Week 1: Saturday Giveaway

Our Let’s Sing A Brave Song heart family fundraiser is moving right along.  We set this really lofty goal and I set smaller daily goals in my head.  It’s day 4 and so far we’ve hit those mental goals which is crazy exciting.  Each week all the donors from that week will be entered into a fun Saturday giveaway to celebrate what you guys have made happen that week.  This is not a goal that will be accomplished alone, but together.  We need all the help we can get donating and sharing…a whole bunch of people coming together and coming along side one another in love.  This is how this goal gets met.  Massive thank you to everyone who has given and shared already this week.

This week’s giveaway is made up of some of my personal favorites.  We wanted to make it special and something we would legitimately be excited to win ourselves.  We hope one of you will be pumped to win it as well.

Amon, our first heart warrior, painted this self-portrait last year and it’s been hanging on our wall ever since.  He was so proud of his artwork and I burst into tears upon him showing me it.  The way he saw himself and then transferring that onto paper with different medias will be one of my life’s most prized possessions.  And that little rainbow on his chest is the sweetest nod to his little brother Everett.  We carry him with us always.  This 16×20 print of Amon, our incredible heart warrior that changed the trajectory of our family, will be one of yours.

Bonus Win: Winter’s face…free of charge.  You’re welcome!

Along with Amon’s print, 2 of my most favorite & top used Young Living products…a Deep Relief roller and Citrus Fresh oil.  I use the Deep Relief roller every night and almost every morning.  I roll it onto my temples and across the back of my neck and also on my back.  Citrus Fresh is amazing and I use it 100 different ways from diffusing it in our diffuser to in our laundry detergent to spraying it around our house and over our laundry and so many other uses.  It smells great and is super versatile.

Josh Kelley is our coffee guy.  He drinks black coffee every single morning and sometimes treats himself to some Starbucks.  A day without a coffee is typically an off feeling kind of day for him.  A $25 Starbucks gift card would be a treat.  And you know our love for good candies.  These Sweetart Ropes are a new found summer love and I definitely wanted to include all the yummy flavors for one of you…Apple, Cherry Punch & Strawberry.  I have shared these more times than I can count because the world just needs to know how tasty and fun they are.

And the last thing wrapping us this Saturday’s giveaway is a set of 4 key fobs.  Key fobs are such a fun, practical gift and make finding and keeping up with your keys way easier.  This set of four carry meaningful words to our family…Amon’s name means “faithful”, Everett’s name means “Brave & Strong” and Leo’s name means “Lion; Brave People”.  And the 4th “Brave Will Be Our Song” because we know this truth and we know we are all singing a really brave song together this September to celebrate brave hearts and family.

All the donors for this week will be entered to win this fun giveaway and all the items will be mailed directly to the winner.  I love fun mail so you can rest assured it will be the cutest package you’ve ever received!  Please continue to help us spread the word.  Head over HERE to donate or grab the link below to share.


No donation is too big, no donation is too small and we do not believe in over-sharing.  This goal only gets reached together!

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