Hello Monday!

One of our last kindness advent activities was encouraging sticky notes left in a public bathroom.  Harper went the extra mile this year by also sticky noting the toilet paper dispensers and the back of the stall doors.  Girl goes all out 🙂

We ended this year’s kindness advent with flowers.  Amon, Solomon and I eat a ton of pickles.  I made this pact with myself once I realized how many jars of pickles we were tearing through that I would fill every empty jar with flowers and give them away.  Josh Kelley said something had to give when I had stock piled 7 jars, but I had a plan.

We bought several different bunches of flowers and then assembled them into all the jars.  Christmas Day we gave all the jars away to neighbors, friends and family.  And our kindness advent ended on a colorful note.

The weather has been insane in Tennessee.  Super warm, shorts and tees and tornados.  Crazy town for Christmas weather.  And the weather has taken a serious tole on the allergic/asthma kid variety…which is Hudson Kelley.  Pour kid has been hitting his peace pipe like crazy.  He goes into his “ahhhhh, I can finally breath zone” when he does his treatments.  Cracks us up.

We’re game people around our house.  We like games and our kids like games and they totally love to learn new games.  This Christmas we’ve played old and new favorites.  Harper and Sol are playing speed and slap jack everyday now which is fun…except when one of them schools me.  I’m their mother…I’m suppose to beat them every time.

In Josh’s family we all draw names so everyone gets one present.  Josh asked for the Pie Face game and a new pocket knife.  This game really is as fun as it looks.  We played and all just howled with laughter.  Amon was the best because he went nutso crazy with excitement every time he got pied and then broke down into tears when he didn’t.  He also wanted high-5s every time he got pied.  So much fun!!!

I have the absolute funniest video ever of littlest getting pied.  It is hilarious and I so wish I could share it.  Just imagine the cutest little one with whip cream all over one eye with the grandest smile in all the land.  It’s the best.  She also has started feeding herself with a spoon, so I’ll sub in this picture of her finishing off whatever is in her bowl.

Holidays always put me out of sorts a bit.  Things are all over the place and mixed up and busy and we fall out of our routine.  I struggle with what things should really look like…how should our Christmas really go down each year.  Every year I find my heart in turmoil, but always land on we just have to do our best…we just have to try and love like Jesus did.  This Christmas proved to be very different than last year’s and quite emotional.  I’m so glad it was different though…different is good.  Different proved to be crazy beautiful.  So thankful I get to do this messy wild life with Josh Kelley.  His heart you guys, ahhhhh, crazy good and humble.

I’m super excited for the New Year.  I am already praying over 2016 and all it may hold.  I am asking God for big things…for more grace and love and redemption and restoration.  I cannot wait to see what He has in store.

Happy Monday!

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