We’re on snow day #4 of the week and we have zero snow.  Tennessee can get a little harry and confusing in the winter time.  Valentines are all ready for tomorrow because we are oh so hopeful and I have 3 semi big kids who are crazy excited about Valentines activities with their classmates.

Our printer was a game changer in the valentine box decorating/creating this year.  Hudson and Solomon just picked random Star Wars and Lego images, we printed them and then they cut and taped.  They also hot glued actual lego pieces to their boxes.  This was Hudson’s idea which he and Solomon both thought was pure genius.  I obliged.  Another game changer this year…Harper.  She was on her A-Big Sister game with the helping of distribution and she also filled out all of Amon’s and our littlest’ valentines for their classmates.  We would have all surely perished over this long snow week without Harper.

I love to dote on our teachers for all occasions and even no occasion at all.  They’re really in the thick of it this year with testing and all those precious little humans who can and are on so many varying levels.  They love them well and I like to try and love our teachers well.  Target + Chocolate = Love…am I right?!?!?

Last night I spent about 2 hours fixing our littlest’s hair.  I was trying a new do which was completely new to me.  I’m use to short boy hair or hair that is similar to my own.  For Solomon’s hair we usually hit it with some coconut oil and he’s out the door.  Amon’s and Harper’s doesn’t need a thing.  Hudson’s need a good combing because he seriously has like a quadruple crown plus a double cowlick…hahahaha.  I’m learning more and more about our littlest’s hair.  I want to make her mama proud and care for it how it needs to be cared for.  As I walked her out to the car this morning for her visitation I was nervous…I’m still learning you know?!?!?!  My day was absolutely made when I received an unprompted text from her mom with heart eye emojis about her hair.  Seriously you guys!!!  I could have cried.  I now have approximately 3 hair dos for her in my belt…2 of which are puffs and just natural with a bow…so make that actually 1.  If anyone has a good one for me to try send it my way.

February’s Bible journaling class still has 3 spots available.  Class is Saturday, February 27th at 1pm.  You can read all about the class HERE.  Let me know if you want to grab a spot or 2…or 8 🙂

I’ve been asking God for some very specific things this year.  One of which is change.  Change in my heart.  Change about the sins I see in myself.  Change for the sins I don’t recognize in myself yet, but that I know are there and I want to see.  It’s scary for me to pray for change, but I know it’s much needed.  I’m in 1 John right now and man is the message loud and clear.  Sometimes these messages aren’t much “fun”.  No one likes seeing the yuck in themselves, but it’s just totally necessary.  I’m picking up what you’re laying down John.

I’m making THESE at some point today.  I just can’t quit them and I’m going to give heart shapes and a crazy amount of sprinkles a shot…the red, pink and white variety.

It feels like I’ve accomplished approximately 2 things this week 🙂  I’m still working on orders.  Trying to wrap them up quickly and not keep people waiting too long.  If you’d like to place an order just message me HERE.

And if you we’re on the fence about our Swaziland trip the time is officially now.  Let me know asap if you are wanting to join our team…this week is it!  I am super excited with the team we’ve got going, but would totally love to have you join us.  You can read about our past trips HERE.

Littles are stirring and cookies are in our near future.  I’m off.

Happy Thursday!


  1. Oh, I see my key fobs!! That was fast! 🙂 Will you send me a Paypal invoice and I’ll pay right away. Thanks so much!

  2. Can you share what the style was? I am always looking since I have three heads to fix.

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