Friday Thoughts

Well who else is super pumped it’s Friday?!?!?  I know I am.  We’ve had quite the fall break and I’m ready for Josh Kelley to have some extra time at home with us.  We ended up not going to the zoo because Amon got his foot crushed in a seesaw swing and we ended up at the hospital getting X-rays and now he’s going his normal 110% speed…on one leg. 🙂

His foot fiasco reminded me of the time he broke his arm when he was tiny and actually finagled his way out of his cast and I found it laying in our living room floor.  Then we had to go back to the hospital to have his arm recast and they gave him a full arm cast to keep him from escaping a second time.  Amon has always, always, always made life interesting.

There are a few things I live by solidly in life.  1.  I love Jesus.  Always and forever…no matter my current feelings.  2.  There is no such thing as too many chocolate chips in chocolate chip cookies.  Seriously, no such thing.  And 3.  Raisins have no place in any dessert.  None.  Nada.  Never.  These are my rules I live by.

THIS is still my all time favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe.  It’s the only one I make now.

I discovered Emily McDowell’s shop this week and I am want to purchase every single one one of her cards.  It’s like she looked into my brain and created a card line from my thoughts.  So much love.


We’re still trying to reach a big goal in our sock shop so we can max out our Morning Star matching grant.  You can read all about Socktober HERE.  And head over HERE to our sock shop and grab some fun, funky socks.  We need to sell 258 more packs of socks!!!  Think Christmas!!!!  Would so love your help and feel free to share.

I have a favorite new chicken crockpot recipe.  Find it HERE.  It is delicious and crazy easy.  I’ve decided if it’s not on the menu for the week then I’ll just make some for lunches during the week because everyone loved it!  We did not serve it over rice though, instead some people made nachos, some made soft tacos and some had taco salads.  So so good.

We kind of break or rust coffee cups a lot.  Ha.  Instead of tossing them all, Josh Kelley will glue back together the ones that have simply breaks or the rusted ones we just keep.  Then he buys succulents and little plants to go in them.  Some are actually potted and some he just sat in the cups in their little pot they came in.  Crazy cute and I am loving our bathroom window ledge these days.

And have you seen the movie Storks?  Every single time we get to the end of the movie I cry.  Every.Dang.Time.  The music plus all these families getting their babies they’ve dreamed and longed for.  Gah!  All the feels people.  All the feels.  If you haven’t seen it, watch it.  Such a funny and good movie.

Okay.  I hope you have one amazing weekend.  I’ve got a date tonight with some friends and I am super excited.  I’ve taken on quite the hermit nature…Josh Kelley asked if I was going to start having milk delivered to our house…insert middle finger emoji…hahahaha…so I’m excited to get out of the house tonight with some of my favorite people.  Here’s to a good weekend!

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  1. SAME RULES. Raisins are the worst ever surprise in baked goods. To quote Roz Doyle from Frasier, on chocolate-covered raisins (also an abomination): “I’d like to meet the idiot that came up with these. Take a grape, let it shrivel into a disgusting little wart and cover it with perfectly good chocolate. [She rips the package open.] What the hell. I’ll just suck the chocolate off.”
    Bake them, and they’re like nasty little explosions of doom masquerading as pregnant flies. So gross.

    Hope Amon is back on two legs soon. Our only boy is our youngest at 18m, and since he’s already taken it upon himself to go down the *big* slide at the playground with very little bothers given, I would imagine we might be finding an empty cast on the living room floor at some point as well. Oy.

    After flipping off my husband about the milk comment, I would totally ask if that was complicit permission to spend the $$. Bahahaha.

    We are nearing the end of the application process for pre-adoptive foster care, so I’m not sure if I should wait on Storks or go ahead and see it before there’s another person/people in our family.

  2. Raisins are an evil surprise. In granola bArs fine (I have a redonk recipe btw), but at least you got to cookies. I ate two bags of just chips since Sunday. Storks. Yes I almost lost it the first time… at least now I’m emotionally prepared. I made gooey butter cake (extra butter stick) today and thought of you all. Praying for you all

  3. Also. My son is pigeon toady. Constantly. How you like me now? Hey bro. My girlfriend lives in Canada…..
    he walked in on me changing and I was like buddy let me get a bra on! He responded with “hey brA. My girlfriend lives in Canada”. ‍♀️‍♀️

  4. And Emily MC Dowell is the best.

  5. I love Emily McDowell! I bought half my Christmas presents on her sight last year!

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