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Saturday we partied with Katie our crazy kind Noonday ambassador and it was a blast.  Thanks so much to everyone who came out, ate, drank, laughed and shopped!  Hope you had some fun too!

This Friday is the last day to order and I’m closing in on a big goal and would love your help if you’ve had some items on your wish list or gift list.  I know I’ve been making all the lists for the holidays…teacher gifts, family & friend gifts, etc.  I love knowing my purchases matter and I’m getting killer gifts to give as well.

I love seeing Noonday items in person because it never fails I find items that I would never have purchased from just seeing them only online.  The try-on and see-in-person was fully necessary and I love when I find those fun items.  This time was just the same.  I knew I liked a bunch of their stuff, but then seeing them in person added more love or introduced me to items I never saw coming.

The Ablaze Earrings and Halcyon Hoops were absolutely INSANELY GORGEOUS and totally not something I would have ever purchased online!  Ever.  But then seeing them in person and then on my ears and I was fully sold.  They are incredible and both classic and statement pieces.  Maybe my top 2 favorite items from the entire evening.


My favorite bracelets surprised me as well.  Once again, I had not picked out any of these as ones I was eyeing, but the Crosshatch Cuff, Encircled Wrap Bracelet and the Utopia Bracelet Set won me right over.  Added them to my wishlist promptly!  Love the more muted color tones and gold.  BIG LOVE!

I’m typically a very simple necklace wearer…like usually wear the same necklaces over and over and over…like shower in and wear to the gym and sleep in them.  I have very few statement piece necklaces and definitely share my flare through my bracelets and earrings.  I hadn’t picked out the Spiraled Pendant Necklace or the Timeless Medallion Necklace, but when I saw them in person they really did still match my M.O.  Classic pieces that literally go with everything.  Both killer!

I laughed because they are basically the same piece, but if you absolutely made me pick the Spiraled Pendant would just win out by a hair.

Noonday’s Winter Line was awesome…just as expected.  It all sweetly reminded me so much of Everett…of course.  One thing I was really surprised by were the Brightly Felted Ornaments.  In my head, they were small, but they are actually really big.  I was crazy pleasantly surprised.  They are gorgeous bright colors and I immediately started thinking about what a fun little gift they would be to purchase, but then give individually coupled with a small Starbucks card or yummy chocolate.  That puts them right at $11 for a thought-filled gift.

 And last surprises of the night were the Adwa Foldover Clutch and the Anthology Market Tote.  I am definitely a bag lady.  I love fun, funky bags and have pretty much only one very classic bag.  I love boho and color and sling bags and pretty much the bigger the bag, the better.  Here, HOLD ALL MY THINGS PLEASE.

So for me, the Adwa Clutch was in no way on my list, but then I saw it in person and threw it over my arm and across my chest and I was sold.  Bonus:  It’s made in Ethiopia.  It’s gorgeous and really would still hold all my must haves and they have alternate straps you can purchase…Embroidered Bloom Strap and Jetsetter Strapthat are ridiculously cute.

PS:  Also could totally be killer camera straps.

And the Anthology Market Tote would be such a fun little gift.  It’s made really well and thick and who doesn’t need a fun pool or Aldis or park bag.  This is definitely a throw all our things for soccer in this bag and go kind of deal.  Loved it and it really wasn’t on my radar other than loving the color scheme.

So that’s my run down of my surprise party finds.  A mix of things I was surprised to find I really loved in person and wanted to pass it along to you guys.  Remember, last day to shop is this Friday!  CLICK HERE and snag some goodies.

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