Week 2: Saturday Giveaway

It’s no surprise this September Heart Goal we’ve set is big and kind of absurd and pretty lofty, but I really believe it can be met all together.  I feel like there’s something to be said for lots of people coming together and rallying around another human being.  I feel like there’s something to be said for generosity and love and kindness.  I feel like there’s something to be said for weirdly wonderful internet communities and the power we have all together.

Each week on Saturday we’ll be drawing for our weekly giveaway to thank one of our donors from that week.  Each giveaway is special and has fun items I truly would LOVE LOVE LOVE to receive myself.  It was so exciting last week cutting up all the names, folding the papers and then watching as Amon and Hudson drew the winner.  I posted all about it over on my Instagram page and you can follow along each week.  I do send out an individual message to the winner so they know they won!  So without further ado here are this weeks giveaway items!

First up are these three…yes, three…awesome Nellie Taft tees!!!  I gotta be honest, I really wanted to keep the Okay Cool one, but we shall part ways all in the name of giveaway love.  These tees are ethically made here in the U.S. by two women entrepreneurs and the tees are just so great!  They are all three sized Medium in an adult unisex size.  Definitely a roomier medium in my opinion…they DO NOT run small.  A keeper for yourself or an easy gift for a friend.

Before Everett had his surgery my kind friend Sherry sent me the sweetest heart necklace known to man.  I have worn it constantly and almost exclusively over the past 2 years and even bought an additional one for Harper.  I call myself an emotional jewelry wearer because most of the jewelry I wear has an emotional meaning or tie behind it.  I find myself and our little family weaving Everett into every part of our life…even giveaway items.  I want him to always be remembered and celebrated and represented.  So I wanted to share a similar heart piece with this week’s winner and I snagged this necklace from the local Esther Rose Collection.  It’s simple, lovely perfection!

This 4×6 print will come along with your giveaway this week.  This is basically my heart on paper proclaiming what I know with every inch of my heart & body…our kids make us the luckiest parents on the planet.  I tell them almost every day they make us the luckiest and I hope one day they tell their own children the exact same thing.  This is a print of the hand-lettered original I did for this campaign.  It’s colorful and simple.  It’s small and mighty.  It’s a piece of my heart.

You know I love good candies so it was a no brainer to include somewhere in our months time together some Twin Snakes and this super fun bag of Starmix.  These are regulars around the Kelley household.  Twin Snakes are so so so so so good!!!!  I keep telling you guys to try them and that’s what I’ll keep right on doing.  If you like candy, get you some Twin Snakes.  The Starmix is crazy fun too.  Here’s what it reminds me of…it’s like Haribo took all their misfit gummies and threw them into one bag.  It’s like how you can now purchase a bag of not fully popped popcorn or a bag of burnt pretzels.  This is the gummy equivalent and we love them!  They are all different things and we’ve even had the joy of a single headed, an un-twin if you will, Twin Snake. 🙂 Fun, sometimes hilarious and yummy.

And there could not be a giveaway without a Target gift card.  THERE JUST COULDN’T!!  Might I recommend you spending the entire $25 on Twin Snakes?!?!  Target is my go-to because who doesn’t love Target.

I can’t say enough how this goal only gets met together.  You might think, I don’t really know very many people or I don’t have social media so sharing wouldn’t make a difference…well you are so wrong.  You can share in so many different ways…word of mouth, email, text, shock the world and WRITE A LETTER, social media, blog, twitter, snapchat, etc etc etc.  Sharing absolutely spreads the word and it only increases our chances to ease this financial burden in full.  Can you even imagine?!?!  Just makes me teary thinking about it.  So CLICK HERE to share and donate or grab the link below:


  We can totally do this!  Let’s keep singing this really brave song together.

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  1. Heather Herman says:

    You’re so right. I tried Twin Snakes bc of you and I love them!!!!

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