Mom Struggling Well Podcast

I forgot to share in this space and wanted to drop into today and tell you about a podcast I did last week.  My friend Emily over on the Mom Struggling Well podcast recently asked me to chat with her about Everett and his death.  We talked about what it was like walking that road and how we got there, the complexities of grief, what we can do to walk along side each other through hard times, figuring out our kids’ grief and more.

It was a crazy hard conversation full of tears, but I am so grateful and honored Emily wanted to have this talk.  It was therapeutic and so incredibly nice to share about our brave, strong boy.

If you want to take a listen head over HERE, click on the photo of Everett and me and grab a tissue box on your way.  You’ve been warned.

I will never stop saying and knowing and believing how honored I am to be Everett’s mama and to be apart of his story.  Miss you sweet boy more than words could ever say.


  1. COUSIN AMY says:

    Priceless precious picture of you two!!! I’m so sorry:(:( Thankful you had each other even if for a short while! Love y’all.

  2. I’ve never listened to a podcast before, but today I listened to you speak about your little boy Everett. Although I followed your story and his prior to this, it was still lovely to hear you fill in some of the details about him and his very complex condition. I think of you all often and the pain you feel daily. Although I hope I never experience that same pain, much of what you said hit home for me, particularly about not wanting the weight of other people’s stories and how the friends we think we have and can rely on walk away and desert us in our hour of need. You are incredibly inspirational and strong and such a beautiful person. Know that you are making a difference and that you were the very best Mum Everett could ever have had. You were chosen for him and you were with him in his journey. His path was predetermined. What happened was not your fault. He was blessed to have such a beautiful family and you will forever be his family. Hugs to all of you.

  3. I have read your words for years and years…. dear friend in Christ. Just now I’ve listened to your sweet voice retell your family’s story of Everett. (I loved hearing you. I’ve only read you previously.) Your words are touching and healing for someone who has experienced another form of loss. And know these two things: You are prayed for and Everett will be remembered. Always. In Christian love and compassion, MKW

  4. You are a gift. Living your heartbroken messy beautiful life in full view is a gift to everybody watching.

    I am still swimming in the words you spoke about grieving Everett- about you’re sharing everything that not many people are brave enough to say out loud.

    One of my best friends is living in her almost 3yr old as he battles AML leukemia and is facing a bone marrow transplant. Your words speak life into that story. You spoke words she’s trying to find but turn to most before she can grab them to share. She’s in the thick of it- praying for life and health for her boy.

    I hate that Everett died. I hate that you don’t get to hold him and feel the Wright of his 4yr old self sink against you. I hate that you wait until you see him again- fully healed in glory- I hate that Jesus doesn’t come now and take us all home. Your faith- and you’re struggle with Jesus in it is a gift for us to watch. Thank you for sharing.

    I’m praying for you- for all of you- we don’t know each other but I feel so tied to your story- I am a foster/adoptive mama and how you love so abundantly kills me to see.

    I’m praying for you as you make space to grieve- as your friend just can’t be contained to tiny fragmented parts of the day but bleeds all over your life. I’m praying you see the Lord at work in it and that you will know his nearness in spite of pain.

    There just aren’t enough words- or really any words, but you are seen. And you are heard. And you are loved.

    Everett mattered. He still matters. I love how you love your boy.

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