Things Making My Days

Tennesse skies always and forever.

My friend Robyn surprise gifting me with this awesome tee!!!!  Isn’t she the cutest?!?!?!  And the nicest?!?!?!  And then there’s the tee which I will want to wear every dang day.  Let’s claim it ladies.

These two…of course.

Two new discoveries at Target:  1. They’re Archer Farms pizza that has spinach and basil and cherry tomatoes and goat cheese…OH MY!!!!!  And 2.  Real brand dark chocolate peanut butter cups.  I may have purchased waaaayyyy too many bags of them on clearance and then needed to buy them their own separate container.  Alas.

Josh Kelley’s mom and dad…AKA Big Daddy and Nene.  They just love their grandkids and family well.  At Harper’s awards day this week I snagged these two pics and I love them both.  I think they are even more proud of all their grandkids than all of us parents are.

Everett sleeping wherever he sees fit.  Sometimes I just creepily stare at him.  Ahhhhh.

Kroger flowers…always & forever.  When you don’t have a pickle jar available, a coffee tin or a salsa jar will work too.

Josh Kelley sitting on our counter top telling his sister a rousing good story.  Oh goodness do I love this guy.  Right now we feel like we’re drowning, but laughter is keeping us a float…I mean, and Jesus 🙂  When I ask him how he’s doing he always responds with, “So far, so good.”  Hahahaha.  Name that movie!

A surprise strawberry delivery by my mom’s sweet friend Roy.  We still keep in contact with him and the other day he randomly called and asked if I was home.  Then there he sat in our driveway with two huge things of yummy strawberries.  He is the kindest.

And I’ve looked at this picture over and over again this week of all 4 of my boys with some of their friends at field day.  When Josh and I first started a family I dreamt of being a mom to 4 boys…and here I am.  Good gracious.  How in the world?!?!?  God is too too good.

It’s mid-week.  We made it.  And the weekend is just around the corner.

Happy Wednesday.


  1. Love seeing updates , praying for you all! I love when people ask how are you!? Ummmmm that’s always a loaded question! Day by day we’re making it but the chaos is um, my normal. It’s a hard question. Man I wish we lived closer!! You are a great momma and I love seeing your family support system!

  2. Whoooo, those sky pictures are awesome 🙂 (Also, love the t-shirt!)
    Your stories with the t-shirt and strawberries remind me of my recent birthday, which could have been hard, but instead was full of people being kind and sweet surprises. Reminds me to pass it along.

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