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So a friend text me tonight to see if I was okay…the blog had been quiet, so I figured I would hop on and say hi!  Things are just wild around these parts.  I know you can relate.  Life is just wild in general isn’t it?!?!  Always and forever it seems.  I’m always and forever waging a war on dinner because we just don’t get along and then the whole cooking thing and then all the busyness and kids, but it is important for us to sit down together and eat, so some nights look like cereal and other nights look like popcorn, fruit, salami and carrots.  Do what you have to do to survive people!  And we’ve been family styling dinners for a while now and it’s so much better than getting up and down 5 bajillion times to get more of something or another for small human children.  Now everything goes on the table in the beginning and we sit.  It’s kind of magical.

Please notice the wet hair…they had baths/showers.  Praise Jesus!

I’m really interested in trying this recipe.  I’m not a cabbage fan, but I do love anything baked crispy in the oven and those edges made me kind of excited.  Anyone try it out yet??  Verdict??

I was trying to take a picture of my favorite Noonday Collection necklace of all time…The Happy Day…i like to think of it as vintage Noonday at this point…and this little dude kept stepping in the shot with me.  I’ll take it.

 We’re still looking to fill the September Bible journaling class.  Message me HERE if you’d like to join us.  You can read all the details about class HERE.  And feel free to pass the information along.  The more the merrier.

I’m currently in Colossians and again loving it.  Did you know the Bible actually changes you when you read it…craziest thing right??  Who knew?!?! 🙂

Colossians 2:6-7  “You received Christ Jesus now live in Him.  You’re deeply rooted in Him.  You’re well constructed in Him.  You know the faith now do what you’ve been taught.  School’s out; quit studying the subject and start living it!  And let your living spill over into thanksgiving.”


and this

just about sums up our past weekend.  Outside extravaganza and 2 Bible journaling classes.  God just flat out wowed me with these two groups of ladies.  Seriously, all the tears people!  One class was at a local church and another was a private birthday party for an awesome 17-year-old…it was the best day filled with the kindest ladies of all ages!  And I don’t know about you, but I don’t know too many 17-year-olds who want a Bible journaling party.  As I was driving to the house I was praying over the girls who would be attending and got all kinds of crybaby-ish because I mean, amazing teens are awesome…it speaks so much into their character and who they are…and then Harper!  I always think about Harper girl.

Oh and we are officially at 30% of our goal for Ngungwane’s playground.  Huge deal…over a 1/4 of the way there.  Every single bit helps.  Consider joining us.  You can make your tax deductible donation HERE.

And Chickfila is kind of one of my love languages.  True story, but add Amon and his 4 chicken nuggets with corresponding 4 dips and well, I die!  He’s cute.  And cracks us up non stop!

I hope this posts confirms my aliveness 🙂  Now I’m probably going to go eat a bowl of cereal because that’s just what I do sometimes at 9 o’clock at night and work on some more key fob orders.  Thanks for stopping by and reading.  You guys are the kindest and the best!

Happy Tuesday Night!

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  1. Marianne Cupples says:

    I just wanted to let you know that my friend received her gift from your Gifter Project. She absolutely LOVED it!!!!! She called crying happy tears!!! Thank you for making a difference in the lives of so many people! You, Laura Kelly, are a true gift from God!

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