kindness advent we are making bookmarks and leaving them in books at the library.  Tomorrow we are taking baked goods to the police and fire station.  Hudson insisted we do this one this year.  Food is part of his love language.


I’ll see you tomorrow…here’s to another week.

Happy Monday!!

Timbali Giveaway + Tees


I posted on Saturday which is completely not my norm.  So in case you missed it today is one last giveaway.  I have a crazy kind family and my cousin Emily wanted to support Timbali Crafts, but wanted me to give it away instead.  So here I am…bearing Timbali goodies.

Up for grabs is one of their shoulder bags and zipper pouches.  Both will go to one winner.

 3 ways to enter:

1:  Leave a comment…any comment will do.  Maybe share if you are a house Christmas lights kind of person or no…and if you are is it mild or full on Clark Griswold.

2.  Share this post via social media…Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, whatever suits your fancy.

3.  Like Timbali Crafts over on their Facebook page HERE.

Please leave a separate comment for each entry.

Winner will be announced tomorrow.

 In case some of you missed it, Sasquatch Design Society is selling new baseball tees for Ngungwane’s Garden Fund.  Once it is funded they will use proceeds from the tees to buy supplies for the carepoint which we will deliver next year on our trip.  You can get your baseball tee HERE.

Speaking of trip, we are still looking for people to join our Swaziland, Africa trip next May 29-June 8.  If you want to go, you’re in!  All are welcome.  Email me at pitterpatterart at gmail dot com or message me HERE if you are interested.

Saturday and Sunday’s kindness advent was surprise chalk art and ornament drop.  The big kids were super sneaky and quiet while they chalked up a driveway.  Hudson was pretty much quietly freakin’ out to himself the whole time about the possibility of being arrested.  He has the gift of worry 🙂  Super grainy picture with redness from our car break lights, but documentation was needed.

The ornament delivery is pretty new.  We added this one last year and the kids loved it.  This year we used paint, glue, ribbon and old scrabble tiles.  Too much fun!  And we forgot to deliver one ornament so that is on my to-do list for today.

Today we are delivering some school supplies to kiddo’s classrooms…largely of the snack variety because their teachers provide snack every day for the whole class.  Makes me gush!  Have I mentioned I love their school and their sweet teachers?!?!?!

Tomorrow we are making bookmarks and leaving them in library.

Hope everyone kicks off their Monday well!


Noonday Giveaway #3 + Mail


And the winner of the Feathered Fringe Earrings in Cobalt is…

MELINDA SAYS:  Children’s Christmas program at church on Christmas Eve. Then small open house with some friends and family. Our family tradition that us dear to us…

Melinda check your inbox for an email from me.

Pretty pumped it’s Wednesday…the week is almost through.  Up for grabs today is the Velocity Necklace.  I am a huge fan of this necklace!  It’s so versatile and you can wear it dressed up or dressed down…like with a tee, jeans and converse…not that I’ve done that…just sayin’.  It’s beautiful and hip.  It basically has my heart.

2 ways to enter:

1:  Leave a comment…any comment will do.  Maybe share your favorite baked good to fix at Christmas…no recipe required, but I’m always so intrigued by people’s favorite treats.

2.  Share this post via social media…Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, whatever suits your fancy.

Please leave a separate comment for each entry.

Winner will be announced tomorrow and the next giveaway will begin…again.

Make sure you follow along on instagram too…I’m @pitterpatterart…to enter to win the Bethie Rope Necklace…a wildly popular Noonday necklace.  My best friend Ashley is a Noonday ambassador and while trying to pick out everything for these giveaways she said I had to get this necklace.  It’s Noondays most popular necklace and goes with everything…it’s Ashley approved.


Today for our kindness advent we are mailing mail.  We did all our card writing last night…it did end in tears for one Kelley kid and a “You’re done.  Go to bed.” from me, but alas, we can’t win them all. #parentingishard  So letters we’re written, fun surprises were chosen and after school we will be headed to the post office to make it all kinds of official.  And yes, Amon even wrote a “letter” to a friend which was seriously the cutest thing ever.

Tomorrow we are leaving encouraging notes on cars.  This is super fun for all those writers and drawers in your family…and we have a house full.

Some random housekeeping:  I was late to the game, but key fob sets are now listed on my “Currently Available” page.  These are ready to ship, so once payment is received I will ship out asap.

Also tomorrow is the Timbali Party.  I started organizing bags yesterday…starting with the 99 cosmetic bags 🙂  I use their cosmetic bag to hold all my Bible journaling supplies.  You can see the one I use HERE.  Tons of food, drinks, laughter, fun, Timbali bags & aprons, door prizes and a random free pile for good measure.  Grab some friends and make it a ladies night.

Thanks for being awesome.  I can’t say enough how much I appreciate your kindness and that you even stop by to read all my randomness.  Hope your day is crazy good.

Happy Wednesday!


Timbali Crafts Party

I wanted to remind everyone about the Timbali Crafts party Im hosting coming up Thursday, December 3rd 5:30-8:30.  Today I got a dirty look from the UPS dude hauling all this to our front porch in the rain.  For the record I did say thank you.

You guys, I have soooooo much Timbali it’s flippin’ amazing.  I immediately started opening each box and snapping pictures and staring at all the bags very longingly like.  I’m kind of a Timbali super fan #99…name that movie?!?!?  Anyways, I made my FB event today and wanted to remind you about the party again because…ummmm, 4 giant moving boxes full of goodness and Christmas is in 6 weeks.  This is the perfect chance to purchase with a purpose.  These beautiful, amazing Swazi women have poured their talent and pride into each item and this is an awesome way to support our friends across oceans.  All the money goes directly back to the women…this is their dignity and the way they support their families and we get to play a small role.

There will be no ordering at this party, so you come and shop and take home all your items that night.  This also means first come, first serve and when an item is gone, it’s gone.  I have sling bags, doll dresses, market bags, drawstring backpacks, wristlets, shoulder bags, mega totes, aprons, zipper pouches and cosmetic bags.  The cosmetic bag is what I use to hold my Bible journaling supplies.

As always, I promise crazy good food and drinks, laughter and fun and I’ll bring an awkward moment or two because that’s just what I do.  What a great ladies night, so feel free to share with your friends and family and bring your peeps with you.  The more the merrier always.

And don’t forget, we’re planning another trip to Swaziland, Africa to visit the Ngungwane carepoint.  May 29th-June 8th 2016.  We are trying to assemble another team and maybe you are one of them.  All are welcome.

You can email me or send me a message HERE for more details on the party or trip.  So excited about both.

Happy Monday!