December 14 & 15

Yesterday our kindness advent was delivery breakfast to someone.  Harper has been sick, so sadly she missed out on this one.  Nothing says Good Morning like donuts and Arbys and coffee.

Today we left a little treat for our mailman.  He’s always super kind to the kids.  Fresh homemade chocolate chip cookies, some thank you notes and a Starbucks card.  He works dang hard.

Tomorrow we are leaving money on some vending machines.

Harper is home sick today and Amon is kind of totally excited about it.  They are the cutest together…they have a really special little love.

Amon Kelley Fun Fact:  He loves to eat on the floor of the kitchen.  He and I usually eat lunch everyday just like this.  For family dinners we eat together at our table, but when Amon is solo you will usually find him right here for meals.  And I oblige because why not.

And how about we end this post with another couch stain conundrum.  Amon strikes again.  This time with a busted nose…his nose on Sol’s hard head…and a bloody trail to follow.  I went with straight cold water, but it didn’t work and now in the light of the morning I want to weep big tears over our precious couch.  Remember…never ever ever again will we purchase a new couch until Amon moves out!

Hope your weekend was grand and your week is off to a magnificent start.  Happy Monday!


  1. Did you try peroxide on the couch? I used it to clean blood off my scrubs as a vet tech

  2. Peroxide takes blood out without fading any colors!

  3. Randi B and Glenda…you just made my day!

  4. I have to tell you as a mother of 5 to try “kids and pets” to get the stains out if the couch. You can get it on amazon or at walmart or Home Depot.

  5. Amon’s spit (it is a trick I learned from quilting which probably has all sorts of scientific reasons but I don’t know what they are) will get his blood out of the couch, but then he would probably want to spit everywhere else. So, yeah, maybe peroxide is best.

  6. Try Soil Love. It works on everything at my house. You can get it at the 99 cent store. You’ll love it.

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