So Long Summer

Well, it’s official, the end of summer has come for the Kelleys.  The wave pool opened and closed it’s doors yesterday for the last time this summer and now we’re all sad and counting down the days until next summer’s re-opening.

Harper said, “I’m already ready for summer.”  And that about wraps all our feelings up.  Wave pool forever.

I know it might sound silly or weird or like “What?” that we love this place so much, but it holds such fond memories of all our kiddos.  It’s nostalgia at it’s finest.  I remember bringing my wee Kelleys…Harper, Hudson and Solomon.  And then adding Amon.  And then adding Winter.  And then adding Everett.  And then the first time we went after losing Everett.  And then adding Leo.

I’ve laughed and cried in this place.  I’ve watched all my kids play and enjoy the water and soak up the sun and eat on our towels and wear floaties in the same place.  All 7 of our children sat in my lap and went down the smallest water slide.  I’ve seen the joy on each of their faces.  And I just love that.

We’ve gone with friends, run into friends there and met new friends.  It’s the perfect place to spend time with any type of friend.  It’s diverse and fun and everyone feels welcomed.  The giant pool in the hot summer Tennessee days evens the playing field for everyone and we’re all just humans trying to stay cool and survive…we’re all just doing our best.

We’ve seen Ms. Ashley approximately 732 times over the years and Amon’s most favorite memory is when a stray cat had babies in the women’s locker room.  Ashley let him see the kittens anytime he wanted to.  And even though that was like 2 years ago, he still asks her about those kittens.  Ashley is the nicest and always admits she’s not sure what those cats are up to these days.  Other than my kid memories, I love all my Ashley chats while we sat in the shallow water together.  We’ve laughed and shared and talked out a lot of life in that water.  It will never just be a waterpark to me.  Ever.  It’s just so so much more.

On Sunday we went and said our goodbyes.  Until next season beloved wave pool.  You will be missed and thought of and you better believe we’ll be back next year as soon as your doors re-open.  You have our summer love forever.


  1. Such fun memories! Gotta celebrate that it’s something each of you can enjoy. Think of your family often!

  2. I will never get tired of seeing pics of Everett.

  3. Beautiful. They’re so lucky to have you as their Mom!

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