Socks & Heartbeats

So we don’t have access to watching our sock progress, but Bethany at We Help Two did email me yesterday and said sales were going great!!!  You guys & SOCKS!!!  God is so crazy good.  Thank you, thank you for buying and sharing.  Our Socktober fundraiser will go for two weeks so between now and Halloween I will probably mention buying socks approximately 47 times.  Don’t hate me.  Here’s a live in action picture of our socks headed off to school.  The cutest, I told you!

PS: We bought zero new school clothes this year and it’s really showing up on Hudson. #bellyshirt

Don’t forget to head over to the We Help Two online stock store and snag your fun socks.  When checking out you’ll be prompted with Name of Organization You Are Helping just type in “The Kelleys“ and our family will receive 60% of your purchase to go towards our adoption expenses.

I was just bragging to Josh Kelley yesterday afternoon how calm, cool, uncrazy and hands off I’ve been in the wait so far.  And then we received several emails from our agency and my blood pressure surely went through the roof.  We had to sign a few more papers last night as our little guy’s papers have traveled to a new location.  I even figured out all on my own how to use our printer as a scanner and email the documents back immediately.  Can I just tell you how proud I was of myself!?!?!  I do not do technology well…a thorn in my side if you will…but anything for my baby boy.

I think about him a lot.  Like a lot a lot.  I wonder so many things and think all the thoughts about him and his heart and just how God is holding him so tightly right now.  I pray all the time about his transition and the loss he has and is going to suffer and beg God to be exactly what he needs and to allow our fierce love for him to cover language barriers.  For God to speak comfort and love and safety straight in to his little heart and soul.  I got my hair cut today and might have gotten my friend Brooke to buzz the underside of my hair and then edge in a heartbeat line underneath my remaining hairs.  Crazy??  Ummm, yes.  But sometimes momma’s do weird things for their kiddos.  Call my weird.  I’m embracing it.

So there you have it…a reminder to buy socks and to tell everyone you know plus one of the many weird things I’ve done while waiting for a son to come home.  I’m so glad I could enlighten you with my wisdom today 🙂

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Well, we need to see a picture of the haircut.

  2. I am reading your blog next to my 4 year old daughter and she said completely unprompted, “Mom, I like those socks”. So, I guess I need to get her some. 🙂 And we didn’t buy any new school clothes either … just shoes and backpacks!

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