Who is else is excited it’s Friday?!?!?  I totally am.  We’ve got things like baseball and soccer and the drive-in and just some mellow chill time on the docket.

A few things for today:

Noonday recently launched it’s new fall line.  YOU GUYS!!!!!  The more I look at it the longer my list grows.  I was all, “I’ll just pick a few things to show everyone” and this is what I could barely narrow it down to.  Sigh.

I have a gift card that is literally burning a whole in my pocket.  I pretty much need that Mary Poppins bag for fall.  It’s beckoning to me.  And mark your calendars for Sunday, September 25 from 2-4pm because I’m hosting a Noonday party.  I will always get behind this company because it is legit and genuine and true and coming along side women and families all around the world.  They are my total jam.  Also 20% of sales go directly towards our adoption process.  We are so excited about adding another sweet son in the mix.  You can read more about our boy and our journey HERE.

If you can’t make the party, no worries, you can place an order HERE.  Just double check at checkout and make sure Laura Kelley is your hostess and Rebecca Daniels is your ambassador.

 This will be my PSA for the week:  You need this in your lives.  And why did I just now discover them.  The end.

I’ve worked like crazy on key fobs this week.  So many fun sets coming soon.  Can’t wait to post them all, so if you’ve been wanting to snag a few keep those eye peels.  They are on their way.

Our house has been a bit insane lately and I decided it must be reclaimed this week which meant I needed to immediately, if not sooner, clean out a closet at 8am.  This is my brain.  Amon was pumped because he found a hammer.

A sheet tent is always a good idea.  Always.  It instantly gives them something magical to do which they could not love more.  Plus, they play…with each other…which means I get to sow key fobs 🙂  I consider this wise parenting.  And if I have a job that needs to be done, I call on them.  They LOVE LOVE LOVE to help.  Our littlest dragged the biggest bag of trash out of my cloffice and down the stairs all the way to our laundry room.  Give her a task and she is one happy lady.

And Oreos have gotten a little out of hand at our house.  With Hudson’s new allergies we’ve been keeping oreo packets on hand for him to take with him places when we know there are going to be treats he can’t have…church, birthday parties, school, etc.  This unfortunately means Josh Kelley and myself have full access to oreos.  Not good you guys, just not good.  Long live Oreos and milk.

Enjoy your weekend and Happy Fri-yah!!!


  1. But seriously, I just love your house so so much.

  2. Okay, I don’t understand the oreo thing. Is he supposed to avoid gluten/flour? I would think that they are made with flour. Enlighten this gluten fee woman.


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