Marvelous Monday

I wanted a catchy title for this post, not really sure why, but Marvelous Monday was all I could come up with…I know, pretty lame, but I tried.  There are so many exciting things going on in the Kelley household lately, but we have also been over taken by some sort of virus…right not the score is The Kelleys 0 Virus 2.  Both Hud and Sol have had or have it, so I haven’t been able to work quite as much.  Sol was a zombie while he was sick and would fall asleep in random places see exhibit A, B and C:

(ignore the huge mess and open attic space…I was getting ready to go consignment shopping for all the kids fall/winter clothing and had to take inventory of what I already had)

He is just now getting over it and acting more like his little sweet self.

(and this his new smile)

Hud has now spiked the fever and is down for the count.  So bare with me if I am a little slow at getting to emails this week.

And for some recent orders, this order is headed to Mary in Murfreesboro, Tn.  She wanted a sweet Korea bracelet to show some love for her sweet boy.  This size is 1/2″ sterling silver.  Thanks so much Mary and hope you love it.

This next order is headed to Jill in California.  She had been wanting an Africa tee for while and her mom bought her one for her birthday!  Thanks so much Jill and hope this was a great birthday present.

Margo in Springfield, Tn needed the perfect welcoming home gift for her sister who has spent her summer in Malawi, Africa.  Thank you so much Margo and hope your sister loves her thoughtful gift.

And these key fobs are headed to Pamela in Hendersonville, Tn and Megan in North Carolina.  Pamela is helping with a fundraiser for a family adopting from Ethiopia and needed a small door prize…I was happy to help.  And Megan just wanted a snazzy key fob to sport her keys on that would be an important constant reminder.  Thanks ladies.

This tee is headed to Carrie in Knoxville, Tn.  She wanted a special tee for a friend of hers.  She wanted the shape of Mexico and then the word joy.  I feel as though I am becoming quite the geography buff.  Love all the places tees I get to make.  Thanks again Carrie.

Lastly this sweet 1″ sterling silver pendant is going to my good friend Alissa.  Her sweet baby girl Scarlett is due at the end of October and I wanted something special to give Alissa.  Cannot wait to meet this precious little lady.

And I am a guest giveaway again this week…can you tell I love giveaways!  Another pendant bracelet will be up for grabs and I will fill you in on all the details soon.

Reminder:  This is the last day to enter to win the Be The Change bracelet.  So head over to Dreaming Big Dreams and enter to win. Happy Monday!

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  1. Aunt Peggie says:

    So sorry the children are sick…I know that hurts your heart. I do hope they are all well soon. I know it made you feel better to see Sol smile again. They are all so precious and so lucky to have you as their Mom…

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