Socktober {Round 2}

One of the emails and messages I get frequently, which is quite hysterical and I totally love, is about the WeHelpTwo socks.  So many of you have wanted to know how and when you could get more.  It’s so great and I love that you loved your socks from our first round of Socktober.  Everyone in the Kelley family are huge fans and still wear their fun, funky socks.  Josh Kelley probably the most out of anyone.

So when Bethany at WeHelpTwo sent me an email telling me about a really crazy sweet way they wanted to support our family I just thought it was the kindest.  And then when a whole slew of new patterned socks showed up in our mailbox, well, we just felt honored and loved to be in for another round of sock selling.

WeHelpTwo set up a whole webpage for OUR FAMILY along with crazy easy online purchasing.  Not only will the socks go to support our family in a really special way, but WeHelpTwo also donates a pair of warm thermal socks for us to give to our local Room In The Inn.  And not only do these socks support our family and Room In The Inn, but Bethany shared with us that our fundraiser will also support Morning Star Foundation too!  For every dollar raised, up to $1600.00, there will be a matching grant that will go directly to Morning Start Foundation.  I just could not love this more because Morning Star is so special and Meredith, who runs the baby home in China, is so dear to me.

Let’s do a quick recap…when you purchase some fun socks your money will help support our family and Room In The Inn and Morning Star.  That’s a lot of bang for your buck x 3!

We’ve got approximately 27 days to sell the crap out of some socks.  So head over HERE and sock purchase away.  Let’s think Christmas and birthdays and just because and treat-yo-self and a plethora of other celebratory things to purchase socks for.  🙂  And as always, please feel free to share with everyone you know.  The more, the merrier…always.

Oh, and just a little sock wisdom:  Harper is 10 and can wear the girls and women’s socks.  She loves both.  And we are of course massive fans of the heart patterns and the rainbow Fiesta argyle pair.  Couldn’t be more fitting for our Everett boy!


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