Keep The Votes Coming

You guys are flippin’ amazing.  Thank you so so much for voting and sharing with your people about Noonday Collection’s Go Getter’s Getaway.  I am just incredibly grateful.

Here’s the deal…the contest ends September 27th…so 5 more days and I was a day late getting started.  I hope I’m not going to drive you batty until then, but I’d really love to take this trip to see the beautiful country of Guatemala and it’s people.  You can vote once a day for every photo I post.  Example: Today I have 3 photos posted in all and you can vote once for each of the photos.  I have been trying to use direct links, but sometimes they can be a little wonky.

You can GO HERE and scroll through looking for the three photos posted below or you can find two of them via direct link below.  My most recent photo from today should be somewhere near the top.  Fingers crossed.

Click to vote for Entry #1

Click to vote for Entry #2

Today’s entry, but no direct link yet.

Thank you guys again and again x 1,000,000!  And always feel free to share.


  1. I voted, I voted, I voted! So excited for you and I am praying and believing this will be something that will provide comfort, purpose, and delight for you and your precious family. Hugs and LOTS of prayers….

  2. Belinda brady says:

    Voted again!

  3. I voted for all 3!! Praying for you and your sweet family!!

  4. Of course…. you have my vote. Again and again! Blessings!

  5. Thank you for putting all the pics in your blog. It is much easier than scrolling to find them. Voted!

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