Craft Time {Paper Lemonade}

First, thank you so much for all the emails and messages and comments yesterday.  You guys are super encouraging and I completely appreciate it.  It’s always a bit nerve racking throwing your little insecure truths out there for anyone to read, but it’s just where my heart & head are right now.  So thank you for being so kind.  Now for some craftyness.

I think my all time favorite craft supply is paper.  Paper has endless possibilities especially when you pair it with glue and scissors.

The other day Harper asked if we could make real lemonade.  Unfortunately I never ever ever have an entire bag of lemons on hand…I don’t even keep one lemon on hand for that matter.  She was okay with my, “Harp we don’t have any lemons.”  So she then asked for a lemonade craft.  Now I can work with that.  My brain got to thinking and here’s what we came up with.

Here are the supplies you will need: paper (we used 8 1/2 x 11 sized sheets), square shaped sponge, white paint, glue gun, tall straws (I just stuck two regular sized straws together to make the larger straw), scissors, glue, tiny paper triangles and lemon slice tracers (the dark blue circles & half circle).

I did a little prep by doing an example first so the wee Kelleys could see what the craft would resemble as they were working.  I also made tracers for the lemon slices so they could trace their own.

Okay, so Step 1:  Cut out their glass.  I went ahead and just traced my example one and let them cut it out.

Step 2:  Each kiddo decided how many lemons they wanted in their lemonade, traced them onto yellow paper, cut them out and glued them to their glass.

Step 3:  Next they glued the little triangles to the inside of their lemons.  I pre-cut a bunch of tiny triangles from different patterned papers and let them go to town glueing.  Harper had a system.

Step 4:  Ice cube time.  I just cut a square out of an old sponge I had and then they stamped away.  An old magazine cover folded in half held our paint…so profesh.

Step 5:  And lastly each kiddo laid out where they wanted their straw and I hot glued it in place.

There you have it.  Paper lemonade.  When in doubt, just use paper.  Not as tasty, but just as cute.

Happy Thursday.


  1. so fun! will steal!

  2. Lorie Smith says:


  3. KELLYE bELT says:

    This is so cute and looks like a lot of fun! Great idea!! Thank you for sharing!!!

  4. It s a fantastic idea!Kids will love it

  5. Veronica says:

    This is a “cool” idea for summer ☀️

  6. I’m the Editor of Fun Family Crafts and wanted to let you know that we have featured your lemonade project! You can see it here:

    If you have other kid-friendly craft tutorials, we’d love for you to submit them. Thanks for a great project idea!

  7. Rebecca says:

    Are there templates for this?


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