Nashville Heart Walk 2019 + Update

You guys!!!!!  Saturday we walked in Nashville’s Heart Walk and it was just the sweetest and hardest and wonkiest and joyous feeling time.  I feel like this sums up doing things…continuing on in life…after your child dies.  Joy is still there, but sadness is still there too.  Always.  And Saturday was no different…especially when you are around such precious people and walking for such crazy brave hearts.  I teared up so many times I lost count.

I cried watching Amon run around knowing the heart he carries in his chest still needs another surgery.  I cried watching our kids decide who to walk in tribute to.  I cried watching Harper draw a rainbow and write Everett’s name on the memorial wall.  I cried hugging Amanda, Toby’s mom, and walking side-by-side her knowing the fight Toby still has ahead of him.  I cried because I know the fight and the relief and the grief far too well.  I cried watching Aunt Jen write out her 3 nephews names.  I cried for Everett who wasn’t there and I cried for Amon and Leo who were there.  I cried because I miss him so very very deeply and would give just about anything to hold his small body once again.  I cried because life is so damn complicated and beautiful.

I hate that Everett isn’t here with us, but I love what he has taught all our hearts.  I love that he deeply impacts us daily in a way no other person could.  Everett has taught us love and compassion and empathy and fight and bravery.  We carry on for him and to bring honor and awareness and to celebrate his amazing life every single day.  We carry on moving another day closer to seeing him again.

On Saturday we also hit that 50% mark for this audacious heart campaign.  I can’t even believe it.  Together we have almost fully funded someone’s entire adoption expenses.  I knew this would feel big, but it still feels really really insanely big and I stood in our kitchen and cried when I saw where you guys had taken us that day.  Thank you for joining us in this love endeavor.  We are marching on and moving into the downhill slide…chasing after $4,700 with 2 weeks to go.  Are you freaking out because I AM?!?!?!   WE CAN DO THIS!!!!  Can you even imagine?!?!

We dreamed of a whole bunch of people coming together to do something kind…something any of us would be so overwhelmed with gratefulness if we were on the receiving end.  Loving like we want to be loved.  Right now 705 people have come together to raise $35,300.  This blows me away and thrills my heart.  We are coming for you $40K.

I cannot cannot say enough how important sharing is!  I know donations get us to the goal, but sharing with more and more people in hopes they see the campaign and read about why this is so important is SO SO important.  Please continue to help us spread the word and donate.  And don’t forget all of this week’s donors will be entered to win this Saturday’s fun giveaway.  After this week’s giveaway there is only one more left!  CLICK HERE to share and donate or grab the link below to share.

This insane heart campaign has grown wings and we are soaring towards telling a beautifully broken little heart, “You make us all the luckiest to love you.” ❤️  Thank you guys for jumping on this crazy love train with us.  This morning I received a donor match so for every $100 donation we receive today an anonymous donor will match those up to $500.  So 5 people donating $100 will turn into $1000.  Let’s go!

You guys are the best!  Thank you for believing in this with us!

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