Panda Tee Fundraiser

Here’s what I know…God is good and He uses His people…and we know some crazy kind people.  Like crazy crazy kind.  I have been spinning all the ways people are helping and offering to help and all the different ways we have to raise money to help fund this adoption in such a short time through my head.  And it makes me cry…not out of fear or anxiousness, but out of gratitude and humbleness.  I seriously cannot get over it.

We now have an on going list on our chalkboard to help keep everything straight…our gofundme, my shop, Bible journaling class schedule, our Noonday party date, grants received, donations, Nothing Bundt Cake week dates, stationary launch and now we’re adding the sweetest panda tees to the list.  We just know some good people who are doing really loving and kind things on behalf of our boy and our family and again I’m left with feeling like thank you just isn’t quite enough.

Marcie, Nick and Meagan of Sasquatch Design Society are at it again.  They took on the huge task of our Ngungwane tees and are now offering up their business, skillz, time and expertise yet again, but this time on behalf of our family.  They designed and are printing the sweetest tees in all the land just for us.  A lovely little panda with Romans 12:9-12:

“Love from the center of who you are.  Be cheerfully expectant.  Don’t quit in hard times; Pray all the harder.”

YES!!!!  Let me cry a little more.

Here’s how this will go down:

We are doing a PRE-ORDER for tees for 2 weeks.  Head over to MY SHOP for more details and to place your order.  We’ve got youth and adult sizes.  Think Christmas party people.  I’ll be tracking orders for 2 weeks and then printing and shipping will begin.  **Please note these tees will not ship right away like the key fobs sets have been.**  I have been a shipping machine getting key fobs out ASAP, but the tees will be different since we are doing a preorder as to not over print and then have a ton of tees just sitting around.  Thank you in advance for your patience!

Even if you are not interested in a tee, but come on they’re freakin’ adorable 🙂 you can always help us just by spreading the word.  Take to the internet and your social media…email, text, blog, tweet, instagram, Facebook, Pinterest etc and share MY SHOP LINK  This would be a massive help to us.

The Sasquatch team are yet again offering up their services with the most gracious and generous love and our family is beyond grateful.  God just continues to blow us away time after time after time. Now let’s all order panda tees 🙂

Happiest of Fridays indeed.


  1. I would like to order a shirt…do you know if they shrink or if they are fitted? Thank you.

  2. Hey Jill…they are unisex tees…so not fitted. There’s a full description of the shirts in my shop where they are for sale. Thanks!


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