Ten Things

1. Want to make someone’s day?  Grab an empty jar of any kind…I fancy pickle and salsa jars…fill it with any sort of flowers…I fancy Kroger’s sale flowers…and give it away.  Instant day brightener for anyone of your choice.  Simple and easy and totally effective.

2. I always look at the sky.  Since my kiddos were little tiny things I’ve always pointed out how pretty the sky and clouds are to them.  They are well trained and now point it out to me which is such a great reminder to me of the One who created it all.

3. Cardiologist visits are never easy, but when they are over and done with I’m thrilled to walk out of that office with my boys.  It’s one of the heaviest feeling places to me because I have such vivid memories of Everett and the hardest conversations we’ve ever had to participate in as parents.  I’m so thankful for a crazy amazing staff and a cardiologist who loves all our heart guys so well.

4. I shared this on Instagram the other day after yet another appointment with a specialist.  The appointment did not go well and I was down.  I figured if I was feeing the way I was surely there was another person feeling the exact same.

“Leo currently sees 6 specialists along with his regular pediatrician and eye doctor. Truthfully, keeping up with it all is hard and exhausting. But when I look at him I see absolute perfection and beauty and the brightest joy there is. I’m so honored he’s ours. ❤️

To all of you running your kids here and there and everywhere, to all of you fighting for the best care and answers on behalf of your child, to all of you with bills stacked high and calls to still make to insurance, to all of you who are flat out exhausted and want to run and hide, but are still forging on doing the very best you can….I’m applauding you and cheering you on. You are kicking ass even when you don’t feel like you are. You are brave and strong. You are making a giant difference in this world and you are the luckiest to parent that amazing kiddo of yours. This parent gig is hard as hell, but what an honor we’ve been given. Now if only insurance and all billing departments would get their shit together. And the people said Amen. 😂”

5. Sleeping Leo is one of my most favorite Leos.  I could cuddle him close and watch him sleep all day long.  Definitely one of my most favorite things to photograph too. 🙂


6. I’m headed to the Craft House this week and could not be more excited about seeing Meg and Kimberlee again.  They execute hospitality and inclusion like no others.  I’ve been to plenty of events and trips where all we’re supposed to be welcome, but it did not feel that way.  I’ve been a guest, a helper and a teacher at the Craft House and each time I felt the same…included, welcomed and seen.  They are the best at making room at the table for everyone…never an alternative motive…just welcoming love.  I cannot wait to hug their necks.

7. I went down a baby Winter rabbit hole the other afternoon.  It was the sweetest trip down memory lane looking at all her baby pictures.  This girl is really something else.  She brings so much laughter and joy and fire and spunk to our family.  There’s really no other Winter like ours.

8. Is it too early for fall decorations?!?!  I think not.  The wave pool is closing…today is the very last day…tear, all Tennesseans are pretty much over the insane humidity and my kids are already talking about their Halloween costumes.  I broke out our kid leaf art and set our fall and Halloween books out on our cofee table.  Bring on fall…we’re ready for it!

9. These two.  I can’t.  I just cannot.  They make my heart swoon crazy hard.  Harper adores when he crawls in bed with her in the morning.  And I cannot blame her one bit.

And 10.  Just because I simply will never get enough of him.  He is a giant shot of joy.


  1. I hope you have a wonderful time at the Craft House and come back refreshed and inspired! Your family is just beautiful and I love all the photos. The one with Josh and sleeping Leo…love it. Something about dads and their babes makes my heart pitter patter. Leo is getting SO big! Have a blessed day.

  2. Heather Herman says:

    I’m so excited for you going to Meg’s craft house! Going there is definitely on my bucket list! I love love love that I finally get to see Winter’s beautiful face. The way that Leo loves you in those last pics. My heart might explode!

  3. ANgie vandivier says:

    Oh my….I just love how much you love your family. You uplift so many through your words and encouragement.
    I have a grandson in foster care with loving parents like you. I am so thankful for you all. ❤️

  4. Continued prayers for each of you! Such sweetness in these pictures. Everett is missed and loved as well!

  5. After years of discussion, our rule is now: fall decorations/books/snacks/movies September 1; Halloween October 1; we do not skip Thanksgiving, so that’s November 1. We fudge a wee bit for Christmas. We put all the Fall stuff away the day after T-giving, and get out all the Xmas that Saturday. It has really lessened tears/arguments/buying binges!

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