December 12

This is the picture my friend Brea text me.

Bahahahahahaha.  It still cracks me up…over and over and over again.  And Amon has asked me 1000 times “Where Kistmas go?”  He refers to anything Christmas…anything…lights, decorations, Santa, 7ft tall holiday polar bear, etc as an all inclusive “Kistmas.”

Today for our kindness advent we are taking polaroid pictures of people for them to keep.  And tomorrow we are handing out Christmas books to kiddos shopping with their parents.

And because it’s Friday my brain is totally shot.  So I shall leave you with this little gem: Hudson’s gingerbread man he finished decorating early this morning before heading off to school.  It was a class project.  I blushed.  Then text his teacher along with a picture of the scantily clad gingerbread man.  Josh thinks he was trying to draw lederhosen.  I think this gingerbread man works at Chippendales.  My gingerbread brings all the girls to the yard…

After sending his teacher a text she replied:  “Hahahaha, tears streaming down my eyes right now.  Maybe he is a sumo wrestler??? The good news is-is that I am turning him into an ornament and sending it home in his stocking to go on your tree for years and years to come :)”  I die.  I feel the mask and triple bow ties really class this sting bikini wearing gingerbread man up a bit.

Children are a heritage from the Lord indeed.

Happy Friday.