Update: Day 6 {morning}

A quick update this morning.  Here is what I shared on Facebook and Instagram earlier this morning:

“We had another scary moment yesterday evening when Everett was really struggling again. His heart rhythm went all wonky and his numbers continued to fall too low. His team kept gathering up, his nurse would give him an epi spritzer and then his numbers would rise. They did this 3 times and finally got him paced with the pacemaker and discovered one of his medicine lines had become undone in the bustle. Everett had a pretty uneventful night outside of that which was great. Josh Kelley and I did get some sleep and then Josh got on a plane early this morning headed for Nashville. I know 5 Kelley kids who are going to flip to see his face. This morning he’s been struggling a little more. He’s having heart rhythm issues and numbers dropping or shooting up too high. They think he was waking up while on the paralysis meds and did rule out seizure activity thanks to his EEG machine he’s still being monitored on. They gave him a quick working sedative and his numbers have dropped appropriately and did another EKG. His kidney function is pretty crappy looking so they’re going to work on that today as well. I know I’ve said it a 1000 times, but I’ll continue to thank you all for the amazing love, encouragement, support and prayers over Everett and our family. It makes me cry every time. It means the world to us.”

A little update on that update…

Well first a sidenote:  Everett’s little body has been through the ringer.  With two back-to-back major open heart surgeries just days apart and big anatomy changes for his body to get use to things change so so quickly with his body and therefore my updates can change so quickly.  I cracked up because this morning I sent out a text to our family & friends that he was doing pretty well and then not minutes later I was sending out another text because his numbers we’re falling fast.  It’s the biggest rollercoaster and rightly so…he’s really been put through it.  End sidenote.

So this morning his numbers have just continued to shoot up and then plummet.  He yo-yos with the best of them.  His morning nurses are already talking about what an eventful day we’ve had already.  I told them he has a flare for the dramatics. 🙂  They shut off his cooling blanket because they really want to try letting him regulate his own little body, but he just struggles with it.  They are still adjusting things, but since Josh left this morning I’ve called him with two scares.  He will surely give me a heart attack, but at least I’m in the right place for it.  🙂  And in other news:  The Kelley children we’re beyond thrilled to see Josh and heard he got lots of hugs.

Thank you again as always for the prayers.  We are truly truly grateful.


  1. Checked updates first thing … I am praying for a comforter in body for you while Josh is back here. I am sure you know the Lord is the best comforter. Prayers for today

  2. Jane G. says:

    Everytime I wake up during the night I pray for Everett and your family. Your sweet family is on my heart.

  3. Cheryl Stone says:

    I am also praying for Josh, because I know it has to be breaking his heart to be away from you and Everett; for your whole family to be separated. You are all truly SO special. It is really an honor to be praying for you.

  4. Continuing to pray. At church yesterday we sang Made A Way and I prayed for you as we sang “You made a way When our backs were against the wall. And it looked as if it was over. You made a way. And we’re standing here. Only because you made a way….
    Made a way. Don’t know how but you did it
    You move mountains
    You cause walls to fall
    With your power
    Perform miracles
    There is nothing that’s impossible
    And we’re standing here
    Only because you made a way

  5. Praying continues.

  6. jEnnifer says:

    Praying praying praying!!

  7. Marianne cupples says:

    Always praying for your precious Everett and your sweet family!

  8. Bekah k-t says:

    Praying for that sweet boy, and for strength and peace for you, Laura. I know it must be so hard to be there alone with Josh gone. Wrapping you both in prayer.

  9. Sandy koentop says:

    I’m a member of Community Church and remember you and your family with admiration. My heart has been so touched by Everett, the pictures, and all that you have shared. I am praying for Everett and all who love and care for him now. Praying supernatural skill and wisdom for the medical team. Praying strength for you and Josh and comfort for your children. “Jesus, our provider and Great Physician, You know the hurt of Everett’s body and heart. Do Your best for him, I pray. In Your provision, bring help, hope, and healing. May Your tender and loving touch convey everything that is needed for him to make it through each day. In Your name and to Your glory, Amen”

  10. Praying for your precious little boy. May he have a full recovery and be returned to his family healthy and whole!

  11. Amy Barnett says:

    I am reading updates. I know Amy Lafayette through work. She is so sweet for posting your updates to FB. Little Everett has so many prayer warriors because of her efforts. I am adding him to our church’s prayer list (Sumner Christian Fellowship). But I will also be adding your entire family and all of doctors, nurses, techs, etc. that will be helping little Everett. You are so strong! I know your body and mind are exhausted. I just pray that God carries you, your family, and little Everett through this most difficult time!

  12. Dawn sullivan says:

    Oh sweet mama. My words are empty. My heart is full. I have an “e” on my hand in Sharpe. I will pray for you ALL when I see it. So thankful you have the Father to hold and carry you right now. I pray the Spirit blankets you with His presence and the breath of healing fills that hospital room.

    Big hugs. Big, big hugs.

  13. Stumbled upon your website a couple of days before Everett’s surgery and have been praying ever since. Everett is blessed to have such precious parents fighting for him every step of the way. May you all feel God’s loving arms surrounding you. Praying for continued strength for you and miraculous healing for your sweet boy.

  14. “He will surely give me a heart attack, but at least I’m in the right place for it. 🙂 ” You cracked me up with this one; glad to see your humor is still working. 🙂 I prayed for you all today as I watched my healthy little nephew play with rocks.

  15. Frances Dunaway says:

    The first thing I do when I wake up is hurriedly get my phone to look for an update. I continue to pray for God’s blessings, for strength for you, for the doctors and to continue to hold that sweet baby boy in His loving hands, to get him through this and to heal baby Everett.

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