Wave Pool Forever

You guys, I know I do this every single summer, but I just have to sing the wave pool’s praises.  It’s deep in my blood at this point and year after year after year they prove themselves worthy of our summer praise.

We go all the time and every single time it’s just as fun as the last and sometimes even more.  The best days are when we find friends there or Aunt Jen & Campbell join us.  The more the merrier all the time.

The kids are also insanely pumped when we ditch the packed lunches and devour all the concession stand tastiness.  There are always at least 7 of us so that can get a bit pricey if we do it every single time, so we save it for extra special feeling wave pool days.

Last week we discovered our littlest gal is now also tall enough for the big tube slides and she has felt fully empowered by this.  She goes over and over again while chatting up anyone in between her and her next turn down the slide.  She and Amon are thick as thieves on those tube slides now.  Definitely the top summer event for them so far.

People ask me a lot about why it seems empty.  We usually avoid weekends, we always try to arrive when it opens and we like to go on days with a large chance of rain.  Hahahaha.  This will usually lighten the crowd.  It always gets busier as the day moves on, but nothing that’s too much for us.

So if you’re in the area and looking for a fun outing this is your place.  Everyone is nice and the lifeguards are ON IT and it’s seriously so much fun.  And this is completely unsolicited.  I get nothing for telling people about Wave Country…they don’t even know I’m doing it…they are simply our summer jam and I love places that are diverse and fun and doing a really good job.

Head over HERE for all their details and they always have a COUPON you can print for each person going.  Hola!


  1. Happy Place!

  2. Amy Lafayette says:

    That’s It! You’ve convinced me! We are going to go to the Wave Pool one day this month. I just printed off the coupons!!!! Maybe we will see you there! 😉

  3. Nothing wrong with family fun! It’s great they all can enjoy everything together now. Continued prayers, thoughts and love!!!

  4. Oh the Wave Pool…so many memories! Growing up in Nashville, it seemed like a rite of passage to either work at Opryland or the Wave Pool. Thanks for the glowing review – I think I may take my son next week while in town visiting my parents.

  5. I wish I lived in Nashville

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