Refresh Beauty Advertising Debut

I love/hate Facebook.  When I get on Facebook I typically do my PPA gig…check on comments, messages, try to respond to questions, post the link to that days blog, etc, etc, etc…and then I get off.  Friday night I had a message from a reader who had come across one of those ads that are ” suggested posts” and a company was using a picture from off here of me holding up one of our cardboard  “waiting for you” signs except they had photoshopped the sign.  She actually sent me a screen shot and I died laughing.  Like lost it.  I quickly got on our computer, found the page, got to scrolling and there I was…a full on screen shot was in order…I mean this is prime blog post material people.

I feel so famous.  Oh Refresh Beauty.  You photo swipers.  Of all our photos to swipe…seriously?!?!?  And the best part…the kicker…the text which goes along with my lovely picture…”I’m a 53 year old mom who used this simple trick to erase 10 years off my face.  If it worked for me, it will work for you!”

I’m intrigued with what exactly worked for me.  And hot dog, 154 likes and 87 shares.  Word up.  I was a little disappointed in the lack of comments though.

Let the laughter ensue.  I could not stop.  Big time cracking up.  Big tears.  I showed Josh Kelley.  He simply said, “So Refresh Beauty thinks you look 43 years old?!?!”  The laughter continued.

Thank you Andrea for taking the screen shot and sending me the message.  Today’s post is dedicated to you.  #shoutout #refreshbeautypleaseremovemyphoto

Happy Tuesday.


  1. Like you would EVER use such a plain ole’ black computer font like that! I know a fake “Laura Kelly” when I see one!

  2. Lauren Laborde says:

    That is quite possibly the funniest thing I’ve ever seen! Made my day 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  3. HILARIOUS! But also a little scary!

    And of course you don’t look anywhere NEAR 53! hahaha

  4. tack, tack, tacky! that is horrible! At least you got a good laugh out of it! And seriously, 43? whatever!

  5. Haha, too funny! Shame on them for stealing your photo – and for saying you look 43!

  6. SleepyMom says:

    Wow, just wow!
    If you’re looking 43, the rest of us are in trouble!
    Sounds like the perfect thing to keep and share with Harper when you want to have those talks about all false advertising aimed at women and their looks.

  7. THIS IS HYSTERICAL!!! wow. you’re a good sport. I mighta blown a gasket. 😉

  8. Hey, your “likes” have gone from 154 to 472! You’re totally famous!


  1. […] will happen with that picture right?  It is inevitable I will now be the face for some Chinese Refresh Beauty aging cream that claims I’m really 53, but now only look 43 and later will claim I’m […]

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